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Added Nov 11 2011

Can we get speed limit cameras on:

Devon from Lincoln to Harlem
Caldwell from Cicero to Touhy
Central from Touhy to Irving Park
Forest Glen from Elston to Cicero

PLEASE City if you want $$$ these will be a goldmine! Also the entire stretch of Caldwell from Touhy to Devon is posted a school zone and Central from Devon to Touhy has school zone postings

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    well put Josh!

  • Dickinson Park DP Lifer

    Vote out anyone who was in favor of this. Chicago is by far the most crooked, one sided, money hungry city in the states.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    As dead set against the speed cameras as I am, I prefer to weigh my vote based upon a body of work, not a single issue. I am terribly disappointed in Alderman Cullerton for voting for these cameras.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    "Yellow flashing warning lights save lives, not a $35.00 fine."

    But the $35 or $100 fine could be used to pay for the installation of these lights. Only those who speed will pay, and us taxpayers who follow the law won't need to contribute.

  • Jac Charlier AKA Citizen Jac Citizen-led solutions for better community

    A few ways I look at this. First, representation. I do not always believe elected officials must strictly adhere to the wishes of their district on every vote every time. This assumes they know what that is for every issue in the first place. Even more important, some issues can be for the common good and so go beyond a single district's desires. Finally, we live in a republic and so give authority to elected officials to act in our best interest. If they merely do what we tell them to do, we do not need them (California does some of this with ballot propositions-a form of direct democracy.) On this one, until we see really sincere efforts to guage the opinion of the electorate on major issues, we do not know if an alderwomam is going with/against the interests of their constituents.

    Second, the issue itself. In this case, it is about revenue first and foremost and not safety. As that is not being acknowledged by the mayor, it lends an air of mistrust to the discussion. How can I say that? Because their are non-revenue generating options such as speed bumps, traffic circles, stop signs, road narrowing, etc... that are legitimate tools for slowing and diverting traffic. I have lived through the city's planning process on this topic myself. Those things "work" yet do not create bucks for the city. I do not, therefore, support the proposed speed cameras as they are about revenue and not safety.

    Finally, a strong, non-issues alliance with the mayor i.e. power structure. This is a tricky one as opposing the mayor all/most of the time for the sake of it is as ridiculous as supporting the mayor all/most of the time. In that regard, I prefer an independent thinker who will weigh the merits of each issue including the political equation. That is, after all, what politicians are asked to do. On this issue (and likely the new capital projects funding too), I would prefer to see a vote against what appears to be an assumed foregone conclusion as to the outcome. Sad.

  • AJP

    i dont think anyone has a right to speed 10, 20, or 40 mph over the speed limit on city surface street. highways can be 85mph, i dont care, but not city streets. i am totally at my wits end with all the aggressive, dangerous speeders. i want to see people getting $50, $100 , $500 tickets. i have had it with being threatened, tailgated, cutoff because i am going 35 in a 30mph zone. i complain to the 16th, to the aldermen, and i never see any police speed traps, anyone getting tickets. if speed cameras are what it takes, im totally fine with it. its unfortunate, but its 2012. this is america, the privacy issues, the freedom issues, the big brother issues, those fallacies died a long long time ago.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    No they haven't

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Bob,quit saying the taxpayers aren't going to pay for this system.That is a lie.As per Alderman Cullerton,the city is going to pay for the system,pay for the set up of the system and pay for the synchronization of the system.The taxpayers have to pay for this to fine speeders.If the police would write tickets,we wouldn't need these cameras.Bob,quit saying that only speeders have to pay,every taxpayer in the city has to pay.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    The tickets will pay for the cameras.
    The tickets will pay for the installation.
    The tickets will pay for the maintenance.
    The tickets will pay for the monitoring.
    The tickets will pay for the synchronization.

    The taxpayers will NOT have to pay.

    Unless they speed.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    ...and the police can pay attention to more important crimes like burglary and gun crimes instead of ticketing speeders.

  • joanie 25 year resident of JP

    I've got mixed feelings about the cameras. I tend to drive the speed limit and am sick and tired of tailgaters who want to drive like road warriors. Speed limits, stop lights, and stop signs aren't suggestions; they're mandatory traffic controls. I've never gotten a red light camera ticket and I doubt that I'll have any problem with the speed cameras.

  • Josh. .

    I personally never speed through the city streets here, there or anywhere!

    My only concern is now that all the public parks will have new reduced speed zones, the signs will be difficult to see particularly if they’re on white background stock like most existing school zone signs. NEON yellow or green signage would be nice.
    Of course yellow flashing warning lights are the most considerate.

  • InTheManor Edgebrook resident

    My overriding issue with this is the clear disconnect between the reality of the law versus the marketing. If the mayor were to propose an ordinance to raise "necessary" revenue as an alternative to other taxation, by issuing automated speeding violations, that's one thing. I'd be fine with that, it's honest. However, in this issue the mayor is essentially calling the citizens stupid. Aldermen play the game as well, stating it is worth it if one, just one (a tear slowly forming) precious child's life is saved. Yet the only thing I have heard from the city, as reported in the media, are tickets being issued on major streets at major intersections, where there are stop lights and crosswalks. There *may* be other cameras, mobile units, we'll see.

    The vast majority of this equipment should be placed on neighborhood streets in front of and around schools and parks, and should not merely be intersection trap based -- radar or laser. As a parent, I am far more concerned with the people blowing through neighborhood stop signs and blasting down streets at 40-50 mph past parks, play lots, schools and residential housing in general.

    However, that will not happen, because it would not raise sufficient revenue. It would not pay for the cameras. It would not pay for the installation. It would not pay for the maintenance. Yadda yadda.

    This disrespect for and infantalizing of the citizenry is sickening, and I despise all of those who participate in it and support it with their votes, such as the 41st ward alderman. Despite a famous statement otherwise, process does matter.

  • AoifeSineadRonan babysitter & JP resident

    I do try to keep to the speed limit too but... Yes Neon signs would be great.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    The city is using taxpayer money to purchase, install and synchronize the system.The city may never get back the money it envisions in violations,like the parking lot deal.The city has to pay for the system.It has to Install the system.If the city pays,we all pay,violation money won't be coming in until after a fortune is spent in installation.There is no contract that says only speed violators will pay for this system.

  • No one knows how these cameras were work, where exactly the money will go, yet they all prematurely vote yes. Why?

    The thoughts expressed here by Citizen Jac and InTheManor are precisely some of the reasons I am adamantly opposed to these speed cameras. And no, I can't vote for anyone who agreed to this nonsense, particularly with the lie that it's for the children. They're asking for our money and smacking us in the faces at the same time.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    They're not ASKING for our money, they're FINING us for our money.

    But only when we speed.

  • Josh. .

    Lots of work for the IBEW- huh Bob?

  • Bob, it's called a metaphor. Google it. They're also not literally slapping us in the face.

  • Karl JP Retired in Jefferson Park.

    Kastgar sez: "The taxpayers will NOT have to pay."

    Wrong. As Gene says the city has to pay for installation etc. This is from CDOT docs given to aldermen forwarded by a friend.

    Responding to an alderman concern the same CDOT propaganda piece says that they HOPE that the surveilance program is "self sustaining". And they also refused to provide revenue projections which either means it will be low and taxpayers WILL make the diffrence to the connected contractor or it's so high that they didn't disclose cause it woulda ticked people off more.

    Kastigar also sez:"the police can pay attention to more important crimes like burglary and gun crimes instead of ticketing speeders"

    Pay attention here. The CPD is down at least 1000 coppers and your district the 17th is way down in proportional manpower. So cameras ain't gonna free up anyone to go after the criminal element since there ain't enough cops to do what they are supposed to do including traffic enforcement (including careless bike riders & walkers).

    And don't believe The Lie that the city "needs" more revenue. Chronic and longtime financial mismanagement continues not to mention the giveaways to the non-producers and connected. All thanks to the "go-along-to-get-along" gang that occupy the council chambers.

  • Frank Lifer

    Dear Shot, Well said.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    So if the CPD is down at least 1000 police (as Shot-n-Beer Guy says) then it only makes sense to install the cameras to enforce the law, to make up for the shortage of police.

    How can you make a shortage of police into an argument against the speed cameras?

  • Karl JP Retired in Jefferson Park.

    Ah yes. More twisted logic by the #1 supporter of the authoritarian/facist state.

    They should HIRE MORE COPS with the $$$ the city will shell out to implement this BS, not turn over public law enforcement to corporations and the revenue dept.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    cameras only take pictures Bob,they don't enforce anything.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park
  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    Some good info Gene, I'll have to take the time and review in greater depth.
    Not sure which area of Foster you refer to, but in my area there are problems on Foster and other locations. What the report can't account for, or at least from what I seen during my cursory review, are the near misses and walk always.
    I believe there are traffic vs. pedestrian problems, however I also believe there are other and better methods than speed cameras and that a majority of the problems aren't speed related, at least from what I've seen as a frequent walker and bike rider.
    The area I mention on Foster and most areas of the city I visit.
    is mostly due to drivers not obeying stops and cell phone along with other driver distractions.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I really wish the police would enforce the cell phone texting law.That is worse than drunk driving because the perps are knowingly taking their attention away from the road.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Taras, on 11/25, said: "and I don't understand how you can "mistakenly" jaywalk. Because remember, jaywalking is a CRIME. "

    In the article:

    He said the law extends past crosswalk markings and actually gives pedestrians a right to cross at any point on a roadway as long as they don’t impede traffic.

    “To be clear, it is not unlawful to cross the street at other than a marked crosswalk,” he said. “The word ‘jaywalking’ does not appear in the Illinois Vehicle Code.”

  • Michael Mooningham A Resident on a Mission

    Bob you're either ignorant to dumb - not sure which.

    "He said the law extends past crosswalk markings and actually gives pedestrians a right to cross at any point on a roadway as long as they don’t impede traffic."


    You think cars should just stop for you wherever you damn well please on the street. My point is that if you just cross streets wherever you please with no regards to traffic one day you'll get hit by a car. Perhaps that physics lesson will finally make it sink in that it's not a wise idea to play chicken with cars, regardless of how the state laws are written.

  • While I don't necessarily agree with Taras name-calling, what was said is accurate. Bob has continually said cars should stop for pedestrians no matter what, when the source he cited CLEARLY says pedestrians can cross in places other than crosswalks so long as they don't impede traffic.

    People are jumping out in the way of traffic ALL the time without regard to their own well-being ASSUMING cars will stop. Well, what if they don't? Who's gonna win that exchange?

  • John AP 5 Year AP resident. LOVE it

    Pedestrians have the " right of way" meaning if you look ahead and see someone wanting to cross, why not stop/slow down and let them cross? I don't think Bob said at all that it's o.k for people to bike or walk directly in front of traffic.I walk to the store often with my young nephews and nieces and rarely does a single car allow us to cross because they're in such a big hurry to get to the red light. I practice what I preach. If I'm driving and see pedestrians trying to cross, I'll stop. Guess what?!!!!! My 2 second decision made me no less ontime and I helped someone. Also, speed light cameras? so? really, so what!? Revenue, save lives, whatever. Don't do it, don't pay the fine. If I get a ticket after speeding in one of these areas, I won't do it again and can't be mad at anyone but myself. A lot of you on here have taken tis way too far.

  • John AP 5 Year AP resident. LOVE it

    One last ( I hope ) thing. There IS a problem on Foster, near Eugene Field. Whether trying to cross on foot or with my turn signal on way ahead, cars go flying past with near misses.

  • Pedestrians can go to designated crosswalks if they want to cross a street. It's simple. I don't drive my car across someone's front lawn because it's faster than driving to the stop sign to make my turn.

    As far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong (not being sarcastic), cars have to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections whether there's a stop sign or not. If they're crossing in the middle of a city block, no, I'm not going to stop the flow of traffic. Walk to the corner.

    And John, I practice what I preach too. I don't expect cars to stop for me unless I'm in a crosswalk or intersection.

    I'm tired of rehashing the reasons why I (and others) are opposed to the speed cameras. You can scroll up if you really care, which you don't seem to, so it doesn't matter.

  • John AP 5 Year AP resident. LOVE it

    Chris I read your responses. They were not well thought out or interesting. I have no energy to argue with someone who states they won't stop for young children and will race to the red light. You obviously don't care for or respect your fellow citizens. I just scrolled and saw nothing you said except for name calling and tea party lingo. thats it. Speed = ticket. don't speed = no ticket. Pretty sure I'm the genius of this thread.

  • Sorry if I bore you. This time I AM being sarcastic.

  • I never said I was going to race to the red light. I said I wasn't going to stop the flow of traffic. Children should be taught to cross at designated crosswalks for their own safety. When did I say I don't respect people who hoof it? I walk almost everywhere and rarely drive my car, especially the last half decade or so. Bought it Jan. 2000 and don't even have 70k on it.

    People will still speed. They'll just do so from camera to camera. This is for revenue, so they should just say that. It doesn't make anything safer. Most people who speed (that I've seen) due so from intersection to intersection, not through them, not excessively.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Chris,some of the people on this thread have had too much government kool-aid.The person who started this thread said at one point that all drivers should stop when they see someone when it is raining,or hot,because you are sitting in your nice warm vehicle staying dry.And alot of people aren't aware of the pedestrian law.John,where are the facts,data ,evidence that says there is a problem@Eugene Field.If you can supply the evidence,I and others will believe you.I'm sure there are crosswalks there and you are old enough to know how to cross a street.The people who are against this camera crap,do care about seniors and children,Chris has never said he was going out to hit anyone.Taras never said he was going to hit someone,but Bob has said on another post he wants his fellow cyclistas to snarl traffic.If you are worried about children and there is no light to cross,go down to where there is a light and you and your kids will be safe.What's a little extra time,for the safety of the children?That's what this is all about isn't it?The time worn cliche,if it saves one childs life it is worth it.Yet @ harlan high school are using GPS to get around gangs and flying bulletsto get to and to leave school every day.Here's a link from CDOT John.Have a gander and please quit calling people out and insulting them

    More proof there isn't a safety issue on Foster.

  • KedzieKing New Mayfair Park resident & lovin' it!

    @JohnAP: I am not a speeder. I stop for pedestrians. The issue here is not about getting a fine. The issue is the city unnecessarily spending for something that is not supported by facts and could be in fact against the law.

  • KedzieKing New Mayfair Park resident & lovin' it!

    That money could be very well spent on improving the degenerating parks and the declining quality of education of CPS. There's just too much power play, red tape & B.S. in Chicago City Hall. Speed bumps are doing the job, caution speed sensing lights would be good to have and that's about it. Speed cameras that comes with fines should make a critical-thinking, self-proclaimed genius question the motive.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    If anyone is unaware of what pedestrians are supposed to do at an intersection,please troll up and find where I posted it,not once,but three times.I wish the people who are saying things off the wall would stop it because they are going to get someone killed believing their nonsense.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Gene: "but Bob has said on another post he wants his fellow cyclistas to snarl traffic."

    I don't believe I said that, or you interpreted it. Could you give us the date when I posted this?


  • John AP 5 Year AP resident. LOVE it

    hahahahaah... Honestly Gene? The facts are....I stated that I live the facts. I'm out there, I live here. You don't. I drive, walk, bike, past this intersection every day. You don't.My "evidence" that cars drive crazy fast, swerve to avoid me turning, don't allow children to cross? Guess? I live it PLEASE you can question the necessity for speed cameras, funding, etc... . But never question that this is an unsafe corner unless you cross it 10 tens a week by car, bike, and walking.. Gene, who did I insult/ I called out an insulter because I'm bored by tinfoil hat wearing diatribes.

  • Lou

    If I stop for a pedestrian in the middle of the road to allow him/her to cross, that does not mean that other cars will do the same...

    So, if the ped. gets hit, I would feel that I enabled him in his unintentional suicide attempt or even feel some fault, for had I not stopped he wouldn't have continued to attempt to cross.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    For Bob But alas, when it comes to following rules himself he has no problem throwing them out the window...witness none other than his continued support for the disruptive "Critical Mass" bike movement, which promote such tactics as unscheduled and unapproved bike "runs" throughout the city, which disrupt traffic. Throw in ridiculous "corking", whereby his bike brethren block intersections to "raise awareness" for biking and it's all you need to know.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I have driven down Foster at least 60 times a month multiply that by 40 years. Does that make me alive when I drive past it?Does that make it any different?

  • John AP 5 Year AP resident. LOVE it

    Gene, do you turn there? I'll make sure I don't try to cross at the MARKED CROSSWAK if I see you coming. :) You obviously haven't noticed the crosswalk in 40 years there. Why are you changing the subject and trying to be a bully towards Bob. I'm beyond tired of internet tough guys.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    If you don't cross at the marked crosswalk,how will I know it is you i am running over John? I only try to run down people in the crosswalk,they are easier to aim at ;)
    There is no bullying going on towards Bob.Bob says things that are false,and when we prove to him his statements are false,he keeps saying them.
    If you want his statements that are false,I will have to unmute Bob and give them to you.There are three sites dealing with speed cameras,the first one is the longest with over a thousand comments.
    If you think I am an internet bully,just mute me.I don't pick on anyone here,and if someone is spouting misinformation,I will out them.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    From a cyclista I don't stop for stop signs, unless it's necessary. I slow down, I stop
    pedaling, I look both ways and pedal like hell to cross the intersection
    where it's necessary. What will I gain by the passage of this law?

  • Lou

    I won't be surprised to hear of this type of thing happening here... enjoy,

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Loved it Lou,won't be too upset if it happens here.

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