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Added Nov 09 2017

our house started smelling very strongly of paint thinner yesterday. We had the gas company come by and they did find a small leak in the dryer connections and they capped it off. We aired out the house and hoped it would clear. This morning the strong smell is back again. They are digging up the sewers near us and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. Is anyone else having this problem? We are near Addison and kedzie.

  • It's the sewer work. I had a similar experience at my house a few years ago.

  • Renée we have too. It has been extremely strong and I’ve had to call the fire department because the smell was so intense. I wanted to make sure it was safe to be in the house. They were getting low level readings they called hazmat they’ve called the department of health. Nobody can seem to figure out where the smell is coming from. Could you message me or could we get in contact so we can talk about this cause it’s really strong in my house. The department of health and the fire department say it’s not coming from the sewers we believe that is coming in from the ground Water.

  • If they are doing sewer worker, it's either a solvent or some sort of "glue" that they use to join the pipes. Call Streets and San to find out if they're using it.

    I used a high velocity fan to get the smell out of my place. It was cold out then,not fun, but the smell was gone in about 10 minutes.

  • I have had the smell in my home since Monday. I have had every city service out. The smell is still there. It is coming in through the sump pump pit. We air it out and it just returns.

  • Have you poured water into the pit? That might block the smell.

  • Trust me we have done everything. The fire department has been up to my house twice and spent almost 2 hours they’re both times trying to get the smell out of our house with their big fans. They flush our system they flush the sewers it’s still there. The municipal water reclamation district came out and said it is coming in through the pump pit and is contaminated water. The sewers don’t get any readings nor do they have any odor They’ve checked the sewers and the storm drains. I’m not sure if the water itself smellsOr if it’s gas is coming in with the water

  • Sorry you're goienv through this, hope it gets resolved soon.

  • Thank you for your responses! Sara, I wrote you a message that should come through your email. Would love to talk to you.

  • Ed in Bucktown Fifth Generation Lifelong Chicagoan

    Sara, how close do you live to a gas station and have your neighbors noticed any similar smells?

  • The fire, water reclamation, and department of health have checked the gas station a couple blocks away. It was fine. This is a broader issue. Irving Park neighborhood is having the same odor. It is just lasting a lot longer in my home than others.

  • I have smelled this odor on and off since July. It smells like burnt paint thinner or burning lysol. I smell at N Richmond and W Byron really strong. N Sacramento and W Grace. In the middle of the block 3800 N. Richmond. Sometimes at N. Whipple and W. Waveland. Then I started smelling it over in North Center in the 4300 Block of Claremont. I think it is coming from the sewers. I have asked People's Gas, Streets and San, the Water Department, 311 and the Ward office. No one can say what it is. It seems to be worse after a hard rain. Some days in the summer it was so strong I couldn't breathe when I walked through the smell.

  • have you tried febreze, oust or ozium??

  • It occurred to me that maybe someone dumped something into a sewer. Have you considered calling a sewer company? I've used this company, they're pretty good:

  • The water reclamation district has investigated this. We can not find the odor in the sewers immediately surrounding my house and block. They oversee public sewer systems.

  • I have read this. Thank you.

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