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Added Nov 07 2017

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce intern Trudy Leong update on total revenue collected to date from the Cook County sweetened beverage tax.

Freedom of Information Act FOIA request #17-0723 for "total revenue collected to date from the Cook County sweetened beverage tax" submitted on October 16, 2017.

Rachel Dailey, Administrative Assistant V, Aide to Legal and Government Affairs | Office of the President responded on October 27, 2017.

"The Office of the President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners is in receipt of your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act (the “Act”).

On Monday, October 16, 2017, we received your request for the “total revenue collected to date from the Cook County sweetened beverage tax.” Pursuant to section 3(e)(vii) of the Act, we extended the deadline to respond to your request, up to and including Monday, October 30, 2017.

Attached is information responsive to your request.

The County has complied with your request for information."

The tax “originally was to take effect July 1.”

“The county was counting on raising $67.5 million with the tax through Nov. 30.”

$67.5 million divided by 5 months (July1 – November 30) = $13.5 million projected per month.

Total revenue collected to date from the Cook County sweetened beverage tax from August 2 – September 17 = $16,666,262.

August 2 – September 17 = 1.5 months
$13.5 million projected per month * 1.5 = $20.25 million projected for 1.5 months.

$20.25 million projected for 1.5 months
$16,666,262 collected August 2 – September 17.


  • Rob


  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    This is new information that shows that the Cook County Board of Commissioners financial projections were incorrect. The Sweetened Beverage Tax would not have made as much as they hoped we would believe.

    The tax remains in effect until December 1, 2017.

  • Live From Rogers Park

    Rob do you suspect that there might be some Coca Cola money and financial support from the Illinois Restaurant Association behind the chamber's political lobbying effort? Just a thought because money talks even to a not-for-profit organization.

  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken

    So glad this silly tax got canned!

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    This data -- from the county itself -- reveals how shallow Preckwinkel's analysis was in writing a county budget based on hoped-for revenue. The data also demonstrates how eager County Commissioner Suffredin is to embrace preposterous predictions about revenue to justify more revenue instead of controlling costs.

  • The fact remains that Preckwinkle and Suffredin are two of the sanest, least corrupt, and most responsible politicians in Cook County. Voters clearly didn't like the soda tax, but that doesn't change who Preckwinkle and Suffredin are.

    But if anyone is looking to milk this issue for political reasons, I'm afraid it's lost its fizz.

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    >>>... Preckwinkle and Suffredin are two of the ... least corrupt...<<< That is why we have kinds of dysfunctional, inefficient and crony-plagued governments in our city, county and the state. Voters keep returning these "least corrupt" officials to office instead of confronting the fiscal problems that are driving people out of Chicago, Cook County and Illinois.

  • Just legalize marijuana already... In Colorado marijuana earns an average of $20,000,000 a month in taxes, all their schools are fully funded, crime went down over 30%, smoking in teens went down and people are flocking to the state to live instead of leaving like they are doing in Illinois. Illinois has more than twice the population of Colorado so just think how much in taxes we could earn. Wake up politicians!

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    0Legalize marijuana so the city, county and state can spend more money on programs that citizens can't afford already? That's insanity. Not Chicago, Cook County or Illinois lack revenue. Revenue for all three jurisdictions has soared over any period of time you define. We don't have revenue problems. We have spending problems.

  • actually, you're dead wrong, Dan. Illinois as a whole takes in less revenue than about 40 other states. We are a revenue-poor state, in the bottom 10.
    And the Cook County is hardly an outlier in revenue and spending. Our city + county spending is roughly the same as Houston/Harris County TX and most other big American metro areas.
    But we have a pension crisis. The money has to come from somewhere, and it won't come out of the blame game pot.

  • Yeah your right Dan. Just let all the dealers, gangs and street thugs fight and shoot each other and be in control of all the marijuana distribution. Plus Illinois will not see one dollar of tax money. Yeah, that makes more sense adding tax dollars to our well run Illinois economy that has a resource of money...ffs

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    >>>"Illinois takes in less revenue than about 40 other states..." That's complete nonsense:

    As for the pension crisis and the "blame game." Yes, it's important to place blame, or else we're keep re-electing the same people and the same party that has put Illinois on the brink of bankruptcy.

    There's plenty of blame to go around, but one party is more to blame than the other one, and the party that's been in control of the General Assembly for 36 of the 34 years is the party that proven incapable of solving the pension crisis.

  • lol, you just linked to a page that shows FEDERAL tax revenue taken in by the Federal government from each state! (yup, IL is the fourth biggest contributor of tax money to the federal government, thanks for that reminder).

    Here's what I was referring to:

    Illinois ranks #37 out of the 50 states in total state spending per capita, at about $5,000 per person per year (ok, when I said #40 my memory of the figure was slightly off). Wisconsin spends $8,000 per capita, nearly twice as much as us. Indiana spends about the same as IL. Wyoming, another great Republican "lean government" state, spends $15,000 per capita, three times as much as Illinois.

    There's a myth that Illinois's biggest problem is those Demoncrats down in Springfield just throwin' our money around. It's just that, a myth. Worse yet, we have a higher percentage of our spending going toward solving the pension mess, compared to other states.

    Figures are from 2015, the last year available. The state comparisons are available from many different sites such as this one:,%22sort%22:%22desc%22%7D

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Brad, if you live in Rogers Park, OUR state politicians don't need to wake up. State Sen Heather Steans and Rep. Kelly Cassidy are leading the way on legalization.

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.

    I think we are 1 Democratic governor away from legalization.

    That can happen soon, but after last year I am out of the political prediction business.

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