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Added Nov 05 2017

Holy Sh*t, I'm standing last night on my porch around 10:45pm having my drinks before heading downtown to Gibson's, and this huge animal which I later learn to be a coyote, zipped at 100mph past my house east on Hutchinson.

  • DianeW just nosey

    Are you sure it was a coyote? They're not really huge. They typically average around 40lbs. But I wouldn't be surprised if you did see one. There are at least 2000 coyote in Chicago, probably more. I've seen a few, especially at night.

    It's pretty interesting that they mostly live and travel along the railroad tracks. If you look at the map in this article!/ it looks like a straight line that they travel in. But they do run about everywhere when looking for food.

  • What time did you arrive at Gibson’s and how late did you stay? You order an entree? Was it crowded?

  • LRB Happy Lakeview Neighbor

    I’ve seen them many times in Lakeview! Always a double take and a bit of shock if you haven’t before. Supposedly they help with the rat population so I have no objections!

  • BRIAN: Got there at 11:15pm. We stayed until 2:00am, My wife ordered crab cake, and I ordered the Chicago cut bone in rib eye paired with a lobster cocktail and salad. Always crowded at Gibson's - fun place.

  • My man, that’s what I’m talkin about. Well done! What an awesome way to close out a week. Love to see a coyote in Chicago but have never had the pleasure in 20 years there.

    Treating your wife to a late night dinner and drinks like royals roll is the icing on the cake. Please post more often. This place has been a ghost town of late. You are slaying Sunday nights and we love it. Keep it up

  • Coyotes are pretty smart and have adapted to city living. They're not just found along railroad tracks, some are downtown.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    We've seen them wandering around our neighborhood, in the very early morning.

  • I saw a deer about 6 months ago at Melrose and Ravenswood by the metra tracks. Seen too many coyotes to count over there too.

  • There was a racoon on my 3rd floor porch, maybe 15 years ago. And a rabbit in my yard 7-8 years ago. I've never seen such wildlife in Chicago in my 60+ years of living here. I don't love near a park or forest preserve either.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator/Local Artist

    I miss the possum family that lived on my block, they were cute.

  • "Coyotes are pretty smart and have adapted to city living. They're not just found along railroad tracks, some are downtown. "

    same can be said for cougars, also, downtown... mostly in bars thou

  • My mom was a cougar, but she didn't find her boyfriend in a bar. He was 30 years younger than her, they were together 15 years.

  • Where did she find him?
    Work we’re all guessing?

    Hope it didn’t end in divorce

  • Actually, it was a big scandal in the family. Mom's cousin asked if her son Vince could live with her, as he wanted to move back to Chicago from California. He was an old soul in a young body, and she was a young soul in an old body. They never married, but no hanky panky either (he was very religious). I think he died of a broken heart, as he passed away 7 months after she did.

    Here's a cute story for you... My mom, being a Depression baby, would check the coin returns slots on the vending machines whenever they went to the laundromat. When she wasn't looking, Vince would put some coins in a few slots for her to find. So sweet.

  • Awesome stuff chi techie, you have taken this thread to new levels. This is exactly what this place needed.

    May they both rest in loving peace. Thanks for sharing this love story with us

  • You're welcome. Always happy to share stories about my mom.

  • My sister saw that dude by the PNC bank a few months back. Got a good picture of him.

  • A picture of Yves? Or the coyote?

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