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Added May 27 2012

Some noble and courageous gang members decided to pay tribute to the men and women who served and died for our freedom, by expressing their freedom of speech in our neighborhood. Just kidding--some cowardly punks spray painted their self-aggrandizing messages on some buildings on our block.

Everyblock folks, could you please help us call/website these? Here's the link:

And the information:

Graffitus A:
3447 W. Sunnyside St.
Brick - Unpainted
Not over 6 ft.

Graffitus B:
3501 W. Sunnyside St.
Brick - Unpainted
Not over 6 ft.

These look like some pretty specific messages. Can anyone please help translate? This is/used to be Simon City Royals turf, but I think the Cobras/LKs have been pushing them northward. This is the first time I've seen tags north of Montrose in our immediate vicinity.

  • Inactive user

    DANGIT! Graffitus B is on the FRONT, not the ALLEY. Sorry.

  • Monticello Fuzzy Daddy My aura smiles and never frowns

    These are SGD tags dissing Cobras, Ambrose, and Royals. Royals are pretty much out of there now. SGDs are repping Drake & Ainslie (DAst: The breaking of the Insane Familia diamond has the s and the fork is the t. ) So they've come down for a field trip and aren't directly claiming the territory. A Royal used to live just south of there and still might, though they lost that area years ago.

    (A.) is a hand style I haven't seen before. (B.) I'd guess is a different person and looks like some I've seen on buildings around Drake & Ainslie.

  • Monticello Fuzzy Daddy My aura smiles and never frowns

    Oh, two things:
    (1.) This is probably expressing distress with the shooting of their friend @ Montrose & Drake last week.

    (2,) "This is/used to be Simon City Royals turf, but I think the Cobras/LKs have been pushing them northward."

    If you're thinking of the SCR section in North Park (around Spaulding & Olive, Hollywood Park, and sometimes Bryn Mawr & Kimball), that's been on-again/off-again for a while and seems to be the earlier part of their (re-)expansion out of Albany Park. For a while they were claiming a corner off of Laramie and Cicero, too, but all of these seem to have mostly fizzled out. At this point they're down to Irving & Bernard and possibly Milwaukee & Avers.

  • Inactive user

    Eric, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I had forgotten about the shooting at Montrose and Drake (zoiks... I'm inured!), so that goes a long way towards explaining. I was thinking it was the same person, as it's the same color and appeared at the same time, but you're right, the style seems different between the two. I didn't explore further West, perhaps there's more near Drake.

  • Thanks for posting Be sure to send an e-mail to with the photos you snapped included in the e-mail.

  • Inactive user

    Thank you, WHPR! I forwarded the email I sent to the 17th District. I'm not sure we're in the 33rd ward any more, but I'm sure Rey Colon couldn't care less what happens up here, so I gave it a shot. ;-)

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    Rob, that's still 33rd, and will be until 2015.

  • Radhika Sharma Gordon Live and work in Albany Park.

    Either way, this is an issue to raise at the Wed May 30th Safety Net Youth Aldermanic Forum at 7 pm at North Park University's Hamming Hall, Foster just west of Kedzie. Gangs, prostitution, and litter are the 3 topics that our youth leaders have selected to address with the Aldermen.

  • Old Guys Rule "We have met the enemy... and he is us" - Pogo

    Good news! The graffiti removal truck just left and these have been removed.

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