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Added May 22 2018

Does anyone know if there are regulations for mailboxs? Today my husband was approached by our mail lady. She told him that our block has too many stairs and that we are required to have our mailbox mounted to our wrought iron fence instead of our house. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this or anything similar to this. I found some regulations on the usps website but nothing to answer my question. My mailbox is easily accessible, it just located on my front porch up 8 steps.

  • I don't know if it is still the case, but see this article:

    I personally feel like some postal carriers are too tired to go up all those stairs, or want to shorten their delivery time, and that this is not a real policy. You can check Google Streetview to see how many buildings have lots of stairs and with mailboxes on the second floor (a multiflat for instance).

  • KPG Logan Square resident since 1987

    Which cross streets are you near? We have steps and we haven't received mail for the past few days, which is unusual!

  • KPG Logan Square resident since 1987

    The direct line for the Logan Square USPS on California 773 489-2855

  • Are you living in a new construction house? If so, there are Chicago laws requiring mailbox at street level.

  • Two months ago we “discontinued” the mailbox on our fence that the developer installed and placed a box near our entry a half flight of stairs up. We let the mail deliverer know and he was fine with it. Even the alternate deliverers use the new box.

  • Yes - I have a friend that rec. notice to have her mailbox moved to ground level. This was at least two years ago.

  • Am I the only one who is a bit shocked that USPS carriers, known proudly to tout their perserverence through any weather, are crippled by a set of stairs?

    I guess we found their kryptonite.

  • RodTatLogan,


  • Hey everyone! Thanks for all the info. I called usps on California and they verified that i do not need to move my mailbox. As long as there are no hazards or big objects in the way, the mail should be delivered. Also we are at the 2400 block of Ridgeway.

  • Just a lazy carrier

  • Artist girl Artist and Muscian

    That mail carrier lied to you. When you see her next time confront her about it. That is unacceptable that she said that. Get her name and report her to the USPS.

  • Report her, fire her !!! Have you ever thought about consequences of action like this ?

  • Jeez. Could you imagine trying to arrange for a complete stranger to get fired? Salata you don't even know exactly what happened, if there was a misunderstanding or what, but you jump to LETS GET HER GANG! FIRE HER! smh

  • Artist girl Artist and Muscian

    She lied. Yes, she should be reported. She told a person that she was delivering mail to, that the USPS law was that she had to move her mailbox down the stairs, just so the carrier wouldn't be inconvenienced. That was a lie. There should be consequences for her action of lying.

  • Of course I don't want her to be fired from job. I'm just joking about "Made in USSR" tendency to report 1st instead of talking. Misunderstanding.

  • LL

    Maybe consider that this mail carrier was improperly trained, or given misinformation from another mail carrier. Cut them some slack.

    Tell her you confirmed with the USPS that what she said was inaccurate and carry on with your day.

  • Achilles Flaneur ear witness

    lighten up everybody. it's beautiful outside. get out and take a walk, honor our war dead and enjoy the holiday weekend thanks to our community patriarch, General Logan!

  • Allison Logan lawyer & homeowner

    Sure she was wrong, and maybe wrong on purpose. But good luck if you confront her about it (as so many helpful people here insist you should do). Will just lead to you losing all of your packages and correspondence till the end of time, and no, the home office will not do anything about it. Just ignore it and continue on with life and if she brings it up again just tell her sweetly that you called USPS to see what the exact requirements were and they told you that you didn't have to do it, but that you understand her concerns and vaguely suggest you might plan to get around to it at some point...and then leave it be.

  • Artist girl Artist and Muscian

    It's true that if you get on the postal worker's wrong side you may get missing packages, etc. And it is true that USPS doesn't seem to care and usually doesn't do anything about mail problems, unless they get called out about it on the news.

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