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Added May 21 2012

I just wanted to share info for another event in Portage Park this summer. Our bakery will be participating and it should be a fun event for the whole neighborhood. Patio will have a Grease sing-a-long, there will be face painting, food trucks, a classic car show, and sidewalk sales. Come on out and support local business!

  • justbabs chgo lifer - now in pp

    June 9 & 10 look good for me. I'll be there. thanks for the heads up.

  • Planet180 Mom of 2

    What bakery?

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    My brother and I own Fannie Schmoe's Bakery. Currently we supply Regulus coffee house with their baked goods and we will be in the neighborhood farmers markets. We make cookies etc. from family recipe's passed down from when our family immigrated and settled in the area 3 generations ago. We make everything by hand the way they used to!

  • Fischman Liquors Fischman Liquors Owner

    This sounds amazing!!! Great job Portage Park!!! We will definitely be there with our boys!

  • Thanks for posting. Is there a website for more info on the event. Also, where is the bakery?

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    The Irving-Austin Business District is hosting the event. We don't have our website up yet, but you can find it on facebook. A group of us local business owners are working to revitalize this area and promote supporting local business. As for the bakery, we don't have our own location yet. We rent space in a shared kitchen and deliver all of our orders. For instance this weekend we have orders for cookie platters where people have paid online with paypal and we deliver the platters to them. You can find out more about us at our website

  • Inactive user

    Fannie doesn't sound like Betty Crocker.

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    I'm aware of the definition thanks. the names are the nicknames my brother and I had growing up. we didn't like them so much, but it fits because we wanted to keep with the theme of family. we are nothing like Betty Crocker, I hope you can never buy my product in box-powdered form

  • Inactive user

    Good thing they didn't call you anything worse.

  • lou

    What time does it start?

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    that's a good question! I can't believe that's not on the flyer. I'll have to check on that for you.

  • Here's a link to your website on facebook:

    No times or anymore info that I can find just yet...

  • Nor64 28 year resident of PP.

    Sounds great. I wish you guys would open a bakery. There isn't really one that I know of around here. Thanks for the info!!!

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    Believe me we're trying! We'd really like to be the go-to family bakery around here! It will happen....

  • Someone "no thanked" my posting the business district's facbebook page? That's whack.

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    Ok, I confirmed some times. The entire event is 9:00am-6:00pm. I still need to check on the times for the showing of Grease at the Patio.

  • "Friends of Portage Park presents: Sing A Long Grease at the Patio Theater, Sunday, June 10 at 1pm. Ticket are $10 for adults and $6 for kids under 12. Prizes for best dressed Pink Lady and T-Bird"
    Start: Sunday Jun 10, 2012 1:00 PM
    End: Sunday Jun 10, 2012 2:40 PM
    stephanie says the event runs from 9-6, so what else is there and is it included in the ticket price?
    is there an itinerary?
    is the ticket for the event and the movie or just the sing-along?
    i would really like to take my niece to the sing along and movie, as it is her favorite movie and she can sing most of the songs. it would be awesome to see her watch it on the big screen. but, i don't want to buy tickets online for the sing-along and then find out that i have to buy movie tickets when i get there, i would rather know what i have to do going in.
    as danny Zuko would say: uh huh, uh huh , i mean what you want me to do, i mean, uh, maybe like somebody knows like, uh, the like, whats going on ya know. yeah, like maybe they would, uh, i don't know like, share some more like information, ya know what i am saying.

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    The ticket is for the show at the Patio only. The Irving-Austin District Days is an event coordinated by the business district. They are working together with Friends of Portage Park. SO the ticket is for the show at the Patio. The "District Days" event is the sidewalk sales, face painting, Live music etc. You do not need a ticket for that

  • @stephanie, so meaning the ticket is for the patio, is the ticket for the sing-along and the movie or is the movie separate?

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    I can't really answer that for sure. I am just one of the vendors for the sidewalk sale. You can probably get more detail from Friends of Portage Park. I would assume the movie and sing a long happen at the same time

  • I'll probably get a no thanks for posting in this thread again, but it's not hard to find links:

    Here's the website for Friends of Portage Park...

  • Stephanie Jeff Park native, New Portage Park homeowner!

    ill give you a thanks! :)

  • thankss stephanie and glad2 be
    it sounds like they are together, since it says that the movie is rated pg.

    Sing-A-Long Grease

    Sunday, June 10

    1:00 p.m.

    Friends of Portage Park in cooperation with The Patio Theater, present: Sing A Long Grease! Get your poodle skirts and leather jackets out of the closet and tune up your singing voices.

    This is an event not to be missed, featuring a 50's and 60's car show as well as prizes for the best costumed Pink Lady and T-Bird and some other fun surprises. All proceeds benefit park improvements and events. Tickets can be purchased via starting April 25 at 10AM. $10 adults, $6 kids, children 2 and under free.

    Tickets will be available at the door, but will cost $12 Adult and $8 Kids. This movie is rated PG.

  • @inactive user, thanks for putting that together and the greasemovie link. It's truly an infectious musical and neat to know its connection to Taft HS.

  • pattymelt is mostly in charge

    I don't see this posted on the Calendar here on EB so you might want to post it there. Just a suggestion, I couldn't remember the time and had to search for the post.

  • just got my tickets at
    what a scam, they tell you if you buy online it is $10 for adults ($12 at door) and $6 ($8 at door) for kids, but they charge a convenience fee that changes it to 11.34 for adults (66 cent savings) and children 7.20 (80 cent savings).
    they make it sound like you are saving 2 dollars for adults and 2 dollars for kids by buying online. why didn't they just be honest and say discount tickets 11.34 for adults and 7.20 for children. maybe i am better off thou at this rate if i bought tickets at the door, there would probably be a you are here fee.

  • Friends of Portage Park wanted to be able to offer people the opportunity to pay with credit/debit cards, so, we needed to use some type of credit card processing system. Any ticketing method we would have used would have charged some type of fee. Brown Paper Tickets was the least expensive route to take. This is also why we set the ticket price at $10/$6 which for this type of event is low. For the record all proceeds are going to help improve your local park, with the exception of the ticket fee, which goes to Brown Paper Tickets. There will be no additional fee for tickets purchased at the door.

  • And to answer the question about the Sing A Long. The whole movie is Sing A Long. Words will be on the screen for anyone who does not know them by heart.

  • @pplifter, they should have stated that tickets online were $11.34 and $7.20 if that was the case. why not for heaven sake?
    they make it seem like if you are get them online your get them for 10 instead of 12 and 6 instead of 8. that is very shady marketing. that being the case they should have just kept the price at 12 and 8 online and not advertised that you would be saving money by purchasing them online then at the door. i would have rather paid full price online and it going to charity than to be taken in to the unclear nature of the misrepresented savings by purchasing online.
    here is what they advertised verbatim:
    Tickets can be purchased via starting April 25 at 10AM. $10 adults, $6 kids, children 2 and under free.
    Tickets will be available at the door, but will cost $12 Adult and $8 Kids. This movie is rated PG.
    it is safe to say that "Tickets will be available at the door, but will cost $12 Adult and $8 Kids" it is the "but" in the sentence that sets the pretext that you would be paying more if your purchase at the door, and it is safe to say it is worded to get one to believe that by purchasing online they can get the same tickets for 10and 6 respectively. note that it does not mention a service fee in the initial offering and the service fee is presented to you when you go to the site to buy the tickets. the savings ends up being .66 cents and .80 cents respectively. it would have been more honest to say that advance tickets are available online for $12 and $8 and a portion would go to charity. tickets are going fast so make sure you reserve your spot by purchasing online today.
    it is a principle of the matter, i still would have bought tickets if they were $20

  • Inactive user, have you ever been to an event where you purchased tickets online before?? Not a single one advertises the cost of the ticket after ticketing fees. Friends of Portage Park is a small organization trying to do the best they can and learning as they go along. This is the first time they have had to deal with an event where tickets were offered ahead of time. The Circus they had a few years back had the ticketing taken care of for them. As I recall, that also had ticket fees, but those were never advertised in any of the marketing. Thank you for buying tickets regardless of your unhappiness about the fees associated. It is going to a great cause.

  • @pplifter, i understand your point of view completely, i wish you would not try to go out of your way not to understand mine. making comments that i am unhappy are not warranted as i never said that i was not happy, i also have nothing against the fees going to a cause as it even gave an option to select the cause to help.
    i am not unhappy about the fees, just concerned about how it was presented, please understand that. This is the first time that they had to deal with an event ahead of time and hopefully they will consider my opinion on the matter and take it under consideration. maybe it would have been better to advertise 11/7 and have a lower service fee. it just seems like the service fee brought the price back up to the price it would have been at the door and there are several venues that offer discount tickets if you buy online versus the door and they are still discounted even with service fees, so it would be strange to have alleged cheaper tickets go for almost the same price.
    "tickets can be purchased via starting April 25 at 10AM. $10 adults, $6 kids, children 2 and under free"
    "Tickets will be available at the door, but will cost $12 Adult and $8 Kids."
    the "but" is the operative word, it makes it sound like 12 and 8 dollars is a significant amount more and it is not. they should have just kept it the same price. i just think that they could have presented it better even if they had it the same price online and said that it was 12/8 online and charged a service fee that would have been clearer.

  • Even thou it may have been "clearer" to keep the tickets the same price, they do it on purpose to drive online sales as one will rush to save money by ordering online and would not see the fees till you get there.

    The same happens at retailers that advertise 10 for $10 promotions. Some stores will let you buy one for $1 and others will say in the small print that you must buy 10 for the promotion. It would or could be misleading to someone that goes to a store and buys 1 for a dollar on a 10 for $10 promotion and the same person goes to a store advertising a 10 for $10 promotion in which you have to buy 10 for the offer.

    There are also shows that if you purchase tickets online you do get a discount and there are others that you do not. Some are better discounts than others. Then there are also some that are the same or close to. Any experienced ticket buyer knows this. One that does not buy a lot of tickets for different events might not know this and can be easily confused due to lack of experience.

    Even thou the wording would lead an average person to believe that they are saving, it does not actually say it and that is the magic of marketing.

    We are going there too, so I am sure the place is going to be packed. I would suggest getting there early at events like these sing-alongs there is going to most likely be a line at the door for everyone that wants a good seat.

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