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Added May 19 2018

They do have a building permit, so it is real. Work has just begun on the next Taco Bell (No Drive thru) Right next door to the Logan Square Hand Car Wash at Milwaukee and Richmond.

How do you feel about this?

  • Milli Logan Square Resident

    But there's L'Patron down the street...

    Frankly, anyone who passes up L'Patron for Taco Bell deserves the gut rot.

  • Iain McFarlin Neighborhood bar manager

    L’ Patron is not just down the street and it’s hours will not be as late as Taco Bell.

    You could say the same for Dos Amigos, Don Chema, or Moran.

    While I love L’Patron, I would say this section of Milwaukee needs some sort of late night food option. I said for years that the block of empty storefronts north of Chicago Diner could make a killing being late night food places. Having it be a corporate chain is not bad either as it will be easier to make sure they take care of their establishment and the area around it.

    I was beyond excited to see it come to the neighborhood.

  • TK

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Bart!

  • Just for the record, L'Patron is at 3749 W Fullerton. I'm OK with this new Taco Bell location.

  • Do they still have nacho fries for $1?

  • With all the authentic Mexican food in the neighborhood, what’s the point of fake Mexican food?

  • Cristina Lara Mom of 3 in Logan Square

    I’m not sure if this is true but I heard this location is going to be similar to the other location on Milwaukee that serves liquor. Maybe it’s not like the typical Taco Bell.

  • Yes this is a taco Bell cantina with limited liquor choices. Just like the one in wicker Park..same owners

  • There is also one of these disgusting things going in the Menards out lot on North at Kostner. Sad state of affairs.. how much longer before Taco Bell is considered fine dining ala 'Demolition Man'? That reminds me... did Wesley Snipes ever pay his taxes on his take for this film?

  • Dan Farm Boy in the Big City

    Taco Bell only vaguely resembles south-of-the border fair in the same way MacD's hamburgers only vaguely resemble the burger I can get in a pub. When I want Mexican food I visit a Mexican restaurant. When I want Taco Bell's food -- (whateveritsibutIdosoloveitsometimes) I go to Taco Bell. These are 2 different dining choices and I doubt the regulars of one will abandon their favorite for the other. However, if beer is involved...

  • Don't understand why they would sell liquor at taco bell. Too many bars in the area as it is. Logan Square has become a neighborhood for drinkers.

  • Many people like drinking and it has huge margins for restaurants. You can just alcohol at many Chipotles for example. I'm pretty sure this isn't the one sign that would indicate a neighborhood is "for drinkers" which is an odd complaint anyway...

  • Jerry Cargill Photographer, Teacher, Live on Milwaukee Ave.

    Well, another establishment on my block that I will never ever set foot in.

  • Lynne McDaniel An Orange Moon

    Straight up garbage.

  • Every time Taco Bell comes up, people come out of the woodwork complaining "this isn't real mexican", "why do here where there is mexican elsewhere" etc, etc.

    It is fast food, get over it. It is not to be compared to an L'Patron. If you don't like it, don't eat it. If the mere site of the bell is as concerning as some posters seem to make it, don't look at it. With the amount of bars on that strip, it will be nice to have another place close by that sells food late. I always here "oh no another expensive place in Logan" well, this is cheap. It is better than the eye sore of a building now, and the open air design should be nicer (nicer than some of the other fast food designs in the area).

  • Why do people have to complain about every addition to the neighborhood? It is at the point where these complaints are contradicting themselves. It has also gotten to the point where I want to scream just open up your own restaurant, if you are going to continue complaining about how the place opening doesn't meet all your needs/wants.

  • LoganResident Logan Square Resident

    Right, so many derelict storefronts on Milwaukee, be grateful for anyone willing to take a risk and open a business, especially with all these whiners in the neighborhood.

  • I'm just glad there will be no drive-through. Milwaukee Avenue already has enough curb cuts.

  • BurgerofHistory, I was simply giving my very own opinion, not complaining. There's absolutely nothing odd about giving an opinion.

  • John Lofton Chicago For All

    I'm not a fan of Taco Bell's food, but I don't have any problem with them opening a non-drive through location. There are something around 20 bars between the boulevard & Rockwell, including a couple of 5am bars, so I expect they will do well.

    I think it's perfectly reasonable to question whether having such a high density of drinking establishments is good for the neighborhood. If you want a diverse & family friendly place to live, turning Milwaukee into the hipster version of Rush Street will not help.

  • There are so many vacant and derelict storefronts, everyone needs to stop being so choosy.

  • @Jeremy David Miller Can you elaborate on your post? I am not sure what you are trying to convey by saying "your neighborhood" or by posting an article with a click bait headline

  • So there is a McDonald's and Wendy's north and south along Milwaukee. Standard, Drive-thru, versions that belong on a highway.

    Instead of another one of those coming in...Taco Bell chose to gut renovate a building and make a nicer version of their standard restaurants. You can think of this as a sports bar that happens to serve Taco Bell (many people's dream growing up). Either way...if a fast-food joint is coming one way or another, why wouldn't we be happy about how nicely they are doing this up?

    Given it is the same ownership as Wicker Park, I'm pretty confident that this will "fit in" with the surrounding area vs becoming some sort of frat boy Disney world which is what it feels like many people fear.

    As many above have, contributing storefronts beat empty buildings any day. No one confuses Taco Bell with real Mexican food.

  • Get on board with corporate and management ASAP and get a community agreement in place that they will have trash cans outside near the sidewalk and that they will maintain their trash cans. Including that they will pick up trash in front of their place.

  • I prefer giving business to small startups, unfortunately the easy take out places in the area have consistently let me down. I really wanted to like Qtine, but nope. Small Fry I really dislike.

    I feel like someone (me even) could make a killing if they opened a tiny place with a grill and fryer that only served sliders and fries. burger, bun, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, potatoes, salt, and grease. Its not that complicated. With all the construction on Milwaukee someone will figure it out.

  • bob1983, sounds like a Jeff's Red Hots (3901 N Cicero) would be just the ticket!

  • that would work. ideally, slightly better quality than Philly's best, and not in BFE. Easy take out where I don't have to drop $$. I really think this is an achievable dream for LS.

  • Bob- I don't think small startups can afford rent unfortunately based on some of the closings we've seen in the hot areas of Logan Square. (Q-Tine, Smallfry, Johnny's Grill, so on). Which is probably why we're seeing chains or successful non-chain pop up. (Taco Bell, Wendy's, Bixi, Mini Mott, so on).

    Don't get me started on Smallfry. I LOVE cheeseburgers and live a stone's throw away from that place. Went twice during their entire existence.. $10.00 for an average baby cheeseburger? What were they thinking?! Costed more than Small Cheval, a proven burger joint in a more expensive and developed neighborhood. I don't have experience running a business, but wouldn't lowering the price to at least something reasonable sell more cheeseburgers and potentially generate more profit? I have high hopes for Big and Little's in regards to this type of joint. Check out their Lakeview menu. I think their Logan Square location should have comparable prices.

  • Good point on rent. When I wander the neighborhood I notice 2 things:

    1) construction everywhere
    2) vacant storefronts everywhere

    I hope your wrong about only chains surviving. When the Megamall went down I pretty much expected LS to turn into Lincoln Park West, but it will be really sad if we lose the cool eateries we're known for.

    And yea, Small Fry. Small, average burger that costs 2x more than it should and takes 5x longer than it should. I gave them 2 tries too. There was just nothing redeeming about the experience. They even took forever to open.

  • Big & Little's should fill that void perfectly. They have a ton of options and are very reasonably priced.

  • Rumhamms, I don't see many complaints, only opinions, which we are all entitled to.

  • Suzy Q - I think you need to reread my comments. FYI an opinion can be a complaint.

  • Rumhamms, the point is we all have our own opinions. FYI an opinion is a persons view.

  • Suzy Q - Yes, and you are choosing to voice your opinion and complain about a taco bell.

  • @Bart Shore wanted to know our opinions, so we expressed them. Nothing wrong with that.

  • @Suzy Q complaining about people not hearing your complaints. This is a new level.

  • @Rumhamms, you're doing most of the complaining. Enjoy you day.☺

  • I will enjoy it more when I can sit back with a crunchwrap in my hands and wash it down with a beer at Logan's newest taco bell

  • I like your sense of humor.

  • Achilles Flaneur ear witness

    I hope something goes into the old location of dos R da boots and other empty store fronts along both sides of that block from California to Sacramento.

  • Is that Dos Oro building tied into to the Hollander building?

  • Hey! Logan Square reporter for Block Club here. Yes, it is. They're closing soon. The Hollander building was sold, and I'm hoping to get a story up with more details soon.

  • Sorry -- meant to tag you @Loganite

  • I can't wait for taco bell!

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