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Added May 18 2012

This evening I took a stroll through our neighborhood. Maybe it was the gentle late spring evening light which illuminated the leaves on trees beautifully. Maybe it was the man strumming his ukelele on his front porch. Maybe it was the young couple walking their dog or the three grade school kids riding their scooters down the sidewalk while their mothers stood by talking and watching. Or, maybe it was the few measures of a saxophone wafting through the open window or the sound of the trumpet I heard a few doors down the block. But I love Rogers Park.

  • Cecilia Morales Mom, entrepeneur and yoga teacher

    Lots of musicians in the neighborhood I always hear a neighbor who plays the piano and the drummers always go to the park by me as well. And I just heard a new instrument, someone with a sax moved into a building close by, prolly the same one you heard :)

  • Anne Sullivan In and around Rogers Park since 1970

    Thank you SO much for this. Now just head east toward the lake and end your evening on a perfect note...

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    I took a walk this evening through Touhy Park:

  • Marianne Passionate

    I have been thinking the same thing the last few days, at different times of day and night. There are so many gardens and arrangements on corners and sections of curbside grass...the air is absolutely fragrant. It was so nice this evening, just after 10pm, taking my dog out for a "last call" stroll...the air was cool and pleasant and comfortable. We saw a few other dog walkers out and about and a young couple walking hand in hand. It was just so lovely, serene and idyllic. I could forget for a few min I'm living in one of the largest metropolises in the nation. In that moment it felt like life in a small town, in the best sense. Times like this, I feel so completely blessed to live here.

  • jo p. lake lover

    Amen, Rebecca. The trees & greenery, good neighbors, friendly faces & the unique, very special RP lakefront far outweigh any negatives to me.

  • Kelli Lifelong W. Rogers Resident/Now A Happy Dunningite

    We did the same thing last night: walked the dog at about 10:30 and it was just lovely, the lilacs and rhododendrons are in bloom and make the air smell like a florist shop. We saw people strolling, sitting on porches, waving "Hi" and wishing us well. We admired the architecture of the bungalows, the gardens and landscaping, and the simple fact that we live in this wonderful city.

  • Diane Chef and Dog Lover

    Me too! I am so diggin living here!

  • Marianne Passionate

    I feel extremely lucky to live in Chicago. I have been to other great cities...NYC, LA, Boston, San Francisco, Wash. DC, and Toronto for example. Each have many wonderful features of their own, and I have enjoyed my visits to these places immensely. But when it comes down to it, there's no other place on this big, green Earth I want to call home but Chicago. It has its faults, definitely, but when I stack the undesirable features next to what I love and appreciate about Chicago, the pros list soars above the cons. To me, Chicago is the perfect blending of what I want most in a home town: diversity, interesting neighborhoods, a thriving downtown, transportation, culture, (art, music, museums, theater, etc.), entertainment/recreation, vast array of dining options, from almost every conceivable ethnic cuisine to the exquisite to bar fare to sidewalk dining to the funky, ultra-budget-friendly diners to the multitude of cafes, incredible architecture, the extensive parks and beaches system, the abundance of shopping options, the dynamic lakefront, along w/ affordability. And so much more! I enjoy travel a great deal, but wherever I have been, I have always been happy to Chicago at the end of my journey. No one has a crystal ball, but I don't see myself ever living anywhere else. And as for RP, barring some unforeseen circumstance, I hope to grow old here.

  • My family and I moved to RP after thirty years in the near West suburbs two years ago..mostly to try something different and live closer to the lake...but not really expecting to stay. Now i can't imagine living any place else. The neighbors and business owners are so friendly and the environment charged with positive energy, art, music, great restaurants, gardens and greenery. Love it- love the lake front and love it here!

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