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Added May 18 2012

Our two wonderful, bonded female cats, Sophie (white) and Roxanne (dark), need a new home as soon as possible. They are excellent pets and we would keep them if we could but our new son has developed severe allergies to cats.

Sophie is about 6 years old and Roxy is about 7 years old. Both of them are indoor cats, have their front claws removed, and are spayed. They are up-to-date with all shots. They are potty trained and use a nice concealed litter box that I am willing to provide as well as an automatic feeder.

They are very cuddly and love to sit on laps and snuggle in cat beds. They keep one another company so it is not a problem if you are gone for work all day or want them to sleep separate from where you sleep. Sophie can be shy sometimes, but she warms up very quickly and then just wants to sit on your lap. Roxy and Sophie are very fun and play with cat toys as well as each other all the time. They are both excellent with strangers and little kids.

Please contact Jennifer if you are interested at 773.459.0072 or by email at

  • snail admirer Its the little things that matter...

    There are so many, many cats and now spring kittens without good homes its a shame that this had to happen.

    Have you tried contacting PAWS or one of the no kill shelters?

  • Yes! We've tried all sorts of shelters (full or long wait lists) and have tried everyone we know and social networking sites and vets, etc. This is why we are posting on here now. We are so desperate to find them a good home. Please pass this along to anyone you might know who would be interested. Thanks!

  • snail admirer Its the little things that matter...

    Maybe you should have the vet put them down.
    You seem very desperate to be rid of them and I'm sure you would never just throw them out (!) and if you can't find a shelter or anyone who will take them maybe that would be the most humane thing.
    Placing two grown cats is next to impossible. I feel terrible for them as they seem attached to each other.

  • It might help to offer them a big fat donation at the same time. They are funded by donations.

    Medical bills are an issue with older cats so anything you can do to defray what would be your expense in any event would probably help get a new home.

    I would also put an ad on Craigslist before I put my cats down. Well, I just wouldn't have the heart to do that at all.

  • Thank you for the foster information. I will check it out for sure. Any help is appreciated.

    I certainly don't plan on putting them down. That is why we are trying all different ideas. I can't take them to a shelter that will put them down, it is just too hard because I love these girls so much! Plus, I really don't want to split them up if it is possible.

  • Let us know what happens.

  • Great news!! We have found a wonderful new home for our girls! I couldn't be more excited! They are going to stay together and be in a great loving environment. Everything we could hope for! Thank you again for help and suggestions! :)

  • Fantastic, so glad to hear it!

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