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Added May 16 2012

Alderman Moore, you are part of a news release asking the very serious question of whether Latvia can be trusted by NATO. According to your news release, this very critical statement is based on a book you read. Will you kindly explain your depth of knowledge of Latvia and how you came to this conclusion to the extent that you are pursuing media coverage for yourself and this issue?

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Without commenting at all on the gist of this post, I would say this is not really the best way to get the alderman's attention. He has an email address and staff who handle this stuff.

    If I were you, I would ask him via email or his staff, and then post his reply here for discussion.

    I don't think it's fair to call him out here and then possibly excoriate him if he doesn't reply because he doesn't happen to see this.

  • What does Alderman Moore's knowledge of Latvia have anything to do with the problems and concerns of the 49th Ward?
    I only wish he would focus on the schools, jobs in the 49th Wrd, housing, and safety. Maybe reading the book will encourage him to take a trip to Latvia - all on the taxpayers dollar'

  • Inactive user


    I see your point, but don't agree with it. For one, I won't enter into a private email conversation and then post a private reply on a public board...that would be inappropriate.

    Secondly, the alderman issued a press release on this subject, which makes it quite public in nature.

    Additionally, my question is not for the alderman's staff. It is for the alderman.

    Lastly, the notion of whether I would "possibly excoriate him" seems unfounded, don't you think?

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Thanks for the reply Scott.

    1. Tell the alderman up front that you plan to post it on EB. That solves that issue.
    2. I still don't think this is the best way to initially approach the alderman. That's my opinion. Obviously you disagree.
    3. I don't know if it's unfounded. That's why I used the modifier "possibly."

  • Josh Rogers Park Estes & Clark

    I agree with Kevin. But I also agree that Moore could better spend his time working on issues in the RP then worrying about Latvia's involvement in NATO.

  • Inactive user

    Thanks, Kevin, but I believe this issue is worthy of public discussion, as does the alderman, given that he issued a news release on the subject. I welcome input on the issue, rather than the discussion medium.

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Im surprised, Scott, that his press release wasnt coupled with another Riverdance Fundraiser at Casa Moore. Meanwhile, another EB poster is being threatened while trying to go to the Laundromat, and Ald. Moore's solution is to discuss Latvia's involvement in NATO?

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Scott, you may be right that this deserves discussion. So why not start a discussion about it rather than taking this approach? Like, maybe give your opinion and then ask others for their opinion?

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    Yeah, I personally am just not interested in having this discussion when it's brought up this way.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Scott, it appears to me that you are misrepresenting the press release in your initial post here. It is NOT Ald. Moore's press release. It clearly states at the beginning: "The following is being released by attorney Thomas Canepa." Are you implying that Ald. Moore is not entitled to express his opinion on the issue?

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    I'm also free to respond with my opinion, as are you. I'm hardly a Joe Moore supporter, but your tone here was just argumentative and unhelpful -- both in the original post and your replies. It's rock throwing, not communication. As the little EB warning states when you post, "Be constructive. Don't call people names. Help us keep comments friendly and neighborly." I doubt that's forthcoming, though, so I'll just go ahead and put you on mute.

  • Inactive user

    Good lord. I take offense at the allegations being made in a press release and I have asked for explanation from my alderman who is a part of that press release, holds a public office and has made a statement on behalf of a committee that many besides myself consider to be beyond inflamatory. I'm not sure how you have jumped to your conclusion, Helen, but I spoke clearly and implied nothing. I am happy to have a lengthy discussion with you about the validity of the content of that press release. Is NATO's relationship with Latvia of particular interest to you?

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Chicago Alderman Joe Moore, chairman of the Human Relations Committee for the Chicago City Council who lives in and has been Alderman of one of the most diverse communities in the world for quite some time. Yes I would enjoy a response from our elected leader on this matter. Global politics and reform begin locally.

  • Inactive user

    Seems like a legitimate question to me. Unfortunately, this discussion has been hijacked by the usual EB hall monitors.

  • Am I the only one confused here as to what people are actually arguing about?

    So Alderman Moore read a book about possible human rights abuses in Latvia and made a comment about it? And this is an issue why?

    A little help would be appreciated, as I'm not sure why this is at all controversial.

  • Inactive user

    Great question, Matt. Alderman Moore and another Chicago attorney issued a press release nationwide via a paid news wire questioning whether NATO can trust the country of Latvia. The press release suggests their opinion is based solely on their having read a book written by a Latvian journalist. My concern, and the concern of many others, is that you don't make this type of very negative accusation based on having read a single book and then issue a press release in the midst of the NATO summit. I find it offensive and irresponsible on a global scale. Hence my question as to what depth of knowledge Alderman Moore might have to warrant such an accusation and then distributing a press release to attract attention.

    To those who suggest I should be having a private conversation with the alderman on this subject, might you also suggest the alderman should have had a private conversation with Latvian leadership rather than read a book and issue a damning press release?

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey everyone, just a reminder about our community guidelines before this discussion gets too far along.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  • I fail to see why this is a big deal. The "chairman of the Human Relations Committee for the Chicago City Council" issues a press release expressing concern about possible human rights abuses PRIOR to the NATO summit. Only the book is mentioned in the press release, but between a U.S Representative, chairman of the Human Relations Committee for the Chicago City Council, and a human rights lawyer, I think they might be basing this on other information.

    Regardless, you're getting worked up about a press release...

  • Inactive user

    It doesn't have to be an important issue for you, Matt. It is for me. And you are right that they "might" be basing it on other information, but there is no evidence of that. That's why I have expressed my opinion, invited input and asked the alderman to comment.

  • So you are opposed to expressing concern about possible human rights abuses based on first hand accounts? Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the U.S State Department have all noted incidents and expressed concerns with treatment of minority groups and with judicial corruption and other problems.

    You have asked the alderman for the basis of his opinion, and I'd like to know what you know about this issue.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Matt T, the Joe Moore haters have managed to have all comments they don't approve hidden, but in one of mine above I noted that Scott's link does not lead to any press release of Ald. Moore's, in spite of Scott's claim that it does. It was issued by a human rights attorney. Moore just happens to be mentioned in it a couple of times. And now I think I'll time how long it takes for Scott and his friends to get this comment zapped too.

  • Helen, I'm all for the no thanks button, but I don't think that comments should be hidden after 5 "no thanks"... go for 10-15, that way you can actually tell if a comment is offensive in some way

  • Inactive user

    You're right, Helen. It's a conspiracy, and I'm the ring leader. Me and my Joe Moore hating street gang.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Thanks for admitting it, Scott. I'm still waiting for an admission that you were wrong about who issued a press release on the subject.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Inactive user

    Definitely the funniest discussion of the day. Completely hijacked.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    Whatever Moore said or didn't say, I think it's a good thing when local politicians express opinions about wider world affairs. Instead of criticizing Moore for making a statement about Latvia and NATO, you'd do better to do some research and say whether or not you agree with his opinion.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    It's getting more and more ridiculous to see all these erased opinions that aren't the least bit "offensive" or in violation of EB rules.

  • Be careful Carl, your comment may be next!

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    That's right Carl. I've already had three of my "offensive" comments blocked.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    oh, believe me, it's happened to me, too. You're not a real Everyblocker anymore until you've been everyblocked.

    We should start "no thanking" everyone's messages, wildly and indiscriminately, and then see what the lovely folks at headquarters feel about their new site design.

  • IMO, none of the collapsed comments on this thread are "unneighborly". The no thanks button is perhaps not working as intended, EB. People are using it to "disagree" and not exclusively reporting "unneighborly" comments.

  • @Carl - Perhaps this is why Facebook has never add a "Dislike" button. You add the negative option and you suddenly get a chance to see just how people act. It's a very interesting social experiment.

  • Okay, my point just proven, having just earned a "no thanks" for stating an opinion with no discernible intent to be unneighborly.

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    We should start a Rogers Park support group for all of us that have been hurt and traumatized by the "no thanks" button. We can meet at Morseland and beat each other with padded bolsters.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    Maybe EB needs to add a "meh" button for a general lack of enthusiasm about a comment. Or a star rating system....

    This whole NATO hoopla has convinced me we never could have handled the Olympics.

    I just heard a quote today about the original purpose of NATO.

    To keep the Russians out. To keep the Amerians in. And to keep the Germans down.

    And now here we are in 2012 and it is about?

    Libya? Latvia? Chicago? Aladerman Moore?

    Do they have Aldermen in Latvia?

    Cheers be good.

  • Bill Thayer 25 years on Arthur Avenue

    From a purely technical standpoint, all those no-thanks-hidden posts made it very hard to follow the thread, as people are often responding to posts that are blanked out. I saw almost nothing "unneighborly" in any of them, nothing discourteous, just vigorous disagreement. I thanked almost everyone who was blanked out, whether I agree with them or not — and a few people who were not blanked out: for one thing, as they say in baseball, that might prove to be an insurance run for those posts!

  • Bill Thayer 25 years on Arthur Avenue

    Umm, another flaw in the automatic blanking system is revealed: Kevin's first post remains blanked out (the first hidden post in the thread), although he was thanked by 10 and unthanked by 6. Do 5 negative votes have a veto over 100 positive? If so, that's really horrible, the computer-assisted tyranny of a minority.

  • Inactive user

    This whole thread became a comic rodeo. Next time I'll just issue a news release.

  • Inactive user

    It's pretty hilarious to see how far off track this discussion went. And how quickly! Not one comment that seriously addressed the original point. Kind of like trying to ask a serious question in a room full of squawking chickens!

  • Bill Thayer 25 years on Arthur Avenue

    Scott, it's politics, whadja expect! You asked a question of Ald. Moore: maybe because it didn't quite come out the way you meant it, it looks to me at least more like a hostile rhetorical question rather than a real one and apparently others saw it that way: at any rate, it was more unpopular than popular (see the famous Thanks and NoThanks on your original post) — so the other side hijacked the post. Politics isn't pretty, even at a micro level, and regardless of what side one's on.

  • Bill Thayer 25 years on Arthur Avenue

    Watch it ChicagoFriend, I had a pet chicken for 8 years, I'm gonna zap you with that NoThanx button for dissing chickens.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    YourChicagoFriend, the reason this thread went off topic is because the site design itself became the issue. Does Everyblock really want discussion continually derailed because of the incredibly idiotic way they've re-defined the blank-out system? EveryblockBecca, I sure hope you're reading all of us. Do something. This has got to end!

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey folks, we are working on some improvements to "no thanks" to ensure that is is being used properly, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, please feel free to add your comments to our blog post on this topic ( since we do still want to try to keep the discussions on the site focused on neighborhood news.

  • I like the thanks button AND the no thanks button…….

    People can express themselves, and we get to know the other EB members personalities.

    Allow the people to be sweet, personal, rude, nasty & uncivil to each other….

    It shows the true feelings,
    intentions & character of the scribes involved..

    It reflects on them only...

    Its very democratic & honest...

    There is no need to collapse anybody's comment.

    If one doesn't like a particular comment or particular person,
    merely move your eyes to the next comment, right?

    I think its all good, fascinating & educational.

  • Bill Thayer 25 years on Arthur Avenue

    "There is no need to collapse anybody's comment." Yes, that's a start. But 5 NT's and the comment is collapsed.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    Interestingly, today the mayor's office announced substantive discussions with the Latvian delegation over "furthering trade and commerce" in the transporation industry. So how "foreign" really is the issue of Latvian politics to our alderman? (and why would Moore be associated with criticism of Latvia precisely at a time when his mayor is signing trade agreements with them? The plot thickens...):

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