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Added May 15 2012

Hello fellow Roger Park residents. I just wanted to alert those living in the East Rogers Park area of a black man about 6'0'' carrying a clipboard who came to my door on Sheridan and Fargo babbling about how he needed last month's electricity bill for God knows why. It was quite obviously a scam and I sent him away. I encourage you to call police or simply not to answer your door if you encounter one of these "traveling salesmen" as I typically call them although "walking annoyances" might fit the description just as well. Anyone else have to deal with this lately?

  • Thanks for that.

    Of course you shouldn't answer your door.

    But more importantly, you MUST call the police.

    This travelling salesmen could be an extremely dangerous situation for somebody else.

    That might not merely be a scam.

    That could be a rape, murder, kidnapping or murder scenario.

  • Kim Brown Writer, Activist, Rogers Park native since 1999

    There have been numerous posts about this topic in recent months. It would appear there are alternative energy companies sending reps door to door but are obviously using bad business tactics in trying to get business. I had someone come to my door in January but since I don't pay the gas for my apt, I let him know that this was highly suspicious. He went on his way after that.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    Same thing happened to me. The man was nicely dressed and well spoken. Very trustworthy. Showed me a handful of applications my neighbors had filled out to try and pressure me. Google the company on my phone and told him off.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Yes, sigh, two different guys Monday night about a half hour apart. This has been going on for months--or is it years now?

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    There was a new crew today, young man and woman, representing Liberty Power, ringing all the doorbells. I don't give them time to get any of their spiel out before I order them away from the building.

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