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Added May 15 2018

Preliminary agenda for state board meeting on low-income housing tax credits does not include proposal for 5150 N Northwest Hwy. Barring any late changes to the agenda, it is not clear what impact the lack of tax credits would have on the feasibility of the housing proposal for this year. The developer, Full Circle Communities, could not be reached for comment. Tax credits are often required for affordable housing developments. One local housing group has questioned the neutrality of the state board.

    5150 project not on preliminary agenda for low-income housing tax credits - Nadig Newspapers - Northwest Side Local Newspapers
    by BRIAN NADIG The proposed 75-unit housing development at 5150 N. Northwest Hwy. is not among the 26 projects which the Illinois Housing Development Authority plans to approve for low-income housing tax credits, according to a tentative agenda for the authority's May 18 meeting.
  • Mike Bayne Dunning area New to the area and have 2 children.

    Wow, if this remains, it would be great. Meaning it would require the tenants to pay more "out of pocket", to live there.

  • I hope it dies completely. I'm disgusted that all the Aldermen/Waste of taxpayer dollars want to cram more low income people in decent neighborhoods. How about each Alderman host a low income family for 5 years and subsidize all their needs? (crickets).......

  • The people have spoken and the elite ruling class has been shut down on this one. A win for the people!!!

  • Lots of vile on this thread. Is the concept of low-income housing so threatening to your lifestyle? Many elderly and veterans fall into low-income housing, but I suspect the vitriol from some is more racially motivated.

    Do I want druggies in the neighborhood? No, of course not. Generally people in low income housing have to jump through hoops to get approved. Not something your average druggie or gang banger wants to spend time doing. Often it’s people trying to escape druggie and gang banger neighbors.

  • Empty, clearly you are far left on the political spectrum. I can tell by the typical tactic of someone like you. You disagree with someone's view and you play the race card. You do so without knowing my ethnicity nor the color of my skin...and more importantly without knowing me and what's in my heart.

    That makes YOU the person infusing racism/bigotry into this issue.

  • Nice try. I’m not far left. Dead center in fact. But why don’t you enlighten me with your race/ethnicity? I mentioned a preference for veterans and the elderly over druggies and gang members...nothing about race. But I can see the majority of people in my neighborhood are white, so it stands to logic that the majority of comments in this neighborhood are from white people.

    So again, why do you oppose this housing put forth by “the elite ruling class”? Seems to me that white, employed people are the elite ruling class...

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I don't know where you live. I know that stats, but most people seem to be minorities wherever I go.

  • Grumble grumble.....white people are racist.......grumble grumble.....white people are elitist.......race card.......race card.........race card.........

    If Empty can guarantee that ONLY the elderly and veterans receive this housing then I don't have a problem with it. It's the other element that comes with having a Night Ministry on the ground floor. And I don't trust the ones in power who are pushing for this project in the first place.

  • Empty is pretty funny. You see, those of us who have been following all along are not believing a word about who will be living at the proposed site, if it ever gets built. That's because we have heard it was initially going to be lower-income for the teachers and city employees who would qualify with some market rate units; then it was going to be for veterans and people with disabilities (Arena even called it "Veterans Circle" to one point); then it became vets, PWDs and CHA voucher holder (when he initially had claimed there would be no CHA) with 10% market rate. I've yet to hear elderly, but I'm sure it will come up when the Alderman seeks to shame those who oppose this.

    Pretty hard to believe a word he says any more, when you go back over the past 2 years or so and see his long string of lies and deception.

  • I’m not out here to shame anyone. I just think it’s silly how everyone cheers when low-income housing is shot down. You’re right about JA touting it as a spot for Vets, and they certainly would be *some* of the tenants. As well as elderly and disabled persons. Perhaps the problem is how to control the process to prevent the bad eggs instead of assuming everyone that wants/needs it is some panacea on society.

  • Arena botched this from the start, with the zoning shenanigans. And there is no guarantee for the veteran component, that portion of the development is only stipulated in a grant that FCC has yet to even apply for. If they are turned down for the grant (I think it's in the neighborhood of $200K), good chance the vet component goes out the window.

  • Empty, as Daniel said before you're pretty funny. And you're also new to the 5150 fiasco.

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    If they would keep the project within the 4 story zoning requirement and make 25% low income, with a vet/senior component I'd support it. Many keep trying to make this a race or economic issue, for me and many others its a density issue.

  • Bob

    Daniel D-You are correct about our 'great alderman'. He is truly a politician at work and I think there is something behind this whole 5150 project to get all of these low income section 8 applicants into this building. There has to be some kind of kick back of some sort. These guys cannot ever be trusted b/c they could care less about public opinion. It will always be all about the $$$$ with these guys in power. They are really expert at creating smoke screens. I have to sometimes wonder how these guys sleep at night?? Probably better than the rest of us honest folks IMHO. Just my general opinion...

  • Dammit

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