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Added May 14 2018

Usually Sunday afternoon Humboldt Park is impossible to use for children, families and park visitors without being disturbed or feeling threatened. But yesterday afternoon and evening there were no aggressors disturbing or attacking park visitors at all. It was warm and pleasant weather but no aggressors showed up. It would be expected that some aggressors would drive to Humbolt Park to meet, drink beer, do drugs and to make the usual Sunday mayhem but for some reason they all stayed home. How can this be possible? Why did nobody show up?

Well, this has happened before. The aggressors are either there or they are not.

The reason to this either / or presence is that the aggressive activity is coordinated by organizers. Participants are called for to show up in Humboldt park and make a mayhem and behave threatening. To provoke. To make Humboldt Park unpleasant for other groups. Other ethnic groups. Other cultural groups. Other racial groups.

The loud and aggressive group meeting in Humboldt Park is organized racial hate and must be legally treated as politically organized racial hate. The organizers calling for the participants and the participants must be identified and held legally responsible for organized hate crimes.

Please, call the police, 911 for any racially, culturally and ethnically motivated crime. Make a video and send with text 274637 (CRIMES).

Learn all about sending video to police here:

    Chicago Police Department
    You can submit tips by text message as described below or... CASH REWARDS UP TO $1,000* The Chicago Police Department created the TXT2TIP program so that YOU can anonymously and SAFELY help rid your community of crime by sending information to the Chicago Police Department via a text message from your cellular phone.
  • Javy Humboldt Park- 1962

    What racial hate is going on? I’m curious as to what you have experienced or been told. I am in the park usually every Sunday, weather permitted.

  • EGP Love resident

    What are you talking about?

  • Achilles Flaneur ear witness

    Mother's Day?

  • What hate crimes? No everybody that goes to the Sunday's gathering do drugs. Usually the cars (antiques cars or show cars) gather by Division and California /Division and Kedzie. The Humboldt Park is huge, if you don't like to see the cars or hearing to the salsa music, you can go to the other side of the park. But these actions are not racial or represent any threat to the community.

  • Sunday was Mother's Day.
    What type of aggressors are you talking about??? Loud cars??? Why are you calling police??? If you are feeling insecure about the park, then you should go to another park. It sounds like you are the type of person that wants to ruin other people's fun.

  • How ridiculous. Stop making up silly stories. The people that gather there have been doing this for years. They are not bothering anyone. They are either people with antique cars or senior citizens that smoke cigars. The park is very big. You can go to the west side of the park which is quieter. Even not come at all. Stay home or choose another park. Seems to me that you are just bored of life and you might be the racist at the park.

  • Lmao WOW! What city did you come from city dude? You are obviously not from Humboldt Park, Chicago. Don't move to a neighborhood that you are unfamiliar with and make innaccurate claims because you feel uncomfortable with the gathering of people who are culturally different from you. If, you are scared of the Puerto Ricans, do yourself a favor and don't frequent a park that has 59' tall steel Puerto Rican flags anchored to the ground.


    If you repeat the lie enough, people will think it is the truth! Going on for years, peaceful old people smoking cigars, no drug smoking......LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now these same people say HP residents should not come to the park!!!! That it is quieter on the West side of the park! I live on the West side of the park, NO IT IS NOT!!!!! Yes it was peaceful on Mother's Day, can you believe that! This event is breaking park laws, no permits, loud music, keeping residents from using the park every Sunday and worst of law intimidating people who live here to not enjoy the park. Go ahead, keep repeating the garbage that this is a cultural event and anyone against it is racist but remember we all vote and we live in this ward where much of these law breakers do not. Are you tired of being told, you moved here, you should allow lawlessness to continue! See you at the polls this February where we will make a difference.

  • See you in the park, every sunday.

  • Lol..take it or leave it...dont give yourself a stroke

  • I assume all of the usual suspects had to eat dinner with MOM that day.


    These are the same people who kicked Riot Fest out of HP for doing the same thing. Well Riot Fest didn't break any laws.

  • Looks like they have a little more political power than you think.


    We will see in the elections this February.

  • Javy Humboldt Park- 1962

    ^^ Lol nothing ever pleases this man. All you ever do is complain. If it’s such an issue why live here? There’s plenty of other areas that are quiet and you can complain less. Just because some people don’t live in Humboldt Park, doesn’t mean they can’t go there lol. I’ve lived here my whole life, before you probably came here and I’ve never seen so many complaints until this neighborhood began getting gentrified. Make sure to nevervisit the island of Puerto Rico, you’ll probably kee yourself locked up inside all day haha.


    I understand now the time to buy on the island. I have been thinking about it. When it becomes the 51st State, I will. I don't care what race anyone is, I just don't like law breakers. You just don't get that.

  • 🤣

  • If you dont like law breakers, you are in for a intense wake up call when you decide to buy property in the "51st state"....ay bendito!

  • RAKARWOWSKI I loved Riot Fest! What are you talking about??? I'm a New Comer to the area...from Beverly (Southside IRISH).


    Charlie Billups was the leader to kick out Riot Fest yet he has stated enforcing laws with this group is just a way to kick Puerto Ricans out of the park. Sounds very racist to me but he brought race into play with this group that he supports. Years ago there was a nice small group of old residents that used to play music and everyone looked the other way when they used amps to play their music. Now, a few years ago, this group has started taking over the park, drug smoking, drinking, shootings is an entirely different story from what could be called cultural event.

  • I've been in the area for 5 years. I was so upset that Riot Fest had to leave. I thought it was a good mix of park use...PR Fest and Riot Fest.

    Everyone has a right to the park. Don't be a Debbie Downer. Just grab your belongs and move on. Growing up in Beverly, that's what we did EXCEPT when people pissed/passed out on our lawns for the Southside IRISH Parade.


    I also thought it was a perfect mix, something for everyone. Sorry that they will not allow everyone to enjoy HP and think it is for them only.
    Here is another link about Charlies group,
    I welcome you to Humboldt Park and wish every would do the same.

  • Wow, those nice young gentlemen must've taken me more seriously than I thought they did, because all I heard was laughing as I walked away. Everyone can thank me for this weekend's peacefulness!

    #peaceinthepark #thankscharles!

  • Lol #callitin #whitetears

  • EGP Love resident

    There is some weed smoking in the park and loud music but that is at every park and the right to loiter is what a park is for. Kind of like when I see people with their dogs off a leash and dog poo everywhere from people no picking up after their dog or the littering that happens around the baseball field. There are so minor things that we have to endure to have a public space. I hardly feel that the Sunday car show is as bad as some say. You have a right to vocalize your dismay. And for the love of all that is Holy , let the Riot Fest go! Riot Fest has moved on , as sad as I was to see it go constantly bringing it up 3 years late means nothing.


    Riot Fest will return, #wevote!

  • EGP Love resident

    it probably will not return. Douglas Park is in a ward that has an alderman who has developed an amazing relationship with Riot Fest. Too bad HP lost it. They now have a boom in Air BnBs , park improvement, community engagement and now increased investment. Riot Fest found a new happy home.

  • Javy Humboldt Park- 1962

    Lmao you saying you’d live on the island if it becomes a state is either sarcasm or a sign of your stupidity and a contradiction of your statement. Because if loud music and people breaking the law is what bothers you, you will have a rude awakening. I was born on the island and have all of my family over in aguada. I 110% promise you will hear people blasting music 24/7 and having large groups to enjoy the weather. As far as shootings go, this is chicago, drugs and all that is everywhere in the city. Even in fully gentrified areas. As everyone says, u knew where you chose to live. This is nothing new. Is Puerto Rican’s love our music and embrace our heritage. If you need help moving to our island, let me know! My sister is a realtor in the aguadilla/aguada area

  • I do enjoy Humboldt Park in Sundays....the Sundays that I am not in the mood for loud music and loud talking, I just stay home, go to another park or go to the west side of the Park. By the way..I don't do drugs..and I am not an aggressor 😂, so you are safe.. I could teach you a few salsa steps tho.....just saying..peace ✌ everybody.


    Javy, you spewed a lot of garbage, where should I start. I NEVER posted I would live on the island. If you knew anything about investing, when the island becomes a state next year, bankruptcy will follow and like Detroit, re-birth and investment will restart. From what I have seen on the news, people blasting music 24/7 is extremely unlikely. Last, NO!! "As far as shootings go, this is Chicago, drugs and all that is everywhere in the city." The shootings that have returned to HP are NOT happening in most North Side neighborhoods. When Riot Fest was here crime was way down, the community had hope and businesses with jobs were opening, life was returning. It was killed by our Alderman. I moved into a neighborhood where crime was disappearing and it is unacceptable to think a crime ridden community must stay a crime ridden community. "Puerto Rican’s love our music and embrace our heritage", great so do I, now just follow the laws while doing so like all the rest of Chicago and no one will complain. Can you pleased explain in more detail "Because if loud music and people breaking the law is what bothers you, you will have a rude awakening"? How many people are law breakers there?

  • There are a lot of comments along the lines of "stay home" or "go to another part of the park". To those people, you do realize there are people who live near this part of the park (and who have for years) who don't have the option to do that, and can't get any peace. And while El Corillo may just be people enjoying music and they have for years, other people with more sinister intentions do engage in legitimately dangerous behavior around there and do so by trying to blend in with the others.

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