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Added May 11 2012

Just read , an account of how Chicago's losing tens of millions of dollars due to the actions of "repeat offender" abusive police officers.
I think it's no secret that the CPD (including Internal Investigations and the Review Board) shelters abusive cops and doesn't do nearly enough to get them out of the force.
I think it's also disturbing that these bad officers are not outed sooner: Their co-workers and bosses must know at least a little bit about what's been going on: Why aren't the bad cops reported? Are the remaining supposed good cops just accomplices in hiding this criminality within the force? Or do they not have an option for reporting this stuff? (e.g. they won't be promoted/ they won't receive protection from fellow officers in dangerous situations)
It's too bad that CPD seems to be more loyal to its own than the public it is supposed to serve. Chicago is a world-class city. We should have a world-class, professional police force, not a haven for abusive goons.

  • JLS

    First off, the Chicago police department isn't a haven for goons! You have a valid point regarding an article most of us read that states the investigations take way too long. I'm sure the officers that are unjustly accused feel the same way you do. The public should expect a speedy investigation. And I can tell you watch way too much tv! Shelter cops, code of silence. Dream on. Just as you would be defensive of your personal friends, I'm sure the police bring those types of feelings to their daily life, but code of silence? Gimme a break. If you have a legitimate complaint, make it. If not satisfied, keep going. But state the facts, not a bunch of tv "sayings". Spit it out,why are youmad?

  • Justin K. McKinley Parker since 2008, south sider since 1998

    OK, then you tell me: Why aren't the goons being kicked out? I'm sure that most cops are good, upstanding and professional: Why don't they report the bad ones and get them kicked out? It would be one thing if this was an isolated incident, but a new scandal seems to come out every week that costs the city and taxpayers big money. Also, some of these scandals (like CPD cops running their own drug/robbery rings) go way beyond something that wouldn't be noticed by co-workers and higher-ups.

  • JLS

    I do agree the investigations take too long. The civilians that investigate the complaints need to answer that. Somehow they don't have case management skills. Over worked? Incompetent? Poor supervision? Many of the cases brought to light were investigations started by their own. People from all walks of life join the police department. In the end they do get caught. If you took any group of people or section of the city that amounts to how many people are on the force , say ten thousand people, you'd b surprised at how many are criminals. I mean look at Dixon !L, that lady stole nearly 50 million over who knows how many years and no one noticed, it happens. Again, this seems personal. If you have a legitimate complaint, keep pursuing it.

  • Justin K. McKinley Parker since 2008, south sider since 1998

    I would apply a higher standard to criminality within the police force than to society at large since I would expect this of a police force, and the undue power that criminal cops would wield.
    Maybe we need to pay our cops a lot more (Singapore-style) and hold them to much higher degrees of professionalism.
    One of the issues I take is the lack of transparency in the process: Information about these repeat offender officers only came about after a long legal fight for these public records. The CPD and everyone else fought tooth and nail to keep this under wraps.
    BTW, just came across the following story about CPD officers allegedly getting ready to crack open some skulls at NATO. Caveat emptor ...

  • Lola David bartender

    Justin K. Thank-you for speaking out honestly about the CPD it's what more people should be doing!

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