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Added May 10 2012

Good Evening Neighbors. I thought you would want to know that there are prowlers in our neighborhood. They are stealing anything from air conditioner unit (parts) and breaking into garage doors. I just bought a house on 87th and Kimbark and my welcome was a prowler entering my yard attempting to break into my garage door. I have an alarm system that set off once he/she pryed the door open. The good thing was whoever it was couldn't get in because once the door opened the alarm set off. The interesting issue is, the police never attempted to answer the alarm and it happened at 8:39 am and ADT attempted to contact the police at 8:41 am and the phones kept ringing. The police had not responded all day on Tuesday up until i got off work and made it home at 6:30pm. It is a shame the police are relaxed the way they are. I understand the city is in flare and police are needed in the high crime areas, but that doesn't mean break-ins can't turn deadly as well. It seems as if I will need to hurry up and get my firearms license because I work really hard for the things I like for someone to think they are going to take it easily... FYI

  • E Concerned neighbor

    I feel your pain. Another thing you can do is get some motion sensors, at least that way you'll know if someone enters your yard, it will chime. Good luck.... We're in this fight together.


    I hadn't been in my home 6 months before someone broke in and took things that could not be replaced. Things that my husband had bought me just before he died 11 days before we were to move into our home. It was hard enough packing, moving and settling into a home that we both worked so hard for, that he NEVER got a chance to share with me. Then my neighbors decided to welcome me into the neighborhood by breaking in, stealing, ransacking and destroying things that really didn't mean anything to anyone but me. MY HEART STILL BREAKS FROM THIS. Please be careful and mindful. Watch your home and your neighbors. There are people out here that don't care how they get what they want, as long as they get it.

  • lb223 25 year resident watching neighborhood change

    Kiya, Thanks for the heads up!! You may want to also get a dog they are also helpful in alerting you and surrounding neighbors that supicious activity is is happening in the area. (Not a Poodle kiya but a sheppard, golden Lab etc. (outside dog).

    i also have ADT. maybe we should all contact ADT and let them know No Police...They always promise to insure police will come.

    we can also let 911 dispacthers know the police is in the area parked on Stony Island. Also i emplore all residents to call 911 when you observe or see something.this summer. some of our neighbors are seniors elderly and some just report crimes to others instead of police. HUH?. Motion lights work but be sure to not only place them over doors and garages but in places where you automatically would call police.also Alert 8th Ward office(City hall office local office offers excuses most of the time.

    Hopes this works! and thanks for looking out for others.


  • Kiya First Time Homebuyer

    Thanks lb223. I called the Alderman office, police, friends and ADT. My next thing to do is to go to the June 13th CAPS meeting at St. Alibe Church. We're going to be proactive in this neighborhood because I am not the one that will just stand around allowing my home or my neighbor's home be broken into. Nor will I stand by and watch a nice neighborhood turn into a ghetto hood. I am a young woman with a lot of sense, knowledge and kick butt tactics, whom will be safe than sorry.

  • lb223 25 year resident watching neighborhood change

    Well, I will try and make this meeting...hopefully we will meet. Let me also state that we should try to see if some of these meetings can be had on maybe on a Saturday perhaps early afternoon. I feel Most residents will agree will agree that we would be able to attend due to our scheudles. Most residents who would make a difference work and the 6pm start time weekdays is a true inconvience. Sat morning would be think? Also, can residents know in advance when the next community meeting is scheduled??? i normaly get a notice of meetings scheduled less than 24hrs of the time and day scheduled. Maybe have a 8th Ward breakfast to inspire residents to come out.

    C'mon 8th Ward let's do this now before we have to ask how could this happen.

    lb -87th Dante

  • lb223 25 year resident watching neighborhood change

    Sorry had to check on dogs....barking like crazy! Any body that sees a police car on stony island please stop and ask them to ride up the side streets and alleys. You will knoe they came by in the morning by the number of tickets issued for expired or no City Stickers OR a Boot on your car. But when a garage or house is broken in they are no where in site. right Michelle Harris

  • E Concerned neighbor

    Lb223.... The police does not boot cars. We know that we don't stay in the best area, so until the police start to do regular patrols, we have to cover each other.

  • Marcus CalHeights ; organizer; Cultural Activis

    A shame, I hope your subsequent years here will go better

  • Raven C Homeowner

    I'm not in the 8th Ward, I am now in the 9th Ward (re-mapping) but I am not far from 87th and Kimbark. I too have had the issue of the police not coming until 2 hours after ADT has called them. Luckily in my case, it was a false alarm, but I was still disappointed with the police non-response. I have been in my home for barely 3 years and am now trying to sell it. The police are unreliable in our neighborhoods.I know they can't be everywhere all the time but where are they? Can't they be where we need them to be some of the time?

  • lb223 25 year resident watching neighborhood change

    Raven, Please do not sell!!! We need more concerned homeowners like you on the team. For the most part our neighborhood is still(thank God) pretty safe. Let's not let these thugs win. As i have stated before we just need to form a neighborhood coalition to combat this problem. NOW IS THE TIME! Let's not wait till the temp get's in the 80degrees. We can send the message now that (thugs) you are in the wrong area.
    In my experience I notice that we have plenty of people who can identify the problem but fail to offer suggestions Right??

    here's mine: Call police when you feel/hear something that is not normal, stay in contact with the Alderman office(please call Michelle's downtown office for faster response), install motion detecter lights in hidden places where it is ovious a breach has occured then call Police., form our own Neighborhood Watch(not Zimmerman Watch) and finally get a Dog as first alert and don't forget to look out when they Bark!

    Let's soloutionize the issue folks....Talking about it to neighbors in the alley the next day does not accomplish much for the effected resident.....

  • lb223 25 year resident watching neighborhood change

    Hey E, just wanted you to know that I am very aware that the police don not boot cars but what i have notice is that when ever police is in the nighborhood at night cars are booted the following morning in most cases. I am sure that the police have the ability to share information with the Dept of Revenue. All they have to do is pull up your plate and the information is there...Right. Nothing against the but CPD. But I hope your city sticker is current:-}

  • Tanya Concerned neighbor

    I am also a victim of two home break ins. I also have Adt and its the same thing. The thugs are long gone by the time police arrive. I have lived near 87th and kimbark for many years and I have no plans of leaving. I spoke with the area police detective and asked if I could report the license plates of the kids who park in front of my home and get high or engage in "other" activities. I had no idea that you couldn't. So now I continually call 911 because I dont feel safe in my own home!!!! No time to take care of a dog and I have motion sensor lights but they were of no help since my break ins happened in the height of the day. Any other suggestions?????

  • E Concerned neighbor

    Tanya... I just want to make sure that I'm clear about the motion sensors, what I was suggesting were not lights, but a sensor that chimes inside of your house so that you know when someone is in your yard. Unfortunately, this only works if you are home to hear them. As for security systems, another thing you all can try is to adjust your settings. Some of you may have a 45second delay on your alarm, reduce the delays the the alarm will trigger faster.... But keep in mind that you will also have to be faster at disarming it. Another thing is, making the house more difficult to breach. You have to reinforce your door jams, remove air conditioning units out of your lower windows(if you can), and buy better locks. Nothing that we do will prevent the burglars, but you can make it more difficult, which translates into more time they have to work on trying to get in. Hopefully, a good neighbor will spot them or hear them banging and call the police.

    Good luck to everyone.


    I had ADT. They came in and SNATCHED the ADT system out the wall. When they couldn't get it to stop alarming, they stomped on it. It never did stop the SCRETCHING SOUND until I took the batteries out. And my break in happened at 3 in the afternoon. They dont care, nor give respect for even the fact that it was broad opened day light

  • Kiya First Time Homebuyer

    These people have nothing but time on their hands and most of these break ins happen in the AM when the working people are leaving for work or at work. This is honestly crazy that we can't rely on the police to keep our neighborhoods safe. I know they can't be everywhere but the fact of the matter is make your presence in the areas where there is constantly break ins. I am willing to attend or start a meeting that will help us HOMEOWNERS get to the bottom of these break ins. Where I used to live, we started a chain... If 1 person witnessed a crime happening, they would call the other and let them know what was going on. The second person will call the third, etc, etc and then we all would call the police right after. We need to keep the police and alderman on their jobs. These officials at times are too relaxed and getting paid for just doing enough to get by. I am tired of hearing the stories of neighbors being robbed, home broken into, etc, etc and no one knows anything and at times not caring that these situations exists. We as people (neighbors) need to bring that love back to our communities and go up against these punks that think that it is okay to take things from people that work hard for the things they buy. Let's start by telling our neighbors about the issues (I did), fond out each others' schedules, meet to discuss what our plans will be to stop these break ins, alert both the police and alderman. If we catch these fools in their act we can be on to something... I thought I would brainstorm a little... Let me know your thoughts neighbors.

  • lb223 25 year resident watching neighborhood change

    Kiya, Count me in! You are by far the first (well my being the first) to offer the ultimate solution to how we control our neighborhood. let's get started right? next step is to canvas your block to see who's on board. this must be done by a peronal letter to residents near you and me. Letters should be hand delivered.

    First we should have a fraft of the letter to be delivered and have a signed pledge by residents who agree. Develope a 5 to 10 pint plan that will be ok'd by the District Police commander will agree to tto insure we will be supported, develope a alley patrol with contact to the dictrict station. and more , those are just a couple of suggestions.

    I would be willing to work with you on developing this plan. let me know if there is an interest....LB

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