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Added May 07 2012

  • What happens after 100 signatures? What are your expectations for this petition? What do you want to accomplish? How will the petition be delivered, and to whom? Will you include specific, measurable expectations and suggestions? Will you solicit commitments from residents, the alderman, ward committeeman, community organizations and others?

    This past March, police Superintendent McCarthy announced CPD plans to curb gang violence (see That article includes information that could be useful for your petition and strategy.

    See EveryBlock's "Top news" section for today's post from Rocky asking how to reduce crime and shootings in Noble Square. The comments include many good tips and suggestions that apply to all neighborhoods. See Derek's comment which includes this link as a resource: That web page article includes strategies and links to references.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    Love your interest. After the 100, I want to see what kind of response it envokes from the 2 of them. Just what I said is what I want to see, them deploy more police. I have talked to the gang squad before and they know who these gangs are and who is fighting who. I refuse to believe that it takes all this time to put a plan into action. The gang squad calls them wannabes but they are getting bolder and bolder. The particular incident I am talking about was on 79th and Jeffery at about 3:00pm when the children are getting out of school and on the busses. A van pulled up, offenders jumped out and opened fire on a crown of people mostly kids. 5 shot. I was there. I read both articles and know all about them. I have served in this community in many capacities through my 35+ in this neighborhood. When I see and hear what the mayor and superintendant are talking about, will determine how I respond. One thing I do not like is that it is taking way too long to collect 100 signatures for something that takes place in our hood all of the time and I mean all of the time. As for the alderman I would rather they hear from their boss the mayor. Many of them have been sitting down with gang members and discussing god knows what and they are aware of what is going on in their wards, if they are not it is not because they have not been addressed with the issue.

  • B. K. Ray Old to Chicago, new to Rogers Park

    Don't Shoot. One Man, A Street Fellowship, And The End of Violence in Inner-City America. by David M. Kennedy

  • Thanks, B.K. Ray.

    Playback Theatre could be another resource. The Bob Edwards Weekend radio show featured Memphis Playback Theatre last July. See the description under 30-31 July at this link:

    Edwards interviewed Jonathon Fox, who founded Playback Theatre, and featured Playback Memphis ( Unfortunately, Bob Edwards Weekend no longer provides podcasts of the shows.

    This article in the Memphis Daily News describes Playback Memphis, including their partnership with Victims to Victory--an organization that serves families of homicide victims:

    Here's a review of Playback Memphis 2010 performance in collaboration with Victims to Victory:

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    Today my mother and I talked to the Dean of South Shore School of Leadership and he related information regarding the incident/shooting on 79th and Jeffery that involved South Shore Students. I am on the PAC at South Shore and will help our PAC plan workshops regarding how we will move forward in the community to help keep our children safe, involve law enforcement to help minimize and eventually eridicate the gun violence in our area. We want to involve as many parents/cargivers and those that are concerned about gun violence to participate when you see the notices, please respond in a positive way. Anyone who has special information that will help in this instance please feel free to make it known so that we may pursue the avenues that are particular to this quest. And again, please sign the petition on The petition is will be a measure of what type of respose we can expect from downtown and help us plan further.

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