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Added May 06 2012

Looking to show support to Active Transportation Aliance (ATA), Loyola and others for a dedicated NS route from end of bike path to points north.
This would be away to assemble a list of potential supporters.
If you support a dedicated NS bike route please like this thread.
Currently the official route North from the LSD bike path is North then West on Granville. If anyone has any comments on the commute west on Granville please articulate below.

  • Rob

    I'm in.

  • PBarry Rogers Park since '61

    Granville west from Kenmore is not so good.

    After making a nice sweeping turn off of Kenmore, you have to negotiate the CTA viaduct and the cars backed up at the long light at Broadway. Once west of Broadway, the street is narrow and has, I think, three stop signs on the way to Glenwood, so on the bike you blow through the stop signs and the car drivers get frustrated that the biker is in front of them and sometime they try to jump ahead, but the street is narrow. So it's always a bit of rush to get up to Glenwood, where I make the right and cross Devon at the light. Glenwood isn't bad south and north of Devon, because the traffic is manageable.

  • Bob Fuller 8-year Rogers Parker, Sunday Market volunteer

    I'm also in.
    Granville is a poor choice for the dedicated lane since it's too narrow and, I believe, a collector street so it faces many restrictions. In my opinion Glenwood is ideal for the N-S route if Thorndale is marked as the preferred W-bound connection from the Lakeshore Path and Granville is the E-bound connection (Thorndale is 1-way west of Broadway). I agree Granville is incredibly hectic westbound on a bike, but eastbound it's not too bad- better paving would make it less frightening in either direction.
    Long-term I think the path should be extended to George Lane Beach/Thorndale street-end. While the Ardmore contra-flow lane is novel, I would prefer to ride with traffic at all times.

  • ScottK Near Glenwood/Devon in North Edgewater

    I'd suggest not blowing through any stop signs. They're the law for bikers as well as motorists. Full stop, please. Thanks much.

  • Granville is too full of angry cars that want to race you to the stops--ridiculous. Whenever I come this way I go up to Rosemont instead. It's a two-block salmon run against minimal One-Way traffic and I think it would be perfect for a bike lane like the one on Ardmore. Freshly paved, too, and you get to chat with the nice folks on Security for the Ismaili Center while you wait for the light on Broadway.

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce
  • DaveP been around

    Walking down sheridan this morning, waiting to cross at a light. Light changes, I start walking across. Almost get run over by some chick on a bike who blew through the red.

    Best part was, she burned ME a look, like it was my fault.

    Bikers treat pedestrians the same way cars treat bikes.

  • no no no no no no no no no no. This thread is important to those of us who ride. Haters who will use any opportunity to crab about the time one of those danged bike riders almost ran over there dog can please start another thread. Agreed--some people are jerks when they ride, but that's not what this thread is for. We're here to talk about where we should ride in order to best get home alive--same thing pedestrians and motorists want.

  • DaveP been around

    oh good, i'm neither a hater nor did anyone almost run over my dog, so i know you aren't talking to me

  • Inactive user

    I recall suggesting this kind of route a year or two back, but here goes again;

    From the north end of the bike trail, you can go north on Kenmore to Thorndale. Then west on Thorndale to Greenview, then north on Greenview to wherever you like: there's a Stop Sign at Devon for easy/careful crossing.

    But Thorndale is one-way westbound, and about the narrowest street ever. You are probably better advised to go west on Glenlake, which does involve a light at Broadway, and then a short cut back south to continue west on Norwood. Then north on Greenview.

    As for southbound, Greenview has two blocks of nonsensical one-way northbound between Pratt and Morse, so unless you want to go against traffic (which you should not do) then you have to cut over to Glenwood at Morse, and then back to Newgard on Pratt, or continue south on Glenwood. South of Devon, Glenwood is wider and safer, but between Morse and Devon, it's either one-way brick-paved hell, or two-way Drivers Don't Give You Room Purgatory. Glenwood gets you back to Ardmore or another route to the Lakefront Bike Path.

    The real issue here is that bikers who aren't regular users of many sidestreets are intimidated by auto traffic, and will only want to use paths that are well-marked; but well-marked paths might not be the most direct or obvious routes. And there are lots of angle streets and not-obvious moves involved (Ardmore eastbound to the path is easy from Winthrop, not so obvious from Glenwood).

  • Bob Fuller 8-year Rogers Parker, Sunday Market volunteer

    David in Rogers Park, since we're talking about safe bike routes, I would like to file a formal complaint against all pedestrians because last night 3 people outside the Red Line Tap were blocking the sidewalk, preventing me from walking any further. I mumbled "excuse me" but they just blew smoke in my face and stood their ground. I was heading northbound, but since I'm intimidated by pedestrians (even though I was one at the time) I decided to hop in my car, head south on Glenwood to Lunt, take a right, take another right at Greenview, another right at Greenleaf and then another right at Glenwood where I parked just north of this blockade. I would like all pedestrians to follow the rules of the sidewalk, put their cigarette butts in some kind of ashtray, and reimburse me for the $.78 in gas I used getting around this unrepresentative pedestrian group.
    P.S. I'll try the Rosemont next time, I just noticed there's actually a light there.

  • Inactive user

    Pedestrians are the worst blockers of the sidewalk ever. And smokers are even worse. Cause more pollution than cars. And they're never 15 feet from the door either.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Thanks for all the input. I saw this thread as well. maybe some of us could join in the North Side Critical Mass ride.

    WHEN: Friday, May 11, Young Lincoln Statue, 5959 North Clark,; 6:30pm; free.

    Please keep suggesting routes. I am holding off on my suggestion until the artwork and proposals are completed. Definately will try to weave your suggestions into the proposal.

  • I would love to use Granville farther west more frequently (I don't find it that threatening), but my qualm is not with the width/congestion of the street, but the egregious number of potholes. It looks more like someone carpet-bombed sections of the street, forcing a cyclist to choose between moving to the center or breaking something! Granville from Ridge to the lakeshore is just fine, though.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    To the group. One of the additional challenges I face is that I haul a trailer with children. This limits my ability to negotiate traffic and safely reach the bike path. Granville is very difficult to traverse from East to West with the trailer. Currently my preferred route is Glenwood (has a light at Devon) to Ardmore to Victoria (Two of the worst speed bumps in the city) to Ardmore to the Bike Path.

  • AMP Rogers Park since 1988

    Wow Bruce, that trailer does limit your options!

    Some improvement on a N/S route is needed. Someone mentioned Rosemont, which connects to Kenmore/Winthrop bike lanes (even though they have not been re-painted). A 2 way bike lane on Rosemont from Kenmore to at least Glenwood would help.

    I take the same route Bill S. mentioned almost every day (Kenmore/Thorndale/Greenview) although southbound Newgard is nothing but potholes, and now closed south of Albion.

    Granville is NOT good for bikes. Why they put bike signs there I will never understand. Rosemont, Glenlake, or Hood are much better.

  • Glenwood makes sense as an "Official" route on the city bike maps because you can cross Devon with a light. (Northbound at that light is a little tricky, best to pause and let cars go ahead.) It's a pretty great route to get you to Clark St. south of the Ashland Split, too--just across ridge and take a right. Northbound from Andersonville works anyplace north of the cemetery.

    Granville and Rosemont both get you across Broadway with a light, but the car culture on Granville is just ridiculous--why do they feel like racing into a setting sun? It's beyond me! If I were a city planner, I'd put in a two-way bike lane on Rosemont and then watch the number of bike-on-car accidents drop drastically.

    If you absolutely refuse to salmon against one way traffic, even on streets with one or two cars per hour like Rosemont, then at least get the hell off of Granville at Magnolia.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Interestingly there is a Maps application on my Android tablet that has a layer for displaying bike routes. It does not display the Granville bike route but does have lots of suggested routes through the Loyola Campus. I have an email into the app developer to get sense of their data feed.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Rode West on Rosemont from Kenmore last night. Definately more potential than Granville.

  • Lacy your friendly local artist

    Mayberry, if I might push the conversation further West: I end up taking the mini-Ashland (north of Devon) south a lot, and suffering through the Ashland/Clark stretch. On all official city bike maps, that length of Ashland/Clark is a designated shared route, but I really REALLLY wish they would paint a lane in; that is the most challenging part of my ride in terms of sharing the road with cars.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    @Lacy thank you for the additional insight. Lane painting was one of the items on the 49th ward participatory budgeting, it was for Clark Street from Howard to Wallen.

    Just missed being one of the initially approved items and is a strong alternative if any of the voted items can not be acted on.

    I agree there is sort of a mix-master approach at the Ashland Clark split.

  • I moved my daily commute from LSP to Clark street a couple of years ago when I discovered that it's about ten minutes faster that way despite the traffic lights. That stretch from Devon to Andersonville was scary at first, but I've gotten used to it now. Merging across lanes to get onto Clark St. is often harrowing. Glenwood to Ridge is a little slower, but there's a lot less adrenaline involved. Depends on what you're in to, right?

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Problems with the reverse commute in the mornings.
    The last few days I have been going north on the LSD bike path then crossing Devon with a variety of outcomes.
    The school just east of Kenmore on Rosemont does cause quite the Gauntlet. Ran into numerous school buses in the N/S alley between Sheridan and Kenmore North of Rosemont. They were attempting to go North on Sheridan and were stuck one buss per light made it out. No way for even a bike to pass them so I waited in que until my turn.

  • Inactive user

    Try Ardmore west from the end of the Lakefront bike path (you have to go against one-way traffic for one block between Kenmore and Winthrop, then it's two-way). At Broadway, you cut back about 50 feet and continue west; then after a roundabout there's an angle street that takes you to Glenwood. Then Glenwood north, or at Thorndale cut over to Greenview. Glenwood has a light, of course, but Greenview has a stop sign at Devon as well. This is the route I take now that Kenmore is being taken over by Loyola. What exactly is your destination? How far west of Broadway/Sheridan are you headed?

  • ScottK Near Glenwood/Devon in North Edgewater

    I'm not sure bikers should be going against one-way traffic. They're supposed to follow normal traffic rules, right?

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    @Bill that is my exact southern route. I like it because it is very tranquil and goes through so many school zones. I feel safe with the kids in tow. Once the kids are dropped off then I have tried many routes and try to eliminate the really obnoxious speed bumps. This morning I took Thorndale West and was pleasantly surprised how nice that was. It does get quite narrow once a block or so East of Broadway. hauling a trailer by bike can be quite an experience.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

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