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Added May 03 2012

Here is why Fedex requires a sign for any package left at your door. The link is a video of a low life stealing packages after Fedex delivered it to my front door. He appears to be following the driver or either watching and waiting to steal my gym shoes:

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    whoa.... that's crazy.... i hope they catch this jerk


    This is why I don't send anything to my home address anymore, even though I'm here a lot. I just send it to my husband's business addy, someone is always there.

    Not that you should have to, but what else can you do?

  • Erica in Bronzeville 12 yrs in Bronzeville; Ready for a Brighter Day

    Ugh...! That is so frustrating! I know you turned this over to the police, right? My guess is this guy is serial. Were you able to zoom in and get a license plate number?

  • No, I don't have the video editing capability to zoom the file.The police told me oh well, its not our problem call Fedex. The City of Chicago would not even take a police report. This guy gets away with it and from the looks of it he is very cool about taking other peoples deliveries.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    send it to the news stations. they do this kind of reporting all the time. maybe someone knows who it is.

    hopefully they can catch them. and if he's stolen anything from the USPS as well, he can be charged with a felony

  • Thanks Jennifer

  • If the police did nothing, then I now the news would want this type of story!! Send it in! You shouldn't haev to curb your planning for criminals like that.

  • Thanks, I am sending it to ABC7 right now.

  • Erica in Bronzeville 12 yrs in Bronzeville; Ready for a Brighter Day

    It would be great to have news outlets on Everyblock to field crimes like this one.

  • Yatta Washington Park Warrior

    That is truly sad and even sadder that when you turn to CPD you get no help. Maybe if the media gets involved they can catch this thief, it's unfair to you, the FedEx, and the seller of the shoes. We all lose when someone steals a package.

    It did seem very odd the way the FedEx driver was acting, if he felt that there was a security issue he should've held on to the package and simply left a notice. The thief however was very bold.

  • Inactive user

    YES! Send it to the TV stations! Especially after Pam Zeckman busted the cop the CPD assigned to the Merchandise Mart, even though the Mart has its OWN security AND the CTA ALSO has their own security in the building for the station. The CPD has ONE cop assigned there when The Mart has never even requested a cop be there. EVER! The police in this town need to be CHECKED and made to do their jobs!

  • Inactive user

    I have my credit card linked to my work address so that whenever I order anything, I can have it delivered to my office and the address checks out. If you want to add your work address to you card, just contact your institution and ask to add a SECONDARY address to the account. Its free and takes about 5 minutes.

  • Happy making better choices

    This is sad on so many levels but especially since i just saw a news clip of a woman who had her stroller stolen from her porch and she ended up in a sting to get her stroller back and she had to call the police in the moment to say the man who stoller her stroller was with her trying to sell it. The fact the PD won't get involved in your incident is funny bc part of the story included video of the thief taking packages that ended up at his place in Lincoln Park where roughly 1mil in merch was found.

  • GCF Resident in the Kenwood area since 2006

    Urgghhhh makes you blood boil! He drove by first right after the fedex left and backed up only to return 10 mins later! we had our mail stolen and caught it on camera too, the police wouldnt take a report told us to file it with the post office, who told us to file it with the CPD...just a run around and no one doing their jobs. What area do you live in? cross we can look out for the white truck.

  • That is not a bad idea. I don't see why the cameras placed on every other block in high crime areas cannot be linked to the internet for example, News agencies given access. The cameras could stream video, perhaps provide a level response from the effected community or create innovative ideas as a reactionary process.

    Sometimes News agencies make people aware of issues that are not viewed as being a problem to the powers that be. I see bad activity in open market right under the camera all the time. I am not downing CPD, but people empowerment and community effort has been known to solve more problems and issues, because it relates to the affected body..

    NO BIG DEAL BROTHER.........

  • Which neighborhood is this? Doesnt look like the same area as the address posted.

  • I am near McCormick Pl

  • When does the action start? that's a 17min video...

  • Yatta Washington Park Warrior

    I think the FedEx guy comes in around 4:00 and the thief comes in around 7:00

  • lol Kevin, I need to learn some digital editing tricks.



  • Dee Chicago native

    You have got to be kidding me! WTH!

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    I don' t understand why the police wouldn't let you file a report. This is a THEFT, with video evidence! This makes me so angry.

  • GCF Resident in the Kenwood area since 2006

    Hey Sherman,

    Send it to
    NBC Investigations at
    ABC7 -

  • Inactive user

    How awesome is it that the CPD is totally impotent in the investigation and response to crime, so we have to instead rely on the Media.

    Maybe they can shake down a couple businesses for protection again. Or demand more funding and hire former gangbangers who then go on the take.

    The Chicago Police - The biggest gang in the city.

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    The guy is a pro. He walked up with a clipboard and vest. This is going to happen to more and more people unless the POLICE investigate this. They sound lazy to me. I would go back and demand they file a report and let them know you plan to take this to the media if they don't go their job and investigate this theft. I would be really surprised if the media didn't pick up this story.

  • I feel the same way. It was not some much the gym shoes that were stolen. It was the fact the personal information name, address, etc on the box and shipping information.. I don't know the intent for example identify theft.

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    Oh Sherman, I unfortunately know all to well how you feel about your personal information being out there in the hands of a criminal. I was actually (and am still dealing with) being a victim of idenity theft, and the reason why I don't understand why they wouldn't let you file a report is because I was able to file a police report with just a copy of my credit report and my ID! I received a few calls from debt collectors and ordered my credit reports and saw all this information on there that wasn't mine. That is all I needed to file my report. You actually have video evidence! You should not be told, "No."

  • grethomory Resident of Jefferson Park

    @GRD, you are so right. I have my FedEx packages for something that I really really want sent to my work address. I know it will get here with no drama involved.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    that's something i never thought about - the personal information part. thanks for the reminder on that

  • Thief poses as delivery man in South City robbery attempt
    By: Mike Aldax | 02/02/12 10:46 AM

    A knife-toting thief disguised as a delivery man forced his way into a South San Francisco home on Tuesday, but ended up losing a battle with the resident, police said.

    The victim told police the doorbell rang just after 10 a.m. in the 2200 block of Kenry Way. The suspect, described as a light-skinned man in his 20s, pretended to be making a delivery but then forced his way in when the victim opened the door, police said.

    The suspect whipped out a knife and demanded cash, but cut himself during a brief struggle and fled with nothing. The victim suffered minor injuries during the brawl.

    Police are searching for the violent burglar. He stood between 5-feet-8 and 5-feet-11, has a thin build, dark hair and was wearing a navy-colored baseball cap and black jacket and pants, police said.

  • Chicago Police issued an alert Wednesday about a group of men posing as construction contractors and robbing residences on the city's Far South Side.

    Police said two or three men show up to a home, and while one distracts the victim, the others search for property to take, mainly small things like jewelry and cash.

    The group targets senior citizens, police said. They gain entry by ringing a doorbell or knocking on a door of various residences and claiming false reasons for entry. They say they're new neighbors, utility employees, tree cutters or construction contractors needing to make immediate repairs inside the home.

    "They try to fill their pockets. These are not people who are walking out with TVs," said Detective Jonathon Harmening. "These are people who are leaving with your jewelry or targeting elderly that have a lot of cash on-hand."

    Teresa Lukowski of the Hegewisch neighborhood was targeted, but the thieves abruptly left her home for some reason without taking anything. She says a man walked into her house without permission last Wednesday.

    "I said 'what do you want?' and he said, 'I'm buying the house next door and want to put up a fence and I want to know where the lot-line is,'" said Lukowski. "He'd just talk, talk, talk. I couldn't stop him from talking."

    Seven incidents have been reported this year between Jan. 24 and April 18. Police said the group responsible is known as the Eastern European Travelers who believe it's OK to steal.

    Police are warning homeowners to be aware of offenders claiming to be from service companies who must enter residences.

    The offenders are described as white or white Hispanics between 30 and 50 years old with a “heavy build” and seen wearing dark-colored, construction-type clothing.

    Police asks anyone who notices a similar situation to contact police and alert neighbors. They advise residents to not allow unexpected service workers into them home and always request identification.

  • Cops warn of new delivery-driver robbery on Southwest Side

    (Tribune illustration )
    February 29, 2012|Staff report

    Following another robbery of a fast-food delivery driver on the Southwest Side, Chicago detectives are warning businesses in two police districts about people calling for deliveries using cell phones.

    The robbery Sunday about 6 p.m. in the 6800 block of South Campbell Avenue is at least the third in recent months within a block, according to a police alert issued today.

  • Happy making better choices

    Always call 911 if you are ever unsure. Better safe, if they arw real tney won't care and if yiu live alone never say so. You can alwaya say something about your partner or roomate then call a friend or relative to come over right away so randomly so they see the face and to think you are not alone. If you have elderly neighbors pop in so ppl know they arw checked on regularly.

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