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Added May 03 2011

Has anyone else been stopped by or reported this man? Drives a red miniman, wears a ski mask or hoodies with his face covered, blocks the road as I try to cross Foster or Damen, exposes and "plays" with himself. I've called the cops twice and contacted the Alderman, but would love to know if I'm being targeted or if there are others in the area who have been stopped as well. This morning was the 3rd time he's stopped me - I guess the police haven't run the plate number I provided yet...

  • jessland Albany Park resident, blogger, organizer

    That's insane. Maybe call the school on the corner there, and ask if they have heard about anything?

  • Art 5 years in AP

    Would it be possible to publish the license plate number on this site or does that violate some kind of privacy law? If you did make the license number known someone with access may publish the guys address. If he lives near a school and has a conviction for certain sexual offenses then the guy can be in really big trouble.

  • Art 5 years in AP

    And you never know, a sexual offense arrest may be looming in his near future.

  • A41 2012 or A21 2012. Illinois Plate.

  • Progress! A detective has been assigned to follow up! Hopefully this guy gets nabbed before it happens again (to me or anyone else).

  • gina_g Lincoln Square Resident

    Does he do this at the intersection of Damen and Foster? If so, there is a camera at that intersection. I live in this neighborhood and hope that I never experience this. I hope the police catch him soon.

  • BDub Friendly Neighborhood Neighbor

    People are sick in the head - and it is odd that he has gotten you three times in the same area and never been caught..

  • Jackie L Tajiri EdgeRoge Celtic Music Lover

    I hope I have my hedge cutters with me if I ever encounter this pervert ;-)

  • JoshT Parent, Neighbor, 2 flat owner/glorified janitor

    "I guess the police haven't run the plate number I provided yet..."

    Good luck.

  • To the woman who posted this: My name is Mark Schipper, a reporter at Inside Publications. I work the police beat in 20 and 24. I was turned on to this story by my publisher. I'm writing a story on it for next week. Please call me at your earliest convenience: 562-881-5550. My deadline is Monday. I've some information on the incidents and would like to hear your story. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Art 5 years in AP

    So was the story mentioned above written and published? If so, is there a link that would direct us to it?

  • Yes, written and published in last week's News-Star. I'll post it here if there aren't any space limitations, or I can email anyone who wants to read the copy I sent to the editor. The man's name is Efrain Alanis. He was caught last week by a Tactical Team from the 20th Police District.

  • Stalker shanghaied by Tac Team from the 20th
    Tac Team takes down frisky flasher
    End of the road for break of dawn degenerate

    By Mark Schipper

    A joint surveillance-sting operation executed by Chicago police detectives and a 20th District Tactical team crescendoed with the arrest of a sexual deviant in front of his home on May 7. The targeted surveillance operation zeroed in on a 42 year old man who authorities believed had exposed himself to several young girls and women over a period of at least four months in the area around Amundsen High School, 5110 N. Damen.

    The subsequent interrogation carried out on the sidewalk near the man’s home provided enough evidence to charge him on nine counts of sexual misconduct. Included in the package of charges are two felonies for stalking, and seven misdemeanors for lewd and indecent acts performed in public. The suspect, Efrain Alanis, of Chicago, is in the system with a prior criminal record for misdemeanor violations of the same ilk.

    Sometime last week the strike tactical team received a directive from the Area 3 Special Victim’s Unit to monitor a house listed as Alanis’s on the 2400 block of W. North Shore. The suspect, they said, was wanted in connection with a series of crimes of a sexual nature directed against women and young girls.

    A surveillance site was established there the morning of Saturday, May 7. Alanis was detained by tactical operatives around 4:30 in the afternoon after arriving home in the dark-red, 1997 Dodge mini-van with license plates matching those described in multiple victims’ reports.

    “They most definitely got the right guy,” said one victim, 26 and pregnant, who’d made the suspect, his actions, and his license plate number a public issue by posting her story on a local neighborhood news website.

    “The detectives contacted me right after I made my post. She did a fantastic job, very aggressive – made me feel a lot better. They took the bull by the horns. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

    Alanis had managed to put himself in front of this particular woman three times since January, always at the intersection of W. Foster and N. Damen, as she made her way to work very early in the morning, between 5:30 and 6 a.m. Alanis was always in the same van with either a ski-mask pulled over his head, or a hooded sweatshirt cinched tightly around his face. He would drive his car into the crosswalk and block her path with the window rolled down. Inside the car his pants were down and genitals out, and he would be playing with himself for the woman to see.

    “For me it was just shocking, then, I worried about it,” she said. “I wondered if he knew my routine. He never got out of the car, and he would drive off when I held my phone up as if I was going to dial the police.”

    She changed her morning route, which was destined for either a carpool or the El, and from there, on to work. If her husband was not available to drive her, she walked a different way. But several times when she strayed back to her old routine, the man was there in his van laying to expose himself.

    The police department detective’s investigation revealed that the perpetrator worked two jobs, one at night, and a second in the morning. He seemed to target his prey in the block of time between leaving one place and heading-off to the other.

    “Unfortunately, that seems to be the big city,” she lamented, “there are a higher concentration of crazies. I was concerned about my ability to protect myself. That’s why I made it a neighborhood issue. It’s about being willing to come forward and say something.”

    The police department has at least four reports on file with descriptions matching the type of encounters Alanis seemed to prefer dating back to January of this year. Three of the reports were filed by minor aged, female students at Amundsen. All of the exposures occurred in the early morning, with the earliest coming at 5:30 a.m. and the latest at 7:45, just before school began. The primary victim listed in the case is an underage girl.

    Each girl reported separately what is in essence, if not in actuality, the same story. They were followed or blocked by the red mini-van while walking along the sidewalk on their way to school. When they stopped, the van door would swing open and Alanis was inside masturbating. Once he was certain the girls had looked at him, he sprung back to the drivers seat and sped from the scene.

    A trial date for Alanis has not been decided on, and, according to one victim there may be a preliminary probable cause hearing to carry-out before hand.

    “We don’t know the court date yet,” the pregnant, relieved victim stated, “but I can’t wait to testify at the trial. Oh yeah, you better believe I’ll be there.”

  • JoshT Parent, Neighbor, 2 flat owner/glorified janitor

    Well, that's good news ! Kudos to the CPD and to those who got the plate number.

    Good Guys: 1
    Sickos : 0

  • gina_g Lincoln Square Resident

    Thanks to everyone for following up with this. Melissa, thanks for bringing this to the community's attention. This creep might have gotten away with this longer if you hadn't spoken up.

  • Christine Fischer 30 something couple in Jeff Park

    My Sis in law owns a business on this stretch of Damen, I'm so happy this perv is off the street for now. Great job!

  • Amanda Rogers Park resident

    Thanks to Melissa and everyone who worked together to get this creep off our streets. If we all have the courage to stand up for a safe neighborhood we'll all be in a better place.

  • For those who don't understand the depth of fetishes let me explain: I hate to say it, but this is a humiliation fantasy he is carrying out. The more he is verbally humiliated in court and on this website, without her even realizing in her understandable anger, the more he is enjoying it. Notice how he left only after the victim looked him in the face, acknowledging him. Tread carefully. The best thing you can do in these cases is NEVER look at them directly, never act shocked and they will go away. They target young girls because they are more likely to be shocked. The rush and completion for this act comes from being humiliated. He is a repeat offender and will likely repeat again. What a scary situation, glad she spoke up because he could target even younger girls.

  • Granny 30 year resident

    Kudos to the Bomanville/Ravenswood Neighbors for coming together to make their neighborhood a safer place

  • Good work folks. I think this is fascinating, but as someone who has been victimized by flashers, it is satisfying to know you all did something.

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