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Added May 02 2012

Maybe they realize 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 does not work.. I wonder what this shift will mean for upcoming Bronzeville Projects, whoops! developments! ;)

  • Nikon shooter Bronzeville Resident

    It means that they will be exclusively PROJECTS!!!!! I said as much a few months ago on this very forum. These guys cannot be trusted and this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • GCF Resident in the Kenwood area since 2006

    “I can safely say that instead of having a blanket a third, a third, a third concept in place for all the transformation communities, we will decide what the income mix needs to be community by community, and sometimes building by building,” CHA CEO Charles Woodyard said at a meeting

    So that means they make up the rules as they go along!

  • You know this really makes me angry. Didn't we sit through a speech at the ward meeting on 04/16 where we were told that a lawsuit was filed and the end result was that silly 1/3 proposition and nothing could be done about it?

    But if I'm reading this article correctly, near UIC this rule is thrown out and the mix is determined building by building?

    If this is the case I want a voice in any Bronzeville property and the percentage of CHA, low income and market renters allowed at each propery......and I don't want the sneaky counting of college kids as low income renters.

  • Nikon shooter Bronzeville Resident

    I agree T.W. but unfortunately the most likely reconfig will be to weigh more heavily on the CHA side of things. The CHA CEO is only repeating the arguement we had against building these in the first place. No market rate renter/buyer in their right minds will go into this arrangement without being tricked into it. Not even students will be trusting enough to live in this experiment.

    So we are left with a highly unstable policy manned by policymakers who will eventually stop answering the phone when all hell breaks loose. What a clumsy stunt to suddenly invent the flexibility to renege on housing composition when suits them or sits remotely near affluent area's (Old Town/Near North,Gold Coast). This is such a dishonest way to further provide a now legal do-over to reduce low income and affordable portions down to nothing when you fear middle class outrage.

    I will be willing to bet our planned housing will be heavily loaded the opposite way (all low income). If it's not, I would be happy to stand corrected:)

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