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Added May 01 2012

I was alerted by a neighbor this morning that thieves are stealing fences from homes in the 7800 block of South Luella. 3 home have had either the gates or whole sections of fencing stolen, usually from the alley.
According to one homeowner a pickup truck normally seen collecting scrap metal was seen in the area where one of the gates was stolen.
Although police reports have been filed residents should stay alert.

  • Inactive user

    This is happening all over Chicago and unfortunately its hard to keep an eye on your fence or mailbox. Not long ago, gutters were taken right off of homes in Beverly in the middle of the night! :-/ The most a person can do besides filing a report is to knock on the doors of scrap metal plants and yards demanding that they do NOT ACCEPT these dropoffs....mail box covers, screen doors, fencing, gutters. A reputable company will not accept these items if they know there has been a wave of theft of these items.

  • If we keep watch sooner or later the culprits will come to light.


    When will it end. You just can't have anything without some damn azz get to have it too. I'm so mad. I wish I could go underground and live then I get some peace.

  • Inactive user

    Here are two links I hope you can find useful.

    Scrap Theft Alert:

    The scrap recycling industry is working to be a part of the solution to material theft. is a tool for law enforcement that allows you to alert the scrap industry of significant thefts of materials in the United States and Canada. Upon validation and review, alerts you post are broadcast by email to all subscribed users within a 100 mile radius of where the incident occurred.

    Litchfield County Times:

    My employer is named quite positively in this article and although this particular story is in Connecticut, it does lay out how scrap metal is supposed to be received. If your area scrap yard is not adhering to these guidelines, then you need to be reporting the yard to the police as well.

    I work for a very large global scrap corporation and we do NOT take stolen merchandise. We did not get 85 countries big and counting by being dishonest to our vendors, neighbors and community. My mortgage depends on metal but my concious depends on doing what's right.

    Hope this information can help someone.

  • Thanks for this valuable information,and for those stealing these items I would like to refer them to the "Ten Commandments, Thou shalt not steal." Amen!!!

  • Ron Ham 7549 Saginaw, 1950-72

    I continue to be amazed at the huge cost that results form this vandalism. Think about this... copper plumbing taken out of vacant homes??... get $.30 per pound and cost $ 1000+ to replace?
    Amazingly stupid...
    I had main electric panel replaced last week....took to scrap yard...80 lbs painted steel, 18 circuit breakers, got $3.65....
    ...what can fencing possibly be worth....
    Maybe they don't even sell this stuff, just keeping busy..

  • I guess it's not the potential value of what's stolen, it must be the thrill, because the effort put into the theft plus the value of the items stolen from the theft is far less that the pay out,( 1 + 2 = -3), way less.Common sense isn't common and neither is math for these thieves. An education is a terrible thing to waste!
    You are correct, it's probably an excercise in futility just to keep busy or to keep in shape or maybe to show that they are smarter than the average bear. But we all know that ain't so....!!! Yogi and Smokey Bear would say " We'll I Never ".......... Amen.

  • Inactive user

    For those of us with employment; that little bit of change we leave in the car cupholder its money for coffee or a handout to a window beggard; but for someone who has nothing for whatever the reason may be a meal for them. Let's not get too hasty in our judgment for one day it could be one of us begging for bread. Let's just stick to the issue of theft and not the assumed reasons behind it, you may uncover its your own kids and loved ones stealing in someone else's yard. Just a thought.

  • There is never a reason for one to to steal from another, never. Times are hard for us all even those employed who find it hard to make ends meet for what ever reasons.The bible says ": Thou shall not steal" and I belive the bible and all within it.
    I pray for all mankind even thieves , but stealing is wrong for any reason at all because it deprives another of their property. It's wrong and the person who commits this offence has committed a crime against the community and mankind and the reason(s) why does not matter. Yes, forgive your brothers and sisters, children and loved ones but also show them the errors of their ways.

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