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Added Mar 30 2012

If you've been reading the news lately, you've probably heard something about tonight's jackpot drawing that has got a lot of folks dreaming big.

So I thought it would be fun to ask how you would give back to your neighborhood if you were the lucky winner?

  • Parking is very congested, so I would move to the suburbs to make another space available to neighbors.

  • Joycey North Center Resident 8+ ys.

    I would repave all the streets during the night time only with super quiet equipment, hire 24 hour security, new school and find a way to get rid of parking meters.

  • Matthew John Owner of the Glass Art & Decorative Studio

    I would finish the Cancer Mural I started & give the $$`s to local needs
    I would put some people to work
    I`d like to re-negotiate the deal with LAZ parking

  • Dan S. Lifelong Chicagoan. Albany Park resident. Father.

    I would quit my job and open an amazing organic grocery store on Damen somewhere near the Damen Brown Line stop. I would run it as a coop, but front all of the startup costs out of my winnings.

  • Dog Parks!

  • I would purchase the land on W Lawrence that used to be the lumberyard and open a HUGE no-kill animal shelter and free pet care clinic for those who need it. Oh, and I'd add a Starbucks and a brunch place on Lawrence and hire the soon to be unemployed Charlie Trotter to make $8 plates. I'm so awesome in my mind right now.

  • Ashley More peanut butter please

    I'd build a community greenhouse and a community pottery kiln and wheels. And a neighborhood fort for us all to chill in and make things. Then I'd buy a lot and set up a year round market for us to sell and barter our goods! Oh yeah, I'd also hire someone to teach me to use the pottery wheel!

  • Nada cause I would move out of this city

  • I would pay of the debts of St. Benedict Parish and build a fancy new gym building for the elementary school. And I would name it after Mike Ditka. Then I would buy everyone in Windy City Inn a drink. Then I would buy out the parking meters for a week--no, two weeks--but only in the 47th Ward. Then I would pay the Park District to rename Welles Park after Chester Nimitz. Then I would take the rest of the money and blow it Vegas.

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    John Beresford Tipton could tell you a thing or two about that:

    I've been waiting for decades for his executive secretary, Michael Anthony, to get in touch with me.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Food pantrys. Lots of people are hurting.

  • Absolutely Nothing this community doesn't deserve my money!

  • I'd seriously think about moving into the 33rd Ward to run against Dick Mell in the next election.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Why run against him? Just give him a huge bag of cash and tell him to go away, then be the only one on the ballot.

  • What I would do?
    I responded to an Everyblock request for carpentry help at a place where a lady uses a small space in another lady store to help dogs from certain death and find them homes. In the short time there I have been reduced to tears to hear how so much money is given out to those in charge to care for these dogs who let them sit locked up untill put to death and reject this lady and others who want to help these dogs afraid to loose their $$$$- Now the lady is loosing her home to a forclosure because the financial deal she made thru the bank was cancelled wrongly because they say she didnt do some paperwork that didnt make sence- The $1100 rent her only renter paid stopped when the bank sent the tennant the forclose notice- This lady needs to be able to continue the needed work for these precious dogs and not have to be worried about loosing her home and displacing her and the 7 dogs she rescued and cares for. I have replied to other entries, usually to complain or vent, but now I have a broken heart for this lady who has so much to give and beaten down for no fault of her own- I would pay off her house, expand it so she could move out of the store she shares with another and put money into a project thats allready collecting money and not using it to really help any dogs, only line their pockets-
    Gene from Uptown

  • Amanda is never leaving Ravenswood

    Apparently one of our neighbors did win some money: "The $1 million ticket was sold at the 7-Eleven at 1750 West Foster Avenue in Chicago."


  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    Arrr.... I'd be sailin' da south seas.... an thinkin'
    about you all - every day ; )

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    $1 million isn't too shabby. Good for them. Thanks for the update, Amanda!

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