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Added Mar 28 2012

Hi Everyone, not sure if any of you have seen this. I couldn't find any posts so I hope this is new to everyone. Neighbor, Steve Jensen, was recently featured in an article on about his efforts of keeping the 32nd Ward clean and well-maintained... please read!

  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    What a guy...

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    I wish we had someone with that energy in my part of the 32nd Ward! This is terrific. I try to clean up my own street but just don't have the time to go all around the neighborhood like Steve does. Too bad we can't use SSA funds or in some other way support what he does and pay him ... oh wait, we have city workers who are SUPPOSED to be doing that ... maybe they'd get upset that a non-union but more effective worker does this stuff?

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    is your area in need of my skills?
    I'm up by you all the time...

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    Hi Steve,

    I think the ENTIRE CITY can use your skills ... better yet, it would be nice if everyone did just a little of what you do ... we'd all be better off.

    If you are ever around here - please feel free to come up here anytime (esp around DePaul and Lincoln Ave). Thanks for the offer! You are a great asset to any neighborhood.

  • Allison 60647

    I LOVE this. Any idea if anyone is doing something like this in the 30th ward?

  • Alisa DNAinfoCHI Wicker Park/Bucktown/WestTown reporter

    Steve, scientists just need to clone you.

  • @WendiChicago Interested in local news

    Thank you, Steve, for doing what Kaufmann accurately describes as a thankless job. RANCH Triangle does their regular park clean-up for "Chicago Clean and Green Day" April 21, and we do our best to keep Maud clean, but the trash just seems to multiply. Sheffield between Armitage and Willow is especially disgusting. The US Beer Co. is a big offender, and the "door hanger" advertisers are bad, too.

  • Caty Sweeterville resident

    Thanks, Steve!

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