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Added Mar 27 2014

Does anyone who's been in the neighborhood a long time remember Pier 1 being in Six Corners? This is going back probably 25 years. I was a kid but remember them having a store on the east side of Cicero just North of Irving in the Six Corners Plaza. CW Price takes up most of the block now but back then there was a video store (Movies to Go and then Blockbuster I think), a Supercuts, and a couple other stores. My parents don't remember a Pier 1 ever being there. Does anyone else remember this or am I just dreaming?

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    Pier One was definitely there. I worked at Six Corners 1990-92 and would shop there at lunch. Still have some necklaces from those trips. My husband worked at the Illinois Masonic Family Health Clinic in the same strip of storefronts.

  • Mark Z Jr. Pensacola Lifer/Personal Trainer/Coach

    Thanks Anna! I actually finally found some proof after I made this post. It's a pretty interesting Tribune article about Six Corners from 1993 and how it was in the top 5 shopping districts in the city. Boy how things changed after that article!
    Here's the link:

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Wow, I don't recall any Pier 1 and I don't recall most of the stores listed in that article.

  • Yes. I remember Pier 1 being there. Not sure if it was at the same time, but there was also a clothing store called Sogo in that plaza, I think it was on Cicero where part of CW Price is now.

  • pattymelt is mostly in charge

    Yes, I remember the Pier 1. There was also a cool clothing store called Sogo where I got some funky fashions for my teenaged self, I think it was next door to the Pier 1.

  • arnie

    Nothing like those wooden bird cages.

  • Portage Porker 25 Year Portage Park Resident

    There was also a film processing store in that building.

  • Deb R 60641 resident 40 + yrs.

    Yes, I remember all those places. Does anyone remember Kee Dept. store? I think that's the correct name.

  • Hey, I still have one of those wooden bird cages! I have a plant in it. It will be an antique soon:)

  • Never heard of an antique plant.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I remember Klee . I guess I never went to that part of 6 corners in the 90s because I dont remember any of those stores.

  • I remember the news stand where the motorcycle cop went after all the illegal left turners.

  • Victrola

    Sure. I still have a scarf that I bought there in high school.

  • There was a Gap and a sporting goods store where Walgreens is on Cicero, a Hallmark store, Fannie May, Crown Books, and Linen & Things on Irving.

  • pattymelt is mostly in charge

    @cassie: The sporting goods store was Herman's. Also, I am getting deja vu, we have already hashed this out on an old thread somewhere.

  • arnie

    I bet Deja Vu was a store somewhere.

  • deja vu giving me deja vu flashbacks, make them stop.

  • pattymelt is mostly in charge

    About Herman's World of Sporting Goods:

  • when I hear herman, this is the image that pops in my head:

  • evam eva s, jpna member

    Just to make a minor correction, Pier 1 was south of Irving.

  • arnie

    I preferred Pier 4.

  • No pier pressure here

  • I would love to see stores such as Pier 1, Gap, or World Market open in the area. Reminds me of a downtown Evanston kind of feel. All we would need is a Dixie Kitchen...

  • arnie

    Agreed that those would do well around here. Is the Gap at Milwaukee and Diversey an outlet or a regular one? World Market and Dixie Kitchen would have price points that wouldn't be too expensive for the demographic. Places like The North Face and Godiva wouldn't do well here.

  • World Market is awesome. I wouldn't mind The Gap either. haha

  • Loulu Me

    Gap outlet is at Diversey and Milwaukee.

  • Loulu Me

    There was also a Woolworth at six corners.

  • The Pier One was there until around 1996. That was when we bought our first home on Grace St. Does anyone remember the Quiznos Subs that was there at one time?

  • arnie

    I remember Quiznos. There was one by the Jeff Park Terminal too.

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