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Added Mar 27 2014

Did anyone know about President Carter's visit to the Swedish Museum ahead of time? If so, where did you read/hear it? I'm curious because I read the news religiously and today have perused the Trib, WGN, ABC, CBS, FOX, Everyblock, Edgeville Buzz, Uptown Update, DNAinfo etc and have seen no mention of his visit. The only place I saw anything was NBC, which isn't a site I normally go to.

I'm just curious if notice was given that I missed or, if not, why there was no notice. I came home to about 200 people swarming my apartment and the cops blocking my driveway so I couldn't even park in my own spot. I'm not complaining per se, as I understand they need to protect the guy, but it would have been nice to know there would be a zillion people here when I returned from a long day at work or that I may have to look for street parking in the pouring rain.

What gives?

  • RavensMaven 5000 Ravenswood Neighbors

    He's a President. You're MD60640. I mean, no offense.

  • MD60640

    Generally, if you have to say "no offense", you're making an offensive comment. And you're quite aware of that.

    I'm not sure the point of your post since it didn't answer my question; all it did was insult me, which was completely unnecessary.

  • Kaleb B Crafty and Queer

    I follow women and children first book store on Facebook and it was them that hosted the event tonight they often used the museum for bigger events.

  • MD60640

    Aha! You know, I'm not on Facebook and it didn't even dawn on me that site could have been the distributor of news. But yes, makes sense. I was wondering how all those people circled around the block got wind out it but I didn't. I'm like insane about the news so was baffled! Thanks, Kaleb!

  • I saw this in a number of places. I know the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce mentioned it on their Facebook page a few times. I saw at least one mention of it here on Everyblock, and I think that was the Edgeville Buzz. I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in the WANT newsletter that was distributed earlier this month.

  • MD60640

    I don't know of this newsletter, will need to check it out so I can be apprised of happenings. Thanks!

  • MJB ASNA member

    It was in the Andersonville chamber newsletter a week or so ago.

  • RavensMaven 5000 Ravenswood Neighbors

    Apologies, MD. I really did not mean to offend you. I thought your question was, "What gives?" as in, why all the commotion. My response was that he's a President, so he got the special treatment -- when you didn't. Bad effort at humor, I guess. I'm sorry it was taken as an insult.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    The event, from, was well publicized

  • MD60640

    I was surprised by the commotion, but understand it and certainly don't expect any kind of special treatment. I was really just curious where everyone found out so that next time something like this is going on, I will be prepared. In this case, as one example, had I known I couldn't park out back I would have taken my umbrella with me (normally I leave it at home since I park 3' from my back door).

    I removed your unfriendly label. That was very nice and civil and adult of you to clarify. Have a good night, Raven.

  • Nick-G Lakewood-Balmoral since the Millennium

    I saw it on Uptown Update's Facebook page, DNAinfo and Edgeville Buzz.

  • Corwin in Bowmanville local layabout

    I had heard about it on the radio a week or more ago. WGN maybe?

  • Walk-About Hello, again...

    RavensMaven: Don't be so hard on yourself. I got your "attempt" at humor --- and besides, this NEWS was freakin' everywhere!

  • MD60640

    It wasn't "everywhere", otherwise I would have seen it. I asked a simple question, one that didn't deserve judgment, and don't really get the snide remark.

    You know, when I was about 3, I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't say anything at all. I'm not sure why you feel the need to try and make me feel bad or dumb or whatever your message here is, but it only reflects on you.

    And now...Unsubscribe.

  • Edgewater Nora Agrees with Pink. Founder, Arka Pana Consulting.

    EdgevilleBuzz wrote a story about it a month ago: and posted on facebook 3x since then. DNAInfo's story was 2 days ago, WBEZ covered it yesterday, both the Swedish American Museum and Women and Children First posted about it on facebook multiple times, as did the Aville Chamber of Commerce.

  • John M. Holden John Holden, 20+year Uptown resident

    It was being promoted through a variety of channels weeks ago, but it was probably Carter's appearance on WBEZ yesterday afternoon that added to the huge turnout. Also Carter has been on a major media tour and was on Meet the Press, Letterman, and numerous other outlets in the past week. Regardless of what you thought of him as president, he is clearly an energizer bunny at 90 fighting for what he thinks is right.

  • I learned about the signing through Windy City Times. We got there around 6pm and I was shocked to see how long the line was I was sure there was no point in waiting, but by 7 I was leaving with my signed book in hand. Mr. Carter signs 16 books a minute! There was no lingering, no shaking his hand, no pictures, no personalization. With the line moving so quickly it couldn't have been inconvenient for too long. Yea?

  • John M. Holden John Holden, 20+year Uptown resident

    Yes, it was a bit of a cattle call. But Carter probably learned how to get a lot of people in and out through working on food lines in the developing world. ;-)

  • Walk-About Hello, again...

    MD60640-- Why are you so quick to take offense? You seem to take issue with others when it isn't really necessary. Lighten-up a little, and have a good day...seriously.

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