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Added Mar 24 2012

I live at Seeley and School street and have a son in the Army . We fly the American flag and Mia Pow flag in our front yard. Thursday night someone cut the flags down. Do people have no respect for other peoples property? How sad.

  • so very sorry to hear this. Please know that it is isolated and that 99.9% of us are thankful for your family.

  • NinaB 23-year Roscoe Village/North Center resident

    How pathetic. I hate to think a fellow neighbor would commit such an unpatriotic act.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    OUTRAGEOUS.....Our MEN are over there fighting for freedom and these low-lifes have nothing better to back is a -----! They will see me....time to get cameras!

  • I am with Jacque and NinaB. I have nothing but admiration for our men and women who protect our country. Please know that it is a very few who do things like that. Not that this is the same, but the other day my husband, four year old and my 8 month pregnant self were driving down Addison when a teenage boy decided to throw his soft drink at our windhshield. We couldn't see a thing and I was so disappointed that someone would do something like that.
    God Bless you and your family. :)

  • H Brown - I am a journalist in Chicago, and a contributor to many national media outlets. I would like to get more details about what occurred at your property. It would be great to hear from you, please contact me at

  • Thank you all for your support. Flying the flag is important to my family. My father-in-law is a WWII vet and live next door to me. He will be crushed when he finds this out. (He is on vacation). I know that it is an isolated incident but it just is not right. And Pinecone, I will email you.

  • I'd like to thank your son for serving our country. I hope he returns safe and sound. I have not heard of this happening before. It certainly is not the norm and I hope you don't have a recurrence. I also hope they catch whoever did it.

  • Mama B NW side lifer

    I am sorry this happened to you, and am in 100% agreement with everyone else here, but were the flags being flown at night without being illuminated? There are some flag flying purists that take great offense if the flags aren't flown in accordance with guidelines, and may have seen your night flag flying as disrespectful. BUT that doesn't give them the right to steal your flags.

  • Mama B, Yes the flags were illuminated. My father-in-law is a stickler for protocol.

  • gerigirl- "our MEN"? Really? Is this the 1950s? I think you forgot about the quarter of a million people WITHOUT penises that currently serve.
    It is a shame that someone would commit such a crime against a display of support for our troops. It is also a shame that gregirl is oblivious to those that don't fit her stereotype of soldier.

  • Thanks to your son for his service. And don't dwell on who did this, could have been senseless young people, gangbangers, anybody. The rest of us appreciate your son and your family, whether you have flags or no flags.

  • Jill W. Inter-American Magnet School advocate

    Hear, hear. Thank you to you and your son for your collective commitment to serving this nation. My dear friend just moved from a couple blocks south of you to Minnesota.

  • MarAng Uptown

    @H BROWN I am so sorry this happened to your family. Your son's service is appreciated beyond words.

  • Inactive user

    No matter how the flags are flown its no one's business. Its anti-american to cut down an american flag or any flag especoally on someone else's property. And they no doubt came out during the night to do it. It could be someone who lost a son in the war and hate's America or some young punks that stroll around after midnight destroying other people's property. I know you are proud of your son and let's pray he returns home safe.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    wish I would have seen them attempt it.

  • Thank you all again. My son is stateside right now but has done 1 tour in Iraq and 1 in Astan. I also have my younger son who was in the army also and is a purple heart recipient. It is important to my family to show support for my boys and all the other men and women serving. This will not stop us. The flags will be flown again.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    give your sons our love and heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

  • Allison 60647

    "This will not stop us. The flags will be flown again".

    Keep representing the invisible casualties of war for all of those gone and forgotten. Good thoughts to your family.

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    I totally get how you can feel violated that someone would come onto your property and and cut the flags down. That is enough to make anyone feel violated or disrespected. An equally important question that has even larger ramifications--do people not respect our country, our Veterans and the price they paid for freedom?

  • HBrown - this is disturbing that someone not only has no regard for the property of others but who also has no respect for the flag and all it represents. I hope this was an isolated incident and your flags will fly again proudly (and safely).

  • Of all the sad things in the world, you comment on some kids stealing a flag. Count your blessings. You could be living in Syria now. Or be unemployed, or have no health insurance. Your kids could be going to be hungry or not have access to an education.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    .045 of the entire population is without health care.15 million out of 330 million.of those 15 million,4 million have been given waivers to affordable health care.So 11 million people have no health insurance,but none are denied treatment at the hospital.

    I don't live in Syria,I live in America. I was born here,I like it here.I am glad most are upset with some idiots entered someone elses property which is called trespassing,and vandalized their home.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    Her Family is and has served our Country......asking for a little respect, and too not touch the things on her property is completely justified.......and who said it was kids???

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Lee is the only one to make the assumption this crime was perpetrated by kids.

  • I guess you got me there, it was probably some rich guy from Lake Shore Dr. That doesn't change what's sad in this world.

  • NinaB 23-year Roscoe Village/North Center resident

    Last I checked, lee, we DO live in America and I really don't care what age the criminals were who tresspassed and stole property. If you don't like this topic of conversation, just find the thread that interests you and leave those of us who do care about our flags and personal property alone.

  • Nina, I see you approve of a free exchange of ideas.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    Everyone, for the most part agrees with free exchange of ideas on EB...and we show it with COMPASSION!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    So Lee,why is it that first you thought it was kids,now you changed your mind and say its a rich guy from Lake Shore drive? What is it you really want to say here?That we are all petty because we are concerned about some morons who don't have the right to enter someone's property and take down flags against the property owners wishes? That the people here are for the community in which they live?This is called Every Block,therefore posts about what happen in the hood are common here.This is not about country or global issues.

  • Everyone, Lee especially. I live in America for a reason. Why don't you go off to Syria if you feel so much for them. My sons have fought for this country, one has been wounded for this country and if I want to fly the flag I do it with great respect. The fact that ANYONE would cut the flag down makes me ill. Lee, please don't post on this thread anymore. I feel that you are not respecting my sons and that I cannot tolerate. They have done too much to be disrespected by anyone. To the rest of you -THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    God Bless our Troops and the American Flag......Were behind you ....H BROWN......110%!

  • Alaina 10+ years in 47th Ward

    @H Brown
    So sorry to hear about the vandalism, and thank you so much for your family's service.

    I hate to indulge in a digression but your numbers are wrong. As of the 2011 national report, at least 16.3% of Americans have no healthcare coverage.

    That's 49.9 million Americans per the last census, not 15 million. Just fact-checkin'! :)

  • To ask someone not to post a contrary opinion on this or an any board is asking for censorship. Something the volunteers of our brave armed forces fight against. Do you really only want one side of an issue?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Lee,so you are in favor of trespassing and vandalism?Alaina,start a post about health care,I will put up Dennis Kucinich remarks yesterday about the 15 million.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    This is AMERICA......You vandalize our FLAG...... Then there is no other side of the issue......enough said!

  • Alaina 10+ years in 47th Ward


    Kucinich's website says that once the Affordable Health Care Act takes full effect in 2014, there would still be 15 million people uninsured, not that there are only 15 million people uninsured right now. There are 50 million uninsured right now.

    My intent in posting was not to change the subject of this thread or start an irrelevant argument about health care elsewhere on Everyblock, but to correct the misinformation that you posted.

    My apologies to H Brown and family, and my thoughts are with you.

  • This is Dave right across the street. I noticed the flags gone a few days ago and found it odd, but I thought that perhaps you took them down because of the wind, or were replacing them, etc. Then I saw your post yesterday. It outrages and angers and saddens me on so many levels; as a neighbor, as an American, as a human being. I'm pretty sure we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum (just recalling the respective candidate signs in front of our houses in '08), but THAT JUST DOESNT MATTER AT ALL. Our thoughts are with you guys, your Dad in particular. I hope to look out my window and see those flags proudly flying very soon. Thanks to all of you for your service. God bless America.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Alaina start another thread.this is about H Brown and the vandalism that occurred.Explain everything there,this isn't about health care and it isn't about us.

  • Allison 60647

    This particular poster just seems to want a reaction as his posts are not well-thought arguments of substance or even passionate appeals. H Brown has asked politely for him to scram and he hasn't. If he's bothersome you can report him. Perhaps there is a troll rehabilitation program in Syria with some openings.

  • Well though out or not, everyone in the community is entitled to post their opinions. You never see me telling people not to post. It seems there are a number of people who only want this tread to reflect their opinions. That is how free expression works.

  • Lee, you are probably right, but as we are all entitled to our posts and opinions, that is mine .

  • Dave in the Village-The signs are my Dad's lol. My husband and I don't always agree with him either but he is Dad. Thank you for your post. The flags will fly again!!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    H Brown,I would like to apologize for being part of this get off track earlier

  • Gene, No need!

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