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Added Mar 23 2011

Anyone not frustrated by the lack of parking in Rogers Park? Would you say that the popluation density is the #1 issue concerning the RP parking problem?

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Honestly, anyone moving to or living in Rogers Park has to know that parking here sucks. So I don't think it makes much sense to complain about it. I dumped my car almost two years ago and happily get around the city on the CTA. Maybe once a month I rent an I-Go car. There are two locations with five cars within two blocks of my house. I'm saving thousands of dollars a year in car payments, maintenance and gas.

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    Kevin, There are a great many who live in Rogers Park who work or care for their families outside of the realm of public transportation on a daily basis. There are also thousands who drive to our neighborhood on a daily basis as well.

    While the CTA is a viable option for some, it does not satisfy the needs of all. Two I-Go locations within five blocks of your house also does not constitute a greater good transportation solution for our ever increasing population.

    What would you consider the #1 cause of our parking problem?

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Bill, let me restate my basic premise: If you or anyone else moved to Rogers Park expecting parking to be a breeze, then you need to reset your expectations.
    The No. 1 cause of our parking problem? It's the fact that this neighborhood was developed as a densely populated destination for immigrants in the early 20th Century. And that's not necessarily a problem. It fit the need at the time. Certainly developers didn't anticipate the explosion of automobile use. And why should they have? There was a convenient public transit line running right through the neighborhood.
    Meanwhile there are many creative solutions to the parking problem, such as what the Rogers Park Business Alliance has done to secure parking for Morse Avenue businesses at Morse and Ashland.
    Why don't you answer your own question? What's the No. 1 cause of the parking problem? And what's your proposed solution? You've heard mine.

  • Randy Burgess Web Developer, 15-year Chicago Resident

    "If you or anyone else moved to Rogers Park expecting parking to be a breeze, then you need to reset your expectations."


    It's like people moving into Wrigleyville since 1920 complaining about Cubs games crowds. Choose a different hood if you want specific amenities.

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    This isn't a controversial topic. It is a fact that parking in Rogers Park is a major issue and can be very frustrating to it's residents and visitors alike.

    I have invited my friends and family to my home in the past and due to their bad experiences with parking, they are hesitant to visit Rogers Park.

    This effects the residents and businesses of Rogers Park as well as the 49th Ward voters.

    I pose the questions regarding our parking problem because I think that there may be a better solution that has not yet been considered.

    I am for bettering our community in any way that I can. Addressing the issue of parking is not only relevant, but long, long overdue.

  • It's all about management. If you need an example, look at the street any morning/evening on Howard Street from Clark to the Howard red line station. It's taxi cab central. It was a hassle to find overnight parking. Since my move to Edgewater it's a repeat of the same thing on Granville from Broadway to Sheridan, not to mention the trash that seems to find it's way from the cabs to overflowing trash cans every night. Overnight street commercial parking should be illegal everywhere in the city.

  • Oh, and the irony of the pic that was post with one of the vehicles being....wait for it....a taxi wasn't lost on

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Once again Bill, what is your solution? Aren't you the president of the fabulous "Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce"? What are you doing to help businesses? I already mentioned what the Rogers Park Business Alliance is doing.

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    I am searching for input on the parking situation so I can make a well informed suggestion to the major parking issue in our community.

    I feel that in the best interest of Rogers Park and the 49th Ward, we need to re-assess the parking situation and open the discussion to the residents who are currently suffering these conditions.

    Putting aside the special interests of the I-Go company, the C.T.A., the parking ticket revenue etc... How about a real permanent solution to satisfy the agitated commuters.

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Please do let us all know when you've developed the solution Bill.

  • As a several-year-resident of the neighborhood, I came in with appropriate expectations of parking and haven't been disappointed or surprised. I split my time between commuting via CTA bus AND rail and driving to the loop each day, during traditional rush hours, and I live on a significant East-West route in the ward, so I think I have a pretty good experience level.

    I also haven't experienced any issues with family and friends avoiding me on account of the parking situation--those who drive to the neighborhood (choosing not to utilize the OUTSTANDING public transportation options available to us in the Eastern part of the 'hood) are familiar with the perils of any city, street parking in OUR city, and--I think--might even appreciate how much *less* of a struggle we face compared to other neighborhoods.

    Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin is supposed to have said, on seeing a crowd marching through Paris, "There go my people. I must find out where they're going so I can lead them."

    So, Bill, perhaps you could offer guidance to us in a direction, and we could weigh in on such a proposal. I assure you it would be better received than your open-ended question above.

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    Thank you for your suggestions. Your assistance is appreciated as I am currently contemplating this issue.

  • I think the critical flaw in your interest of the topic is to suggest there's an inherent and solvable "problem" with the parking in our ward. At least as far as this small sample in-thread is concerned, the better question might be "Do the parking challenges some residents and visitors experience in our neighborhood indicate a definable problem, or are they representative of challenges experienced throughout this (and many other) cit(y/ies)?

    In that case--which I believe to be the proper one--you're seeking the answer to a larger urban planning issue (I'd direct you to the Congress for the New Urbanism for exhaustive information on the topic) rather than a ward-centric, neighborhood gripe issue.

  • Kevin O'Neil Long-time Rogers Park resident and activist

    Totally agree Tom. That was my point from the beginning.

  • Joseph Randol 4 years in RoPa. Sullivan LSC Representative.

    I have lived in two different parts of Rogers Park since moving here a year ago, and with the exception of road re-pavement and the blizzard, I've never had to park more than a block away from either of my buildings. Visiting friends from other Chicago neighborhoods or the suburbs have never had an issue either.

    I'll certainly give you credit in that some areas of the neighborhood are a nightmare for parking late at night (it seems to be that the area around Loyola and North of Howard fall into this category), but overall, I feel like parking here is a breeze, and if I don't have to pay for parking, so what if I'm a block and a half from my apartment on a bad day.

  • Tom C Laid back geeky guy

    Welcome to the city

  • I can usually find parking within a couple blocks of my apartment, during the rush hour (4-7pm). Later at night it's more like 3-5 blocks, but that's no problem for me, really.

  • Jack Nugent I-GO is the lowest priced, greenest and only local

    Owning your own vehicle is not necessary anymore and alternative transportation should be given more consideration.

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    Thank you to everyone for your input. I would like to discuss this further in the near future.

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