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Added Mar 23 2012

Since my car is parked in the driveway, just short of our attached garage, this was pretty bold. Apparently, some amoral scum decided that it was cheaper to steal than to purchase. When I got up this morning the car cover on my Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe was gone. Needless to say I feel violated and I'm damned angry too. We are a Neighborhood Watch community and I live on a well lit, visible southeast corner in Forest Glen. It is a nice neighborhood, but there is no such thing as 1950's, Mayberry USA anymore. I could report this to the police, but nothing would come of it. I could file an insurance claim, but who know what that would do to my rates. At any rate, I'm out $300+ Color me disgusted!

  • Josh. .

    Jim, I installed my own multi-camera system and would be happy to provide any tips or recommendations for you. It’s fairly simply to install. The only time consuming portion of the installation is if you require concealed wiring or covert cameras. I purchased a 500 GB hard-drive DVR with 4- day/night color cameras including all the video cables and power supplies for $300.00, (the price of your car cover). My first tip is to stay away from wireless systems.

  • Steph 11 year Forest Glen resident

    @Josh - hard to believe, but last time someone broke into our cars (a few years ago on Easter, busted out the windows and stole all the loose change) NONE of my Jethro Tull CDs were taken.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Was a brick used to break the windows?

    What's the word to use to describe that moment if a brick was used? Serendipity? My vocabulary isn't working today......

  • Inactive user

    Synchronicity? No, wrong band.

  • sounds like a job for the "undercover" cops

  • they stole my tire from underneath my truck, i filled a report and on my way back from the station i got a flat tire, it was one of those days.

  • So did you "retire"

  • Inactive user

    It was a bad day, but was it a Goodyear?

  • Steph 11 year Forest Glen resident

    @kenji - ha ha - I don't believe a brick was used. Worse. We had two cars in the driveway. I'm not sure how they broke the first window. But inside the glove box of the first car I had one of those safety hammers that you are supposed to use to break the window if your car is ever trapped underwater (likely scenario). They used that the break the window of the second car. Needless to say, I don't keep the "safety" hammer in the car any more.

  • Steph 11 year Forest Glen resident

    Also, the spare tire was stolen from under my sister's car (in a different neighborhood). So we have put a chain and lock around our spare tire. I guess a thief could break the chain - but hopefully it would be enough of a deterrent. Life in the big city....

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    They didn't take the Tull? Classless thieves.

  • Josh. .

    Listen to this story… Some years ago, my friend had stolen two Blackhawk tickets. I refused to go to the game with him for two reasons. First, I am kind of a nerd and believe in karma or blessings. Secondly, I wasn’t a total idiot and figured the tickets might be reported stolen and they would arrest anyone using those seats.

    Here’s where the story gets good and then even better. After he dropped me back home, he drove to the liquor store to buy some cheap beer before the game. While in the store, they stole his car. So, he calls the police to report the theft. Very shortly after he reported his car stolen, they inform him that they found his car and to come pick it up at the station. He goes to the station to pick up his car and then proceeds to catch what’s ever left of the hockey game.

    On the way to the hockey game he gets pulled over by different policemen in a different precinct because his car is still on the hot sheet. He insists it’s his car but they take him to their police station to sort things out.

    While he’s digging in & out of his wallet to show license & registration, guess what falls out right onto the sergeants desk? The stolen hockey tickets which were also on the hot sheet. Now that’s Karma!

  • some times in hockey you get the puck and sometimes you don't

  • support police 35 yr resident of Edgebrook. Landscaping and photo

    With all due respect the people complaining about police presence, remenber a few things. One, police can't be everywhere, 2) the city is short roughly 1500 police officers, and 3) 016 lost a lot of officers to other high crime districts. Rahm will not hire more officers.

  • Josh. .

    @support police,
    I have a great deal of respect and concern for our police and the challenges they face every day.

    I’m complaining about the quality not the quantity of our police department’s strategy. It is no secret that the CPD is shying away from a proactive policing strategy. With vermin like Paris Sadler, McCarthy made it very clear again this week just how dangerous proactive police work can be. I understand this! Nonetheless, not one single police officer was ever “drafted” into duty. They choose this line of work, completely aware of the full risk. IMO, 1500 new police officers will not make a difference unless we change the way we fight crime. They will only help to process crime faster after it occurs.

    At first, you only need one or two existing units per shift per beat on routine patrol attempting to eliminate as much petty crime as they can before it happens. The problem with that is; it’s too difficult to document proactive police work and could appear menial or mundane on paper. It can also restrict certain resources or funding. This is one huge reason why the CPD clings to the 911 system so they get credit for their work which really isn't fighting crime at all, its merely processing it with all this artificial crime-fighting data.

    Meanwhile, the neighborhoods continue to decline in decay and Chicago is quickly on its way again for being the murder capitol of the country.

  • support police 35 yr resident of Edgebrook. Landscaping and photo

    They chose the line of work knowing the risks. Exactly why they deserve our respect. I on warning with EB and am not going to get into this. It's off the subject and could cause a whole other argument. Especially with my habbit of only "hearing what i want to hear"

  • Harold Washington EVERYBLOCK TALK:

    Why did downtown take McNaughton and move him to the Southside and take a Southside commander and install him up here?

    McNaughton was a great fit for the 16th.

  • support police 35 yr resident of Edgebrook. Landscaping and photo

    Not sure. im not a police officer, but i have friends in 016 and they miss McNaughton.

  • Josh, thanks for the offer. If I go the camera route, my brother in law has installed just such a system system and I can prevail upon him for assistance if need be. By the way love the Karma story. What goes around comes around ... sometimes anyway.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Quick dumb question.

    You have a camera running, I come and steal your stuff. You wake up see your stuff gone. You check your digital video footage and see me taking your stuff in the footage.

    How does the camera make a difference, and possibly get me to return the stuff I absconded with?

  • Inactive user

    I guess the police might be interested in the video if they already have some ideas about who is behind certain burglaries. And you can take a screen cap and post it on here or on flyers around the area to possibly identify or at least embarrass the thief.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Would it get the Warshawsky car cover back?

  • Inactive user

    If he hasn't disposed of it yet or if he tells the cops who he sold it to possibly. But catching the guy might stop him from committing other thefts, which is its own good.

  • support police 35 yr resident of Edgebrook. Landscaping and photo

    Maybe maybe not, but I promise you would think twice before coming on my property again...

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Back to my point. Who would "catch me" after I stole from them?

  • Inactive user

    Sometimes it's a neighbor unfortunately. One of mine was caught burglarizing a business a half block away. Petty thiefs tend to be stupid.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Or some kid selling it on Craigslist.

    I wonder if the OP has looked on Craigslist?

  • Josh. .

    @ Kenji
    Quick dumb answer:
    Most security cameras have a built-in motion detector which sends an audible alarm in the house alerting you that someone is creeping around your property. You then “at least” have the option to take the appropriate before property turns up missing or vandalized.

  • V

    Since we're sharing: my neighbor had all 4 of his chrome wheels & tires stolen last winter from his truck. They did it overnight & left the truck on crates- noone saw or heard anything. Darnedest thing I ever saw- & I grew up in a pretty scary neighborhood in Chicago. Just an FYI.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Here's the craigs search in auto parts using the keyword "cover" if the OP wants to keep an eye out:

    Craigslist posts are refreshed about every 10 minutes.

  • InTheManor Edgebrook resident

    Regarding the G35 being a top 10 stolen car, it isn't at least for the 2010 records. See:

    Note the age of most of those cars. The G35 like most newer cars has a chip anti-theft system in the key, preventing the car from starting unless the chip is present. This makes it harder for a thief to steal the car (though certainly not impossible). I had an older car stolen some years ago. The police told me that the "casual" thieves take those older cars mostly now because they are so easy to steal... old worn locks, they take a key, file it down, use it to bump the cylinder and voila door opens and car starts right up. Or just a screwdriver.

    They found my car a couple weeks later in a bad south side neighborhood. Some "kids" had apparently played demolition derby during the trip, side swiping concrete barriers or something, the car was badly smashed up. It was found on its belly, wheels gone. Some other "kids" in the destination neighborhood apparently smashed the windshield with a concrete block, and used the car as a platform for fireworks (it was July). When the city dumped it on the ground in the impound yard, they punctured the lower oil pan... nice big spill in the dirt there. Poor car. The locks BTW were undamaged, my keys still worked fine. :-)

  • come to think of it, i think someone stole the "r" from jims original post.

  • No, it was a typo...(and no one stole my "graphical") it was an intended abbreviation.

  • The missing "r" was a typo and you will note that I addressed that immediately in the secone post in this thread.

  • Kenji, now why would you assume that my car cover was from Warshawsky's, a company that closed its doors in 1997, a full 6 years before introduction the Infiniti G35 in 2003? the car cover was a was a custom fit Covercraft,

  • sorry, you r right, i hope the cops are able to catch these guys. was it a locking cover? i know there are some covers that have locks.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    It was an Easter egg I left. You were the only one to catch that.

    Any luck checking Craiglist's auto parts ads?

  • Josh. .

    Thanks for the laugh… a locking cloth car cover?

  • Kenji ...Did a quick check on Craiglist ... no Gg35 car covers for sale.

    Inactive User ... Car cover cable locks are a worthless deterrent. All it takes is a scissors or pocket knife to cut around the grommet where secured. If the thief has neither, you just may piss them off and they might damage your car. I'd rather them make off with the cover. It costs less to replace a $300 car cover than it does for body work.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @jim, those ads get updated every 10 minutes. I have a friend who got his recumbent bicycle back after over a year of watching the bikes for sale section of craigs.

  • josh, there is such thing as locking covers

    jim, i was unaware that locking covers had negative consequences, thank you for letting me know (i am being serious and not sarcastic). i would have not thought that thieves would ruin the cover or do damage to the vehicle.

  • Josh. .

    Inactive user,
    I was just having some fun. Sure there’re available but I don’t feel they offer much protection. Kind of like a screen door hook & eyelet lock.

  • InTheManor Edgebrook resident

    There is no honor among thieves. If you make it hard for them to do their "job" they may take it out on your property. I once had a car broken into in a parking garage. My stereo had a removable face plate. It was not in the car. The thief, apparently frustrated that it wasn't around, or just to show the futility of the concept, stuck a screwdriver or some other tool of his profession into the CD slot and gave it a good heave, destroying the stereo. We pulled the Tom Petty CD out with a pair of pliers. It actually still played with a thumbnail size chunk missing, albeit with a periodic skip.

    Thieves also tend to be stupid. On another car in the garage, he pried the slightly rolled down window open enough to reach in and unlock the door with something. He left five good fingerprints on the glass.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    what is with these thieves,they leave behind Tull and Petty? They truly are classless!

  • One thing I decided to do to my replacement was to use a black permanent laundry marker to clearly label my car cover with my name, address, phone number, and license plate number. I think that will serve as more of a deterrent than a worthless cable lock.

  • Josh. .

    With all due respect, Permanent Marker Is NO Deterrent!
    To Remove Permanent Marker from Any Surface, toothpaste with baking soda can do wonders along with hundreds of other products.

  • Josh ... with all due respect, "NO deterrent" and "hundreds of products" is an exaggeration. Much depends upon the type fabric and type of marker used. Some combinations make for difficult removal especially if in place for some length of time. Many such markers can be removed with alcohol followed by a good laundering, but I am counting on thieves not knowing of an effective compound for removal and having no desire to even go through all the trouble. I read somewhere that a study was done that concluded labeling a car cover with permanent marker was proved to be the most effective deterrent and I thought ... certainly worth a try.

  • Josh. .

    I think your naiveté is showing by expecting your name & number permanently marked on a cloth car cover will be a better deterrent than a lock & cable. Furthermore, it’s positively naïve to believe big city thieves wouldn’t know how to remove identifying markings from stolen property. Anyway….if you really insist on keeping a car cover and believe a permanent marker is better than a lock & cable, try this…

    Get some cardboard and cut out you name & number and use it as a template. Buy some automotive spray paint (preferably ceramic high-temp) and spray away on your cover. In between three separate coats, use a Urethane Base Clear Coat spray. I guarantee there are far less products and far less thieves that can remove this. Of course this will cost slightly more than a magic marker.

  • Steph 11 year Forest Glen resident

    I would suggest a LoJack on the car cover so you can finally bust the car cover theft ring that's been plaguing the city. ;)

    In all seriousness I hope the thieves are lazy enough to pass on a car cover that requires extensive magic marker removal.

  • Josh ... I'm not being naive so much as hopeful. Just what to discourage although I realize that a determined thief will get whatever it is that they are after if they want something badly enough. Your suggestion, although more effective sounds like a lot of trouble to go through, but it gives me an idea though. I'm thinking that this wold be a good opportunity for a service offered by a silk screening operation. As concerns cable locks they are so quickly and easily defeated with scissors or a pocketknife as to be little more than a laughable waste of money.

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