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Added Mar 22 2012

I sent the following message to nearly 14,000 recipients in and around Rogers Park today:

My office has received reports that some neighborhood dogs may have died as a result of eating poison. Though none of these deaths have been confirmed officially, the owner of Rogers Bark, a neighborhood pet salon, reports that one of her customer's dogs was euthanized on Sunday after ingesting a poisonous substance that her veterinarian believed to be "squirrel poison." There are unconfirmed reports that another three dogs may have died after ingesting the same poisonous substance.

The poisoning occurred in the vicinity of Clark and Touhy, but pet owners should exercise caution everywhere and not allow their pets to ingest any unusual substances.

For more information including a possible photo of the substance, see below or visit Rogers Bark's Facebook page at:

Please let my office know if you see any unusual substance in the area. Please either reply to this e-mail or call 773-338-5796 and be as specific as possible. I will keep you updated if any new information arises.

  • Inactive user

    Thanks for info. I saw the newstruck outside of Rogers Bark this am setting up for broadcast.

  • Mac RP resident

    Last night I saw something that looked like this poison on Lunt east of Sheridan about halfway down the block on the north side of the street. It was on the on the south side of a tree in the parkway. Is there any way to safely get rid of this stuff. I don't want to carry poison--or remnants of poison--into my home.

  • Don Gordon 30+ year RP resident & activist

    @Mac Saw the same yesterday afternoon in the same location but I had my dogs with me. Didn't get back there until this morning but it was already gone. Hopefully someone removed it and it wasn't ingested by any squirrels or dogs...

  • Soni, West Ridge Lived in West Ridge 16 years.

    Wow! Thank you for the information....that is so sad. I would die if I lost my pooch.....:( Thank you again for the info. I will warn everyone that I know.

  • Bill Thayer 25 years on Arthur Avenue

    Walking my own Dog in the 1700 block of North Shore, I came across a young man walking two small long-haired dachshunds, and thought I'd let him know about this. Turns out he was deaf: I had to get a message about Dog poison across using what I know of American Sign Language: about half the alphabet and twenty words or so, mostly from the Nicene Creed. . . It must've been a hoot, but I did get the message across; and he conveyed to me that he never let them off the leash and watched them like a hawk.

  • Kelli Lifelong W. Rogers Resident/Now A Happy Dunningite

    As a dog walker who works in the area, and has a the best, cutest dog ever of my own, I just wanted to thank everyone who put out this info for us way before it ever got to the news. Another reason I love my EveryBlock neighbors!

  • Soni, West Ridge Lived in West Ridge 16 years.

    I agree Kelli, I saw it here first and that is a good feeling to stay in touch in your area.....Love

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