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Added Mar 21 2014

There has been a large white tooth on logan blvd near Talman I wanna say and it's been there since the fall. Anyone know what it's for? I'm shocked the recent increase in graffti hasn't hit the bare white tooth yet.

  • I believe that's a big lightbulb, not a tooth.

  • Swiffer Green Girl

    That has been there for more than 6 years. How long have you lived in the area?

  • It's art.

  • A fine use of public funds in our completely bankrupt city.

  • It's definitely a tooth not a lightbulb. It's been there since the fall on 2013. I moved to logan again in june of 2013.

    Ya it's art, but there is not plaque or anything explaining it. Just showed up one day. It's was a bit strange. Wonder what it meant to the artist, what's the meaning, I'd be curious to know with all do respect.

    Thanks for everyone's response

  • HA! Bendiazart totally agree...Money well well spent...blah!

  • JJ85

    I thought it was popcorn.

  • An even more detailed analysis is below, which supports the lightbulb theory:

    And please, please PLEASE don't staple your lost dog sign to the sculpture--whatever you think it is.

  • Thanks Andrea and Tom!!! Glad to see I'm not the only one curious, and you're all right it apparently is a light bulb...whoever would have thought! :)

  • Nice one, Tom!

  • I'm gonna go dental implant. Whatever it is, I think everyone can agree it truly is thought provoking. That thought being 'is that thing a tooth or a lightbulb?'

  • Confession time --- it was what I used to claim dibs on my parking spot while I circled Masada waiting for it to come open.

  • Allison Logan lawyer & homeowner

    It has been there since October 2013 (not six years...) and scheduled to leave this fall (personally looking forward to that---not a fan). I'm also surprised I've never seen it tagged! Seems like it would be a prime target.

  • Anton Irie 8 Years And Less Unsure About LS

    free art in a public space ... Breaks up the monotony and introduces a non-typical structure into the neighborhood for residents and visitors alike. Only in LS would you have some complain about this ... Does it effect your day-to-day ? Does it block your view of the lake ?? I've never heard of anyone complaining about public art ... You don't even realize how lucky you are... Soviet era concrete bunkers from now on then !

  • Allison Logan lawyer & homeowner

    Actually it does block my view of the lake. There is a lot of interesting and beautiful (as well as ugly and poorly-executed) public art out there. I think the beauty of boulevard can hold it's own in this case, but that's just my opinion.

  • Anton Irie 8 Years And Less Unsure About LS

    Oh my god. I didn't realize. I'm so so sorry. You can join the committees next time if you really care at a level higher than just 'complain about it after-the-fact'. I hope you and yours somehow survive this terrible burden thrust upon you.

  • Speaking as a career artist (I'm not the artist that made this sculpture), I can say that one of the purposes of art is to incite discussion, ask questions and move people to wonder. I'm glad to see that art is doing it's job.

  • Oops, I meant to say " get people to ask questions".

  • SLA

    The bad thing about public art "plop art" like this is the residents get no say in how THEY interact with THEIR space. If the "public" doesn't like the art "given" to them, why should it remain installed? The success/failure of public art is judged by the community who tends to that space. If it becomes mere background, in my opinion it fails.

  • I always thought it was a giant trash bag or a odd shaped light bulb.

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