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Added Mar 20 2018

How can we as a community work on reducing the amount of pet waste in Pilsen? Every block has at least 2 piles of pet waste around my area, 16th to 18th between Halsted and Racine. The alderman signs are not working. At this point, its about getting together as a community because it has gone too far. Not only that, my dog tends to eat the waste. So let's save our community and my dogs breath. Should we encourage businesses and home owners in the area to provide waste bags? I know that it's not their problem, but if we care about our neighborhood, our health, the expense could be ever changing. Beer and alcohol bottles are next. I love the culture, small businesses, and the food carts in the morning. It's a really special place to live. Please. Ideas are welcome!

  • V

    I agree with you- the dog waste is unsanitary & just embarrassing to look at. I really like the availability of waste bags stations they have in University Village & think that may help. Not sure businesses would contribute but wonder if the alderman can get involved? Also would have to research who’s responsible for refilling/maintaining the containers.

  • Natalie, in the 15 yrs I have been in Pilsen this has always been an issue. Last year thru Ald Solis office signs were made available. Contact 25th ward office PH (773) 523-4100. I also want to add that as one of many people who use a wheelchair or walkers in Pilsen, to have the large amount of feces left on sidewalks by irresponsible dog owners is not appreciated.

  • srapach GR civic member

    I see many full bags, along the parkways around 15th and Throop Streets as well as the open land next to the police station. There use to be garbage carts around that area which allowed those of us who care to dispose in a proper manner. We need more garbage carts around the neighborhood to encourage people to pick up and dispose of within a short distance.

  • I live in a neighboring neighborhood so I hope my two cents are still welcomed! I stopped by 606 to look at some records a few months ago and when walking back to my car, someone with their dog was approaching me from down the block. The dog pulled into the strip between the sidewalk and the street and did their business. The dog owner made no attempt to pick up the waste (which was very large because it was a large breed). That's when I looked closer at the strip in the dusk light and realized that it was all mud - and it ran the entire length of the block. It was also pretty wide and covered in fudge pies. One poor guy or girl had tried to do the decent thing and retrieve his dog's contribution to the turd buffet and slipped - there was a giant streak in the mud where he lost his footing. Personally, I wouldn't want to step in that much mud either, especially after a heavy snowmelt. It makes me wonder though, when a neighborhood is more beautiful, do residents put in more effort to maintain it? If the environment is less pretty, do residents feel like they don't have to pitch in or their efforts don't matter? Could the Alderman be contacted to lay some sod on that block? Maybe just an isolated area and so it's just one idea I had! Hope things get better, Pilsen is awesome and I hope it stays that way.

  • MaPaCa Live well in West Humboldt Park.

    Becca, unfortunately it is very difficult to educate people of low social responsibility. My neighborhood has seen a large uptick in pet waste clean-up responsibility during the past 5-6 years not due to any other reason than gentrification, unfortunately. As a Latina I had wished differently for years but it is hard to teach an old dog owner new tricks. Many of the people who let their pet waste lay where it was excreted are the very same people who have left the neighborhood. I think there is a soon-to-be-discovered link between intelligence, dog poop clean-up, and the ability to afford one's residence.

  • They should create a dog park so people know where to take their dogs. I know many people like to use the trees planted on the sidewalk, but as you pointed out, don't pick up after themselves.

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