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Added Mar 20 2014

Hi neighbors,

Ridiculously embarrassing but shameless pet owner/lover here. Wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for overnight care for their pups, preferably ones that do not use crates and cost an arm and a leg? I hate having to leave my dog behind on trips, but sometimes it has to happen. In this same vein does anyone else have this need and an interest in forming some sort of shared co-op for this?



  • Damian R Neighborhood Geek

    Not sure what you consider an arm and a leg but we use Urban Pooch and they take excellent care of their charges.

  • Yep, Urban pooch.

  • Urban Pooch!

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in Galewood,via Lakeview

    Urban Pooch, but our pup doesn't sleep well cause she misses us. :-(

  • Jen

    Wicker park doggy hotel

  • BettyR Northcenter

    Stay is excellent. No crates. It is located right along the river in this huge old warehouse building. They have a very large open space where they allow the dogs to play, supervised, for several hours each day. They also have cameras so you can watch your beloved pet while he/she is hanging out. It is also reasonable priced. I would highly recommend them.

  • I've used Stay. While I wouldn't call them "reasonable", they are as yoohoo stated crate-free and do provide excellent service. They took great care of my Ben, even in his injured condition.


  • Aron Long tlme Lincoln sq home owner

    Try paws and claws on western and winnemac.

  • Another vote for Urban Pooch. Anytime I'm walking my dog and we get within half a mile, he turns in that direction, stares down the block, and refuses to move. He loves it there.

  • Definitely Urban Pooch.

  • Maybe I misunderstood "crate-free". Most places that I know of, including Stay, have separate sleeping quarters for dogs, not crates. Like their own small "room", of course you can upgrade the room size just like at a hotel. That's just for the night. During the day they play in open areas.

    I mentioned Urban Pooch since the dogs all sleep in one open area, like a doggie slumber party. Which is great for some dogs.

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    I second Stay Dog Hotel. We leave our dog there when we head out of town and they take great care of him and I log in and watch him in the play area. All the employees are so nice.

  • Thank you all for the great suggestions! I'll definitely be looking into them.

  • Check out Canine Social Club on Yelp. They have impeccable reviews and lower prices. That's where I take Henry and he lives it.

  • Without divulging too much info, how long would you have a need? I would recommend that you keep your pups at home and have a good neighbor or their teen check in w/ your animals, 1st thing in am to feed and let out, after work or school, to let out again, feed, and walk as well as sit with for 1 hr to keep company, and again in early eve, to let out again. It allows the pups to stay in their own environment and at a more affordable cost. I may know of someone that would be willing if you are in the area. If I am available any of the days you have a need, I may be able to help for some or part of the time, again, if you are nearby. From one animal lover to another, wishing you the best.

  • Stay. Loads of space in their rooms. You can bring your pup's food toys and blankets for comfort, convenient pick up/ drop off if u need it. Had our big alpha (altered) male in a cage free/open play place once and he came back with a gash from another dog. Never again. If you think it's too pricey you should ask a neighbor or friend to come in or get a service. Mature teens/preteens too young to work would likely be interested. Good luck!

  • KB

    The Houndry at Irving and Sheridan has always treated our dog well and it's no crate. The owners live at the facility and have a bed upstairs with the dogs.

  • Valerie's pet service. It is great. She's on double lot dogs r on first floor. W side yard to play. So much tlc. Family run. Wellington clyborn and cheap 35 day

  • Ellen north center/lincoln square

    For what it's worth, I have had multiple bad experiences at Stay. Starting with employees with a lack of caring and knowledge and ending with questionable care. I will never go back. My dog hated it there. He goes to daycare at call of the wild and loves it, so it was definitely the place/people at Stay he didn't like. I would not recommend it.

  • BettyR Northcenter


    I'm sorry your experiences at Stay were not good. All I can say is that our experiences, both doggy daycare and overnights, have all gone really well, and we have always been impressed with their staff.

  • Don S Lincoln Square

    Windy City Paws does an overnight thing where somebody stays in your place with your dog for 75 bucks a night. We have done it and it went great. Good if your dog is high maintenance or you don't want to board them.

  • Jamie. I used an unregistered boarding place once out of a home and one of my boys escaped. I would only go to approved and licensed pet care places.

  • Thank you all for the great suggestions! Gotta love EB.

    Suzanne, to answer your question we are not gone overnight a lot, but once in a while have to be:/ My little guy is pretty well-behaved, but has some anxiety about being alone so that's why we can't crate/kennel (my heart would break all night!) He also *loves* playing with other pups. Ideally, I would love to find someone else or others that have the same need and might be interested in trading a night here or there just to ensure us both a caring/loving home and save us money, but alas, it seems like more people use a local place. We have tried a couple, but for various reasons did not return. We will keep trying though, and if you or anyone else reading this are interested in something like this, let me know!

  • Andrea in Ravenswood trumpet player and dog walker

    In case you and others are not aware, there are many fairly-priced, reliable, trusted, and insured available professional In-Home pet sitters located at Instead of taking your beloved four-legged family member to one of those other services, such as Stay or Urban Pooch overnight, why not have a trusted professional stay at your own home where your beloved pet is most comfortable, in their own surroundings? I'm not saying that those other services aren't good, but this may be the perfect option for you and your pet. I have been an in-home professional pet-sitter and dog walker for over 15 years, and would be glad to give you more information. Or log onto and look for me in the 60625 zip code. I am insured and background-checked, and have many references and will treat your pet like my own. You can also check out the Pet Sitter's International website to learn more.

  • Valerie's pet service is licensed and bonded. She has a commercial license to run her bussiness. No way getting out of her home she has six ft fence. That is part of why I like it. Not to mention a great side yard as well. I feel they get tons of attention bc it's family run and they r ALWAYS there

  • I understand your concern for your dog. I have had a few dogs that were anxious. That is why I think it is nice for them to stay in their own home environment. Regardless, I have utilized the neighbor's son, who I used to babysit, and his parents came through as back up. Maybe my teenage son would be willing to dog sit as I have suggested, and I could be his back up. I do have another good animal loving friend that could possibly help too, if there was a need in meeting the daily schedule. For me, I would just be willing to help, however, my son would enjoy being compensated for dog sitting.

  • Our 2 dogs like Doggie Dojo Doggie Daycare on Belmont. Either Carlos or Oscar stay in the small apartment overnight with the 2 dogs and they play with the other dogs during the day. Great chance for them to socialize!!! And it's a very clean, attractive place too.

  • Green Paws Chicago also services Uptown. A walker can either stay in your home, or you can opt to board at one of the walkers homes.

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