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Added Mar 18 2011

24th Ward: No incumbent had a worse showing on Feb. 22 than Ald. Sharon Denise Dixon, who got just under 20 percent of the vote. This was a huge field, and that modest showing was enough to get her into a runoff with former Ald. Michael Chandler. Voters are frustrated here. Chandler got just 13 percent. So the last two aldermen in this West Side community got just one-third of the vote combined. We like Chandler. We backed him when he lost to Dixon four years ago. Dixon had promise, but a lot of local supporters have given up on her and this ward has not progressed on her watch. Our endorsement goes to Chandler, who has had four years to reflect on why he lost voters' support. We think he has learned from the experience.

So here we have it Tribune and Suntimes are going with Chandler over the current alderman!

Just wanted to share this info...... we need people to get to the polls!!!!!!

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    Thanks, Shannon, for keeping us informed!

  • Nancy C Historic preservation advocate

    March 22 Chicago Tonight 7:00 p.m. Dixon/Chandler interview
    Watch it!
    Is Chandler doing any el stops, bus stops, shaking hands, etc.?
    Is Chandler doing any door to door?
    Who is organizing Chandler's volunteers?
    And by the way, does Chandler promise to change from his actions last time he was alderman?
    The ultimate in arrogance - he runs and doesn't show up for ANY candidate forums. I am not optimistic about his willingness to do things differently.

  • well everyone is watching Chandler and as I said its up to us to hold him accountable......

    Dixon is not the person you want to TRY and work with
    It won't happen!!!!

    The point is not to make either candidate qualified to meet these challenges because we all prefer better for this ward. Someone who cares....but what we must do at this time is to pick the less of 2 evils before we find ourselves facing this current alderman again....

    By the way Chandler has been making rounds and I am watching!!!!!

  • Rochelle North Lawndale Resident since 1959

    So earlier in the week I mentioned that Michael Chandler was on the air talking about the things he would bring to community back from despair. He mentioned that he would be at the Library every morning for early voting until March 31st.

    I sent him an email with some of my suggestions in hopes that he had changed and would respond, but he didn't. I waited all week for a response and nothing. This morning I decided to stop by the Library to give hime a copy of the email thinking maybe if he has time he could go over and respond after reading it.

    Guess what? You guessed it, he wasn't there; not only wasn't he there, but receptionist says she was there all week and she never saw him. So I am thinking, here we go again. I will mail a copy of my email to his "headquarters address" and give him some more time.

    I feel no different about him now than I did 4 years ago and I was hoping he was telling the truth aboutbeing open to the people. How can you be open to the people if the people if the people can't find you?

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    I have not given up on Sharon Dixon. These are difficult times to expect altruistic benefactors to come to the rescue of a depleted community, as is North Lawndale. Sharon Dixon's election represents a revolutionary movement against all that was wrong with the held office of Michael Chandler. the first rule of any change, at least any change that is going to catch fire, is not to go backwards. What signal do you think this will send to Mr. Chandler or any would be opponent in the future of an office of the people going lathargic on the needs of the people it represents? No, Chandler had his turn, for 12 years he ran this ward and I might add during great economic times; to produce what a Dominicks, a theater and the removal of some mountain of trash? the entire city improved vastly during his time in office and his performance was well (very well) under par. We can't go back to that performance. THe Sun Times is willing to endorce Chandler because he did good for 7 of the 12 years is that really what we deserve, to settle for someone who gives up on his office? I have been in North Lawndale under both reigns and in 2006 i could not get in to see Chandler although i tried on numerous occasions. Once he was kicked out of office and Dixon took over she saw to my concerns and I met with her on several occasions. Now that is my experience but, my decision to support her can't be relegated to that, everyone has their own experiences some good some bad. On April 5th we have to make a choice and maybe not for the candidate we might want but, we have to keep in mind that there is a movement underway here and going back to Chandler would almost assuredly kill that movement. I say we give Dixon another term because she is trying and gives us the clearest case for pushing that torch of change. She should realize by this that other more determined candidates will emmerge over the next 4 years and she will have to dog fight at each reelection bid but, this will move our hope for change. Like I said economic times are tough so every representative is being challenged to make lemonade from lemons. The point here is to keep the movement of change alive and with it we will find a better future for North Lawndale.

  • I TOTALLY DISAGREE.....You have your opinion on another term for DIXON, and I have my mine for another chance/term for Chandler.... What some are failing to realize is the current alderman is a divider, someone who is Difficult to work with. A leader cant accomplish anything with such traits...

    Our ward should not be looking at voting for Chandler as a step back, we have NO OTHER CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes they said he did a good job his first 7 years but look at what was accomplished, he got lax and now he knows why he loss the election, WHAT HAVE DIXON DONE? Everyone seem to know this ward is worse of as far as leadership.

    I cant look past these 4 years just to understand a movement the message to Chandler if he is elected is "DO YOUR JOB" IF NOT YOU WILL BE OUT AGAIN!!!!!

    What message are you sending to Dixon by voting her back in office....The message should be "who will employ you after April 5th"

    (just my opinion)

  • Final thought!!!

    Voting for Chandler is killing any movement, it will basically work in our favor..... Keeping the current staff is killing any movement! because downhill we will continue to GO!

  • SORRY - I meant voting for Chandler is NOT killing any movement

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    The point is these are tough times everywhere and in reality it is going to be difficult to keep even strong communities afloat. I am not going to get into a text war here, I am not going to try using all caps, or including exclaimation points to sound louder on paper. This is again a problem the loudest speaking person should not only get their ideas heard. What my point is - is that we have to unite under something. I am suggesting we unite under the flag of change. We only have 2 candidates Dixon and Chandler - we don't go back if we can't move to the next square we hold and try to say to the current alderman, what you are doing is not working lets talk. We have enough preachers in North Lawndale, I don't want another. I want a representative and I want to work with people under a united flag. I am not speaking to change your mind only to debate my point of view, go ahead and vote for Chandler, I will go to my death for your right to do just that if you'd like but, my point will be delivered under any roar of opposition and I will quietly cast my vote for the continuation of change and the person that best represents that change.

  • ok... no text war
    We are just expressing our take on our ward. You voting for Dixon is your opinion but dont call it a continuation of change because she dont represent change. This is your opinion of why you will put her back in office. Even when our ward is suffering, even when no one wants to work with her, when she hasnt done nothing, even though more endorsements are with Chandler (ask why)

    when you program yourself to think a vote for Chandler is killing a movement when we have no progress with the current alderman is really SAD but your vote is your vote.
    God help this ward

    (oh I tried not to use caps, exclamations or sound loud, sorry if I did)

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    When I hear endorsements with backing statistics of 7 out of 12 years a representative did good and on the flip side 5 out of 12 were bad; during a time when the city as a whole did great, I see a man collecting a paycheck. So no I don't credit those sources to know my ward or even care. I want them to care, I am glad you care, I wish more cared. We are both going to live under whomever for the next four years so I hope at some point we can focus on the effort at hand and not the fight.

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    Everyone brings up excellent points. Neither of these candidates is perfect. Former Alderman Chandler has demonstrated the capacity to work with people that he perceives to be his enemies. He and I don't always see eye to eye, but we were able to work together on issues around community development and education. I can't say that for Alderman Dixon. She has treated her greatest friends, allies and potential allies as enemies.

    I have tried to work with Alderman Dixon even before she got in office, and that has not worked. I invited her to participate in a series of educational meetings regarding TIFs. She refused to attend the meetings. Instead, she went to and fro saying very negative things about me.

    I have worked with residents and the Lawndale Alliance to share with Alderman Dixon detailed analyses of the City's Ogden-Pulaski TIF proposal explaining the pros, and cons and how the program could be strengthened to work to the community's benefit, and she refused to listen.

    I have tried to meet with Alderman Dixon to express concerns about how detrimental the CPS Magnet School Admissions policy could be to communities like North Lawndale. Alderman Dixon cancelled our meeting to have lunch with Mayor Daley and the Firemen. She never tried to re-schedule.

    I worked with the City of Chicago and the Lawndale Alliance for 7 months to develop a meeting series that would give an update of our TIFs, the mortgage foreclosure crisis and Neighborhood Stabilization Program and the Olympics. Alderman Dixon was invited to participate and confirmed her attendance. She doubled back and told the City Department of Planning not to participate; the City intimidated City-funded nonprofits from participating; the City called our university partner and demanded to know why they were participating; they called the State of Illinois and told them not to participate; the Alderman called her colleagues in City Council and told them not to participate. Even though Alderman Dixon confirmed her participation, she didn't show up. Can you imagine an alderman who represents a blighted community that ranks 4 in the City of Chicago in terms of mortgage foreclosure telling the city departments and nonprofits not to participate in a public meeting to explain the benefits of programs that could help stabilize the community? The 24th Ward cannot survive another 4 years of this kind of change.

  • How about informing yourself on all the endorsements not just one, it could be because the statistics of complaints from our ward since she been in office has been overwhelming, so overwhelming that makes it obvious this is not the person best to lead this ward. That could be a reason for the other candidate to be endorsed.

    Now take some time to see what this ward has been through in the last 4 years and maybe the light bulb would shine bright

  • Thanks Valerie
    for your post very informative

    You have met the real Dixon

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    You're welcome, Shannon.

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    Valerie, I can appreciate your personal experiences but, obviously can not speak to reasons behind them or justifications for any actions as you describe. In the end, this community needs to find a way to turn on public interests in a positive way. We are all expressing opinions here and that is a start. One tends to vote on their experience and the information they have available. I have not found Ms Dixon to thwart concerns and that is why I will support her. I know the community needs realistic growth and direction and I have seen that in my experiences. I know adversarial positioning and one liners are a distraction and are not going to bring about ideas for the type of changes needed. Thank you for your comments and entertaining mine; may we help North Lawndale in the future as peers not enemies.

  • shy

    @DLeCour, Either you are Ms. Dixon or her receptionist. This Lady is the worst. Why is it when I lived in the ward that I went to a caps meeting and the caps police pointed me out as an example on how many times, which was over 900 times that I called 911 in 2009 about the drug dealers on my block. Guess what They are still there. And I also had talked with Ms. Dixon which told me it was not her problem. You know this person even has the never to have a run for congress website.

  • The police chief can give you guys some input on this alderman....And that's her favorite line "it's not my problem'

    I wonder if thats why she lives in a different ward
    This is sooooo sad people have no clue

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    I assure you I am neither, Shy. But, keep going to meeting, keep calling, and make sure to vote.

  • Project North Lawndale Why are the W.Side Alderman Paid for NOTHING?

    Valerie! I know first hand exactly what you're saying about you trying to work with Dixon on issues. Now that we've all let the cat out of the bags here, When we were really trying to fight for change, She called me and several others to be downtown at meetings because YOU VALERIE LEONARD was out to get her and that YOU HATED HER and she needed US.. The FIGHTING FOR Quality of Life RESIDENTS to be there to DEFEND OUR CHANGE!!! ... So you're right. I completely agree with everything that you have said. After doing my own research I found only nothing but a THREAT that you are to her. It's a shame that you know more about her position than she does and that the other Candidates are nowhere to be found! I will take your suggestions as your intentions have always been pure.

  • Project North Lawndale Why are the W.Side Alderman Paid for NOTHING?

    Shannon Her famous quote is "THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM, MY JOB TITLE IS Infrastructure ONLY. That is my only concern and all that I am supposed to do. If I do anything else it's actually EXTRA" .. That is her EXACT Quote sigh

  • I knew the quote was something like that....Thanks

  • Now take that quote and see does that equal $ 140k in salary

    for infrastuct

  • Daniel - North Lawndale - 2006 MBA - DePaul - Informations Systems

    We can't even stay focused on a point here between just a handful of people in this blog. You can key on these one liners all day but, the choice is between two evils. If we are going to focus on Dixon taking 140k and saying It is not my problem (as outlined by PNL) then you should also answer to Chandler giving jobs to his brother. I mean come on. We are where we are. Ms Leonard I will look closer at you if you run next time but, keep in mind with 18 candidates it is going to take a while to weed out the distractions.

  • Project North Lawndale Why are the W.Side Alderman Paid for NOTHING?

    you're correct DLeCour but if you look at the other Candidates and their Mentalities.. Can you only begin to see where the majority of the residents stand ? it's almost like for every 10 Intellects who know right from wrong, there are about 200 Naive People who have NO IDEA and do NOT CARE unless there is something for them FREE.. I'm Frustrated. As I stated before, we purchased our home almost 6 years ago and I have NEVER Let my kids who are 15 and 11 Walk past 3 doors down from me. NEVER to a corner not even on my own block. I'm Tired, frustrated and I really don't have time to see how Chandler will handle this mess.. Sure he has learned his lesson but he didn't even have enough Respect to show any Remorse for all of his wrong doings. He didn't even run a Campaign.. He didn't even think enough of us to show up at a Forum.. He didn't even bother running an AD. Why ? because he thinks that we are Ignorant Fools and unfortunately, this is what happens when you have MANY of them living here. !!! I'm off to the next / Zipcode that will be NORMAL in This lifetime! My kids can't afford this anymore. No child should be exposed to this craziness! They have other things to worry about like just attempting to have a normal childs life.. not trying to get pass the drug dealers and gang members just to purchase a Can of Coke in one of these Slum Down Stores. No thanks!

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