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Added Mar 17 2012

Anybody know any further information about a shooting in the 2100 block of W. Fletcher?,0,3856219.story

A few bad seeds are trying their best to harm the neighborhood...

  • Wow. Jog by there all the time. I recall some folks here saying a while back that there are some gangbangers near there. There is a corner store just s. of there, right?

  • vouchey Neighbor, publisher of

    Here's what we reported this morning on RVJ.

  • vouchey Neighbor, publisher of
  • I think it's something worth showing some organized concern over. Does anyone know when the next CAPS meeting is? Anyone know of any groups already organizing around gang violence issues in the neighborhood? That's what it sounds like, even if we aren't sure at this point.

  • I was at home watching a movie when I heard all of this going on. Got up & looked out my window only to witness a like 5 young caucasian males running one of which just got through shooting. They all scattered in every direction.
    P.S. No one deserves to be shot but the guy was a loud mouth that was. "just saying"

  • L

    I assume Hamlin Park Neighbors will be talking about it: and

  • "Chicago Police are reporting a 36 year-old man was shot in the face on the 2100 W. Fletcher block last night around 11:15 p.m. The victim was driving eastbound when another driver shot him from a passing white pickup truck." from the article posted above...

    ...was anybody driving that you could see? Maybe it's worth getting in touch with them since it sounds like what you saw is different.

    Anyway, thanks.

  • Neighbors always come up with there own far fetch stories. Most likely they are saying it was "hispanic or black" males that was shooting. Just like the last shooting, I spoke to the officer only to be ignored when the majority said it was a hispanic shooter when I clearly saw a caucasian & described him to the officer.

  • Dee Resident

    CAPS meeting for the new beat (1931) is on April 4th at the 19th District on Western Ave. at 7:30 pm.

    The next Hamlin Park Association meeting is on March 26th.

    ChicagoMOFO: do you think this shooting was connected to the issues on Hoyne or just an unfortunate random incident? Do you know the guy who got shot because you said he was a 'loudmouth'. Is he local or from outside the neighborhood?

  • I do believe that this shooting is connected to the gang related problems we have been having on Hoyne. Also I do not know that "loudmouth" personally, all I know about him is that he lives on Fletcher and I can hear him a block away from where I live.

    P.S. Sorry for the late response, technical problems.

  • Its interesting because hoyne is a one way street, but the article mentions a passing car? There is house on Hoyne with a few chuckleheads sitting outside all the time, wonder if its related.

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  • Dee Resident

    ChicagoMOFO, thanks so much for your info. Finally I feel like someone can give me some answers. We know about the house on Hoyne, where else is activity in the neighborhood ie: is the house the shooting victim is from also affiliated with a gang?

    Also, any idea what the aforementioned person under house arrest is under house arrest for?

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  • Good neighborhood overall, i've just heard a few things about that barry/hoyne corner from time-to-time. I hope the neighbors won't stand for this, and won't let a few people harm that family-friendly area.

  • Most of what you hear is probably from people that hasn't even lived here long enough to even know what's really going on. This is a Beautiful neighborhood, but just like with every place has it's ups & downs.

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