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Added Mar 17 2014

Any body else out there feeling the major lack of vegetarian and vegan options in the neighborhood? If you are vegetarian, where do you go when you eat out in the hood?

  • (Not a vegetarian, but someone who tries to limit animal protein sources)

    Just east over in Andersonville is Kopi Cafe and I can't remember seeing any meat options on the menu.

    But my go to for vegetarian takeout is Yes Thai at Damen and Foster with the tofu protein option.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Most Thai food has fish sauce, and is not vegetarian

  • Steve S. Ravenswood Manor Graphic Designer

    I guess it all depends on how strict of a vegan/vegetarian you are when it comes to finding places to eat. My wife and I eat some dairy, but typically only when we are out to eat (cheese on pizza or on veggie burgers). Here are some of our "go-to" places in Lincoln Square/Ravenswood:

    • Black bean burgers from the Daily (other vegetarian options there as well)
    • Aroy Thai (ask for no fish sauce and no eggs in the dishes we order)
    • Urban Vegan on Montrose is Asian
    • Any one of the places just west that have amazing vegetarian or vegan Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food (Semiramis, Salam, Noon o Kabob)
    • Jimmy's Pizza. Definitely not vegan at all, but AMAZING white pizza

    Someone on here mentioned the veggie burger from the Grafton as being great (have yet to try it), and then another place with very authentic Mexican food is La Amistad on Montrose. Just went there on Friday and was kind of blown away with how good it was (got the rajas con queso gordita and chile relleno taco).

    Most of our favorite veg-friendly spots are out of the neighborhood and worth traveling for (Chicago Diner, Ground Control, Upton's Breakroom, Revolution Brew, Northdown, etc etc etc), and truthfully, I kind of like having to leave the area to eat. I spend enough time in the neighborhood, so I welcome the opportunity to get out and see something else.

  • Apart Pizza has Daiya cheese option and many vegetarian options. The Greek place in the square notes which items are vegetarian or can be made vegetarian. They've made a vegan dish for me before too. And Delicious Cafe further down on Lincoln it my go to for quick vegan breakfast or snacks.

  • Yea, great options in neighboring hoods (and Urban Vegan & Apart Pizza are great) but everything in the square and surrounding is very meat focused. Was hoping that Grand Tour would have been more vegan friendly, given they said they were catering to that demographic.

  • There aren't a lot of options, I do eat dairy so I'm not so limited as a vegan but it seems like most places I have only one choice of menu item. I can say, however, that you should NEVER EVER EVER order the veggie burger from Glenn's Diner on Montrose. Seriously, that was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten (or rather, tried to eat). They deserve an award for worst veggie burger, I've been vegetarian for 20+ years and never had one worse. Words can not express how repulsively disgusting it was.

  • I've heard that Bad Apple has some vegetarian options.

  • Jaz Northcenter Mom

    Pi-Hi Cafe on Western and Addison also has vegetarian options. The falafel sandwich is amazing!

  • Me Dee on Damen doesn't use fish sauce (I always ask them to make their food without it).

    Urban Vegan is all meat-free and delicious. Its on Montrose and Ashland, so more North Center I believe.
    Someone mention Kopi, which is all vegetarian/vegan. They also have live music once in a while.

    Some other restaruants you can get no meat options, even if they aren't exclusively vegetarian/vegan place of business:
    Spacca Napoli is Italian pizza and always has bunch of non-meat versions
    Reza's in Andersonville has some good options.
    Hamburger Mary actually has a delicious vegetarian burger (black bean based I believe)
    There was a vegetarian/vegan juice bar health place on Montrose. Not sure if its still open though.

    But in general, I agree, there isn't too much vegetarian/vegan places, but it doesn't mean there isn't any. I would love to find juice bar or more healthy places, but with Marino's coming up and its associated salad bar, I won't be complaining too much.

  • Carl Good

    This is straying a little from the geographical area specified, but Badou Senegalese restaurant on Howard has a large list of true vegeterian options. Great place. My other favorite vegeterian on the north side is Uru Swati, on Devon. South Indian. Have been there dozens of times, and am never disappointed. Becky, if you still have that bad vegan burger taste in your mouth, try Chicago Diner's veggie burgers if you haven't already. Truly, truly good. But that's down in Boystown.

  • Steve S. Ravenswood Manor Graphic Designer

    I definitely prefer the Chicago Diner in Logan Square. There has never been a wait when we've gone there (as opposed to a usually ridiculous one at the Halsted location). And bonus points: they have some of my art hanging there!

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    If you're going to travel to Devon, Arya Bhavan is outstanding! The weekend veg buffet is filled with amazing foods.

  • Feihong EveryBlock developer, Lincoln Square dweller

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned First Slice Cafe. They have a good number of vegetarian items, which you can make vegan by request.

    For Indian food in the area, I've enjoyed Paprika.

  • Feihong EveryBlock developer, Lincoln Square dweller

    @Dhruv: The "vegetarian/vegan juice bar health place on Montrose" you're referring to is called Earth's Healing Cafe. I believe it's still open, but not sure if they still serve lunch. Their lunch options were always very limited, and the last time I went there they had run out of everything except one item.

  • Vegetarian paninis at a new cafe called Pi-Hi in the strip mall on Western and Addison. They have the best avocado panini. Falafels are delicious.

  • Youngs Chinese on Irving and Ashland actually knows how to prepare tofu w/o making it a disgusting gelatinous mess on the inside. I always get their general tsos tofu

  • Hmm. Seems like there really isn't anything in Lincoln Square (closest is Apart Pizza and Urban Vegan). I appreciate the notes about other neighborhoods too I suppose (even though I know what's outside our neighborhood). I had Pi-Hi yesterday and they / the staff were great!

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 30 year plus resident

    No ... not a vegetrian... not an issue ...

  • Nhu Lan Bakery has awesome veg and vegan bahn mis. Monti's also has a vegetarian cheese steak sandwich. Fork has great veg options (and a lovely beer/wine list). Beans and Bagels has two locations - delicious sandwiches. Bad Apple has a great veggie burger (they allow you to pair it with any toppings) AND veggie poutine. I also recommend Jimmy's for pizza.

  • Sue in Lincoln Square Boeman Design owner

    I second Nhu Lan. They have a vegan pho also that is great. I have been mostly vegan and although do lots of cooking at home, love Bad apple burger and the Kedzie mediterranean options. Trattoria Trullo has some vegetarian pasta dishes you can request no cheese on and they are great. Thanks for starting this link, gives me a few new options to go with my non-vegan family.

  • Royal Thai on Montrose & Lincoln will veganize dishes for you if you ask for no egg/fish sauce, etc.

  • I also forgot to mention Veg-head further south on Lincoln. I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but it sounds like a great place to pick up some healthy items when you're on the go.

    I also can't say enough about Earth's Healing Cafe. Yes, it's a bit pricey - but it is very evident that they take great care in what they do.

  • kars I'm my toddlers personal assistant

    I got a great homemade veggie burger (no cheese in the prep) at Bad Dog last night. Their fries have parmesan cheese on them, but you can ask for without.

  • Gina World traveler, do-gooder

    I *am* vegetarian, and just in Lincoln Square I enjoy Rockwell's, Cafe Selmarie, Monti's, The Grafton, The Daily, Apart Pizza, Thai Oscar, Mediterranean Cafe, Pizza Art, Bocca Dell Verita, Tiny Lounge.... I eat out way too much.

  • Gina World traveler, do-gooder

    Almost forgot The Grind, Los Nopales, and Fork.

    Favorite veg places outside the square are Chicago Diner, Revolution Brewery, and Northdown, which all have loads of options.

  • Veronika "Kat" LiBeth Block Captain Obvious, Rocket Surgeon

    Also not in the neighborhood but an easy ride on the red line to Belmont is Native Foods. I love that place. All vegan.

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    Royal Thai has TONS of veggie dishes. Daily Bar and Grill, Beans N Bagels, Urban Vegan, tons more....

  • Old timer native Chicagoan

    Nhu Lan's vegan pho is unbelieveably tasty.

  • Opart Thai & Royal Thai will make most dishes without fish sauce. The Bad Apple seitan burger is pretty good, but if you are vegan make sure to request no butter on the bun. Apart pizza has Daiya cheese but is pricey.

    I used to love Nhu Lan, but haven't been able to bring myself to go back there in a while. After their health-inspection shutdown/reopening, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and go back, but the last time I was there I got a long piece of hair in my veggie roll. It's too bad, because their food is delicious and there are plenty of vegan options (sans hair).

  • Becca Living and working this neighborhood

    Urban Vegan is a DELICIOUS Thai restaurant! It's on Montrose and Ashland. I love it.

  • Chet 606 Rogers Park, NOHavana, CE

    Earth Healing Cafe on Montrose. Delicious drinks and a few to-go items.

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