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Added Mar 17 2014

Hello neighbors of Uptown. Any thoughts or feedback regarding the dog park, Pup Town? Thanks!

  • I'm a fan and so are my dogs! It's nice to have the dog park nearby. I know that quite a few people travel from other neighborhoods as owners actively watch over their dogs, not just chat or text.

  • Yusef G in Uptown

    Many thanks!

  • new to uptown...condo on marine...where is pup town ?

  • Charo, It's on the northeast corner of Lawrence and Marine in the park. Lots of dog owners in the area, so it's very popular with a strong core group that started it. Friendly reminders about cleaning up and cleaning days as well as fun events for dogs create a positive culture.

  • new account Spokesperson@ Concerned Uptown Neighbors Taskf

    Its a great dog park largely due to the types of people who go there. I feel safe taking my smaller dog there as all the owners are actively watching their dogs.

  • Unfortunately I have not had the same experience as SoccerMom and The Captain. I do not care for the park. During the warmer months, there are a lot of people there not watching their dogs (many on phones or reading books). Some of the dogs can get aggressive. I know that happens when you get a lot of dogs in a small space but the owners do not leave even after their dogs getting snippy several times. I also do not care for the surface, the blacktop does a number on my dog's pads during the summer months. Because my dog usually gets ganged up on at the park we will not go if there are more than a few dogs. Needless to say, we cannot go on weekends or week day evenings when it is nice out because there are just way too many dogs there. We prefer walking a litle further east and hit the beach.

  • Of course you have to use judgment and do what's best for you. It's important that people watch their dogs especially in the spring when the dogs may be more aggressive. But I've never had a problem calling someone out about not watching their dog. I agree that weekends are crowded and I don't go then, but weeknights are rarely crowded and I live close by.

  • any such name live, walk, & cook on the northwest side

    We've been a couple of times and have had mostly good experiences. The last time we were there (December), there was an older guy with an aggressive female husky that I would steer clear of.

  • Lee F Margate Park regular

    I've been over there a few times when there was nobody else around. My dog doesn't love other dogs, so I try to avoid busy times. He's not aggressive, just not interested. Same goes for the dog park here: doesn't love it, doesn't hate it. He does a lap around the perimeter and then comes back to me ready to explore the rest of the park.

  • Mark Anthony Langridge concerned neighbor

    I was a frequent friend and lover of my Zoey and ltc Jimmy and I still go there and I swear they remember me ,I love this park and count our blessings that mr.Claypool first to allow it.

  • Jeffrey Littleton

    There is another smaller and lesser used dog park just south of Wilson a couple blocks away if you dog doesn't fit in at Puptown.

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