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Added Mar 13 2014

Can anyone recommend or let me know a reliable taxi service that picks up in Bridgeport and goes to either Midway or O'hare or what you use besides the obvious friends relatives etc. I just want to be picked up in time and not worry.

  • Jason Marshall Pilsen - Harrison Park resident

    If you have a smartphone the newer services like Uber are nice and reliable from my experience. The difference between then and calling a traditional taxi service are that:

    A) You provide a payment method prior to pickup (it's stored in your user profile)
    B) You see in real time where your car is on a map.

    Item A is important because it eliminates the risk of the driver of "dead-heading" out to a pick up only to find that the person has hailed a cab on the street. I don't know what it is exactly but there is some fee for not being there for pick up - something like $5.00. You don't give the driver your credit card it is processed via the application (also tipping is not expected).

    Item B is important for the passenger because we all know the anxiety that comes from having a plane to catch and wondering whether and when the taxi will actually show up.

    I am not affiliated in any way with Uber or the other services. I know that some people don't like the service for various reasons but I have had really good experiences with them personally.

  • I recently used Uber & it was great.

  • have a horrible time getting taxis to respond to an addy in the stockyards.

    uber x is my first choice.

    past two rides have been from local students. one from IIT and the other a grad from U of Chicago.

    good, smart, hard working kids and clean courteous and efficient transportation.

    other uber x experiences have been good as well.

  • JP, I supposed I should have explained that uber x is a bit different from uber in that uber x drivers are independent "non-medallion" drivers...if that matters to you.

  • R.

    I have used flash cab several times for early morning pickup to midway. Reserve the day before and they're always there and waiting by the requested time.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    My boyfriend has used Lyft to the airport and he loved it. Again, you need a smartphone. It works the same way - you provide payment information in your account, no money changes hands.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    I heard that soon you will be able to take a helicopter to the airport for about the price of a town car!

  • Brian Morris Owner of loud truck

    UberX all the way

  • JP in Bridgeport lifetime bridgeport resident

    When would I call right before I am ready to leave? How can it be so fast?

  • Stephanie Hardiman Simon Pilsenite, journalist

    Download the app and check it out (for free). Use this code, xmf9k, get $20 in rides free. Cheaper than a taxi, the people are nicer, and you don't feel like you're going to die the whole time.

  • Use Lyft and code "Steve1872" for $25 off. Enter code before first ride request.

  • I have had great luck with - you reserve online in advance and they text you when they are on the way and again when they are outside. I have used them 3 times to get to Midway and once to O'hare. It's still a regular taxi, but they have always been on time or early and I've had no problems.

  • Sidecar is a good service that I have used with no problems. I believe it is similar to Lyft and Uber, but I have only used Sidecar so I couldn't compare it to the others.

  • Also, Crown Cars is a very reliable service.

  • If you want no worry and 100% reliable, then a limo service is the way to go. They aren't much more than a taxi the airport, but you get the reliability. Checker Taxi has been pretty good for me in Pilsen, except during snow storms.

  • NAFSBUC Walking my Fitbit and Flatcoat 10k steps/day

    Do NOT use Taxi Magic. I have had two dramatic fails with that. It used to be that I could reserve a yellow cab and they would show up on time and I would make my plane. Now they all throw the reservations in to the pot and maybe a driver will want the call and maybe not. In my case they preferred to sit at the train station rather than drive to angry! We had to drive to union station to get a cab-annoying. Tri Taylor is not Iowa

  • Chicago Cabbie is awesome! You can find him on Twitter, @ChicagoCabbie

  • Agreed on taxi magic

    Dont know anyone who still uses it

  • orange line to midway, or orange line to blue line to ohare. KABLAM

  • Paul Lukis Bridgeport Blogger

    Check out Uber. It is amazing.

  • If you want reliable service without wondering what your cost will be use Chicago private car. Great on time service with flat rate so same cost if you're by yourself or riding with friends/family

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