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Added Mar 11 2012

My brother is moving to the Granville and Winthrop area from out of state soon and I'm wondering about driving restrictions for moving trucks on certain streets and low clearance under CTA and Metra tracks--hoping to avoid some of the mistakes I made when I moved here, like driving my moving truck on Lake Shore Drive. Any advice or reference to where I can find good information would be greatly appreciated.

  • David Barnett Lived along Ravenswood since 1997.

    Check out this city website:

    You can look at clearances by street.

    And Jason -- I am glad to know I am not the only person who drove a moving truck on Lake Shore Drive when he moved here. People kept honking and waving at me -- I thought Chicago folks were just really friendly and welcoming (since I had a moving truck with out of state plates). Luckily, when I exited at Belmont, the truck safely fit underneath the overpass but it was a bit close for comfort.

  • Inactive user

    I'm making the move to Rogers Park soon, and the moving company I chose actually offers a shuttle service due to road restrictions. I called IL DOT and after getting transferred to about 5 different offices, I still couldn't get the answers I needed. I called Chicago PD and while they weren't fully helpful, they did give me height restrictions for the CTA/Metra overpasses, so you may want to call them. You could also contact the Alderman's office, I imagine they may have some reference info. If you find there's a lot of restrictions, I would be happy to give you the contact information for the moving company I am using in case he needs it. Hope you find the info you need!

  • Kochlechel condo treasurer, Green Party

    Alderman Osterman 773-784-5277 will help you get permission to unload. Highest viaduct clearance is at Bryn Mawr (5600) and Devon (6400)

  • Bill in Rogers Park Rogers Parker - co-founder of Glenwood Neighbors

    Rand McNally has a truck navigation device - you enter the dimensions of the truck and it provides you with a legal (keeping you off LSD, e,g), safe route (height, weight restrictions are taken into account) based on the parameters of the vehicle. It is called the Intelliroute 500 and 700. You might be able to find information or routes on their webiste ( Separately, Garmin also has a truck navigation product.

  • Jason grad student

    Thanks for the help. Apparently the truck is only 10'0", so height doesn't look to be a problem. I just don't want to get pulled over on the drive into town...but apparently the police don't even know what streets have restrictions.
    Also, the building has a wide alley for move-in through the back, so that should be fine too. I'm going to walk down to Osterman's office in a minute, though, to see if there is any more advice they can offer.

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