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Added Mar 11 2012

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I saw some coyotes hanging out next to the chapel in Graceland Cemetary yesterday. Looked like two adolescents and an adult. I called 311 to let the city know (the gal who picked up the phone couldn't be more disinterested, but that's another story).

  • I saw one trotting down Sheridan Road just north of Irving Park Road about a month ago, but didn't think to report it.

  • I once called 311 to report coyotes roaming around the former Cabrini Green grounds. (This was about 2 weeks after the final tower was demolished.) The dispatcher didn't know what a coyote was.

    For anyone worried: don't approach nor run away from a coyote. Simply walk away and they probably will walk the other direction.

  • They know they're there and they want them there, they are used for rodent control. They're populating other parts of the city too.

  • Louie Just your friendly neighborhood blah blah blah

    If anyone sees it, it'll be a good idea to take a photo.

  • Char Heinke Dog Lover Lincoln Park Enthusiast

    Saw one in Jonquil Park about two months ago....there are less rats around lately....not a bad thing!

  • I see "outdoor" cats in so many neighborhoods up this way. Never a good thing; for the cat in the long run. Now more reason to alert responsible cat owners and hopefully convert their thinking to save some pets. Coyotes don't hang around where there's no prospect for food. Thanks Russ.

  • There must be a lot of coyotes living at Graceland. The couple of times I've been there in the past year I saw a few.

  • I seen some in Rosehill Cemetery too, there are a lot of animals living in cemetery... I do think they help out with the rodents .... Thanks for the the heads up ....

  • Yes, better coyotes than rats!

  • lake view chicago new chapter in the southside

    if you begin seeing rhonos let me know :)

  • Curt Another food blogger living in North Center


  • Rick H. Native Chicagoan, 13 year Bucktown resident

    From what I've read, they mostly avoid humans so I say let them eat all the rats they want!

  • Link N. Parker Long-time Lakeview/LP resident

    Those coyotes have lived there for years. I used to live at Clark and Grace and yes, I used to see them there occasionally, and that was years ago.

  • The coyotes are there for a reason, they control (somewhat) the rodent population and eat the eggs of non-migratory geese -- these helps keep bacteria out of Lake Michigan. The coyotes have been in Chicago far longer than the Palmers or the Fields...

  • Inactive user

    The EB folks in Ravenswood are going nuts on this topic. Let's let nature takes it couse, and let them be.

    After all, we should worry about what us humans are doing. Not nature.

  • Inactive user

    Russ, here's another great link to the "Chicago Coyotes" for the reading wonks out there.

    It's got graphs of the collared Chicago coyotes, marking where they are; and where they go.

    If you're like me, you gotta have a soft spot in your heart for "Big Mama".

  • I'm really happy to hear reports of coyotes in the area. A balanced urban eco-system needs some predators to control the vermin. Rats are WAY more dangerous to all of us than coyotes are. And I'd much rather have the rats get eaten by the coyotes than die of poisoning inside my walls (when rats are poisoned they travel for a while before they die so they can die in your walls even if you aren't the one using poison)!

    Did you know there are only 2 recorded times in all of recorded north american history where a coyote has killed a human? And of those 2, one of them was killed by a coyote-wolf hybrid in the wilderness in Canada. There have been approximately 80-90 coyote attacks on humans in the last 20 years or so and most of them have been in California.

    On the other hand, uncontrolled rat populations wiped out a third of the population of Europe and continue to a dozen infectious diseases dangerous to humans.

  • Thanks for all the great info about the urban coyotoes, guys. I only called 311 because I wasn't sure if they're supposed to be around or not, but I certainly don't have a problem with them chilling and helping out with our rodent problems :)

  • Graceland Cemetery is a tourist destination, and they even have tours. I've seen people taking walks and jogging there. I took my granddaughters there when they studied about Daniel Burnham in school, and were excited when I took them to his family's plot on the little island on the pond. It's a good bird-watching place. I once saw a blue heron there. Russ, did you call the Graceland Cemetery office about it?

  • I've seen coyotes in the cemeteries too. But, my favorite sighting was @ about 5:40am, I was running west on Armitage and a coyote came trotting right past me, southbound on Kenmore...on the sidewalk. I noticed he had a tag in his ear.

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    not sure if this link will work, it's to an NPR story about how there are MANY radio-collared coyotes in Chicago, they are monitored and encouraged because their JOB is to keep the rodent population down.

    We've got at least one pair living near the beach in Evanston - I see one now and then, not often. They're very cool!

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    Ooops, I see that someone else already posted this article - so much for PREVIEW - lol -

  • Margaret in East Ravenswood 30+ year homeowner

    Coyotes may be more effective than poison and less expensive. As long as they are doing their job and we remember that they, as well as other wild animals, shouldn't be cornered or threatened, we should use their services.

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    My daughter sees coyotes in Calvary Cemetary from the train every morning. Ruins her day if she doesn't spot them!

  • DebbyV 31 yrs in our GREAT neighborhood

    Over in Budlong Woods, we don't have alleys between our streets, and a pair of coyotes settled in back there last winter for about a month. Tribune did a story on it:

    There were kids leaving food for them which is a big no-no. Once we got the info out, the parents quickly put an end to that!

    After mating season was over, the coyotes moved on. Haven't heard or seen them since except one time last summer when I was biking through North Park Village and heard them howling along with an ambulance.

  • Inactive user

    I am a very extreme animal lover and would not call the police if I seen a coyote or any other animal wondering around because the police have shot animals before plus coyotes should not be locked up. They need their freedom and they don't bother anyone as far as I know. I would just ignore the coyote and let it go on its way.

  • Inactive user

    Mariann is right. Calling 911 on one of these animals for being at the wrong palce at the wrong time could trigger one less coyote in the city.

  • fenn .

    Televisions have killed more people in Chicago than coyotes have snarled at.

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