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Added Mar 10 2012

Hi, would anyone be interested in getting together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and clean up trash that is all along our major thoroughfares in Logan Square?

It's sad to see a lot of nasty stuff on our streets. What are some things we would need. Let's see....

-heavy duty gloves
-those trash grabbers like this:
-trash bags

Maybe we can do two or three miles a week and then meet for lunch somewhere?

Anyone interested?

  • kim

    Love this idea. But we're a little south in West Bucktown. It would be great if we could get neighbors together to do this.

  • Awesome idea! I already do this weekly (weather permitting) on my block. It would be great to have help and expand my reach. IMHO, keeping the streets clean goes a long way toward promoting respect of the neighborhood, and causes those that may be inclined to litter to think twice. How do we get this organized? Garbage pickers unite!

    For a tool, I recommend the Unger brand Nifty Nabber, available at Home Depot and
    It is solid and has a good grip for a wide range of stuff.

  • jen_s Wants to be a good neighbor

    Yes I would totally pick up garbage. Just don't make me go out in freezing cold weather (or wet weather for that matter) because I'm a big baby. But if the weather is good- I'm in for sure.

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    My wife runs Alderman Waguespack's monthly Meet-up Clean-up- we'll be coming to Logan Sq this spring on a Saturday..

    If you or your community group would like to join forces with us email our coordinator:

  • I definitely am! I'm going to be organizing on my block for April 21 Clean & Green, but the trash blows in every day. Thanks for the great idea Walter. I'll stay tuned for more posts on this.

  • hateeecs 3 year bucktown resident

    Has anyone ever investigated a bounty program for trash? One can see the viability of such a program already for items that have intrinsic value (scrap metal)

  • Im totally down for this! Keep in touch! When can we do this???

  • Doug vanderHoof Neighbor in GGNA, video producer

    Walter (wearing the pineapple, traditional symbol of hospitality),
    Great going!
    I'm down in the Goethe nabe and I notice stuff gets picked up to a fair degree. Room for improvement, but it's cleaner than it would be if we just waited for the city.
    I find it no effort to pick up from parkway and gutter for two houses either side of me, every 2, 3, or 4 days. I'm pretty sure my neighbors do that, too.
    I also think people are dropping less than they did when I moved in ten years ago. ¿Quien sabe?

  • MTNM Hermosa resident 4-ever

    Great idea, you need to contact your alderman for some help with the tools needed to carry out this most important part of our very existence.It would be even more awesome if everyone would just pick up the trash/etc in front /back/sides /alleys of their own homes or apartment buildings or even a take on a block ,I have been doing this in my area for quite a few years on my own and have noticed there is less and less trash /etc since I started , I also get my exercise this way.and a chance to meet my neighbors as well, this is not a hard task and is very rewarding, healthy and shows you care, take back our neighborhoods for ourselves and the future generations make it a better place to live.

  • Andrea :)

    I live on Armitage and pick up garbage daily. Would love to help and have some help.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    What a great thread. Thanks for getting it started, Walter!

    Don't forget about clean and green day next month too.

  • Inactive user

    Awesome! I wonder what the best way would be to go about this...

    Pick a date and place I guess? How about this Sunday the18th at 10am? The area near the skate park under the I-90 on Logan Boulevard is particularly garbage laden. Let's meet there and we can figure out where else we want to pick up stuff if we get done quickly.

    I can supply bags I suppose.

    I think what we're going to do for now is everyone will be on their own in terms of gear they want to bring (gloves, trash grabber). Although I wouldn't want anyone to get poked or cut on nasty broken glass or worse so I'll bring an extra pair of hardy gloves.

    There is also the question of disposing of the garbage/recyclables. The skate park area is Ald Waguespack's hood so I'll give him a ring.

    Thoughts on date/time and place?

  • jen_s Wants to be a good neighbor

    For my two cents I would vote to start at the California blue line stop, but I don't know which is the best strategy. All underpasses are gross. Milwaukee avenue is all-around bad. But I am out of town this next weekend, so please post for periodic updates. My biggest question is where we should dump our trash bags. thx!

  • Inactive user

    Hi everyone, I have a family conflict this Sunday so we will have to do this another weekend! Keep your eyes peeled here!

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