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Added Mar 07 2018

They're going to rebuild the Red Line in Lakeview.
What is the "RPM?" The RPM is the largest capital improvement project in CTA history. This major initiative will completely rebuild the nearly century old North Red Line from Belmont to Howard and the Purple Line from Belmont to Linden in Wilmette. As it is rebuilt, much needed capacity will be added in this growing residential corridor to accommodate current and future riders, and to deliver faster and smoother rides with less crowding and more frequent service.

Thoughts? I think it's a waste of money.

  • I don't know....I just wish these kinds of projects were presented with the priority in mind that there is an ROI.

    If they did, the rest of us wouldn't have to wonder about these things.

  • From what I understand the finished flyover will only save about 3-5 minutes in riding time.

  • I have no strong feelings either way

    Pretty neutral

    I read that the flyover allows 15 extra trains to run per day

  • I also heard that the project is supposed to be finished by opening day?

    Theres no way

  • d3 NoHo

    The flyover is much needed the brown and purple lines get delayed 15-20 mins on a regular basis as things back up in the winter.

  • The major construction is to start next year, and will last 4-5 years, according to the CTA website. I'm a proponent of infrastructure improvement. The century old stations are shabby and overcrowded during rush hour.

  • spevman

    "The finished flyover will only save 3 to 5 minutes in riding time"

    I'm not sure where exactly you heard that, but from what I read on the actual CTA website describing the project, it's expected to allow an additional 14 trains per hour to travel through that station during rush hour periods. Sounds like a worthwhile upgrade to me.

  • Nikki B New to Ownership in Lakeview

    The project will be finished in 2024 :( The one thing I'm concerned about is all construction workers need somewhere to park during the day and zoning allows 6am6pm on non cubs game days.I do NOT pay an insane amount of property tax for street parking all over lakeview to be taken over-

    I just purchased where the major construction will be happening - hoping it will add value to my condo by 2024 (what do you guys think?) With all the property the CTA bought, most of it will new become apartment and condos.

  • the thing i heard "finished before opening day" was the demo of some of the buildings that are standing in the way of the flyover...
    duh, makes sense now!

  • nikki, i can't see how your value would go down.

    the artist's rendering makes the project look fresh and modern. Certainly a huge visual improvement over what it looks like today.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the flyover project (once completed) doesn't enhance nearby property values, but i have nothing to base that on.

  • Nikki B New to Ownership in Lakeview

    Thanks for settling my anxiety :o)

  • If the improvements encourage more people to use mass transit, that's also a benefit on many levels.

  • It sort of (?) has to be done to make up for city planning mistakes that were made it the past because of the lack of city planning a century ago. No one likes it, but as we grow as a city and population increases sacrifices have to be made. If one thinks I'm fan I'm about to not see trees and the rest of Chicago as there is a 5 story TOD development
    going up to my eastern view that the alderman thins is necessary. It's going up on the 2006 Montrose Sinkhole. My opinion ... I'm going down with it. This area is too precious to go down with a fight - which Pawar ignored. On the flyover every minute of one's life is too precious to ignore.

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