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Added Mar 06 2014

At 2:42pm, I've just recieved an alert from Crain's Chicago Business, stating that Jewl-Osco has just purchased 5 more stores from Dominicks in the following locations:

1763 Howard St. in Rogers Park•
424 W. Division in Old Town•
3243 S. 115th St in Merrionette Park•
800 NW Highway in Fox River Grove •
345 S. Rand Road in Lake Zurich.

This is sure to be welcome news to the neighborhood, as Jewel is a company that we are already familiar with.

  • Apple Jaxx Pissing people off not once, but twice...

    That may be good for some, but for those in areas designated as Food Deserts, it's another slap in the face. And the beat goes on...

  • mike

    Because this wouldn't be Rogers Park unless people found SOMETHING to complain about... So glad I'm moving in 2 weeks.

  • kelly hudson Live in the Bosworth area near nothshore

    Could be worse,,,in western new York they complain more!

  • Estes&Ashland Rogers Park & West Ridge Resident since 1960

    @Apple Jaxx:
    What areas are you talking about, that have been designated as "Food Deserts"?

  • Mark Yokohama I like pizza with anchovies and calamari

    I think Apple Jaxx is North Kenwood or Bronzeville and not Rogers Park. We import some of our complaints. We are very cosmopolitan that way.

  • Mac I complain on EB on the regular.

    @mike, don't move away from The Jewels.

  • d3 NOH

    what do they complain about in WNY? They have Wegman's. and chicken finger subs.

  • Apple Jaxx Pissing people off not once, but twice...
  • Diane Galleher Rogers Park neighbor since 2005.

    Apple Jax, thanks for the map. it looks like with Jewel buying the Dominick's on Howard there will be one less food desert on that map. Something we should all be thankful for. Hopefully the other food deserts will be erased from that map soon too.

  • Brian Jogger like the lakefront and beach

    Had you actually looked at the map carefully Diane you would have seen that the "food desert" was located in West Ridge and not Rogers Park. Even that was an error because the delineated area in West Ridge is far less than a mile, actually easy walking distance, to the Jewel up at Howard and Kedzie. Go back and look at the map carefully.

  • Had you read the text accompanying the map BJ, you may have responded differently. Lighten up.

    "But the former Dominick’s at 1763 W. Howard St. remains unsold, leaving the West Ridge residents who are living in the nearby food desert with one less grocery store to depend on.

    Dominick’s was the more well-known supermarket in the area. Without the Safeway grocer, the area’s options include corner stores and lesser-knowns like Supermercado Chapala and Morse Fresh Market."

  • Diane Galleher Rogers Park neighbor since 2005.

    I read the map. I never stated Rogers Park in my reply. I was just going off of the map that Apple Jax supplied which clearly listed a food desert in West Ridge. The Jewel on Howard served many people in West Ridge. If you read the description of the food desert they used the closing of the Dominick's at Howard as part of the reason there is a food desert. There are many people on the eastern side of Western that would have to walk over a mile to get to the Jewel on Howard or the Jewel on Chicago. Have a good day.

  • Diane Galleher Rogers Park neighbor since 2005.

    Sorry Mr. Rogers, I didn't see your reply when I was composing mine.

  • d3 NOH

    Can we go back in history -- whose idea was it to put the dry cleaner on the far end of a plaza connected to public transit?

  • s'ok Diane. You really should be more careful ; )

  • Pancetta Dance therapist and Foley artist

    Huh? What does the physical location of a dry cleaner have to do with food deserts? And if you're talking about food deserts I really feel sorry for the poor people who observe Halal and Kosher restrictions. Many more of them are the ones who are stuck in the middle of huge food deserts. The rest of us have it easy and shouldn't be complaining at all. Not only are they in food deserts but they also are in restaurant deserts.

  • d3 NOH

    Pancetta this thread isn't only about food deserts. doesn't deliver to these food deserts? Their pricing is on par w/ Jewel, actually probably cheaper than Jewel.

  • Pancetta Dance therapist and Foley artist

    Don't forget Instacart. They source from a wider variety of grocers and are highly competitive. This thread seems to be about Jewel-Osco at Gateway and not dry cleaner locations. No one ever said it was just about food deserts.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    It would have been really nice to have actual competition to Jewel, like a Roundys, HyVee, or other local chain.

  • Pancetta Dance therapist and Foley artist

    What do those places have that we don't already have or will with Jewel? I don't understand. We have competition all over the place from Devon up into Evanston, from Sheridan to Kedzie.

  • Well, Robin: They all had the opportunity to bid for the lease, and open a store, if their internal spreadsheets would have justified it, but corporations must answer to their investors.

    Personally, I would have liked to see Food4Less move in - not only for the benefit of the neighborhood residents, but also for the fact that they would have drawn shoppers from outside the 49th Ward.

    Unfortunately, we can't just go out, grab them by the collar, and force them to open a store, just because we want them to.

    While having more diverse shopping options is a good thing, there are also some less obvious benefits to having a big-name solid company like Jewel move into the space.

    For example: A large grocer, with a widely dispersed network of other stores in the chain, can weather a temporary downturn in a local economy. If a particular store in one neighborhood is not pulling it's weight (profit-wise), it can be kept afloat with the revenues of the other stores in the chain, until that particular store's issues can be addressed.

    A smaller chain might decide to simply cut their losses, and pull out of the area, and would have no accountability to the employees, in the way that a large chain would be forced to deal with.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Kyros - Duh!

  • d3 NOH

    'This thread seems to be about Jewel-Osco at Gateway and not dry cleaner locations.' I'm sorry you're not familiar with what a mixed-use shopping plaza is.

    Instacart is nice... I've ordered from them a few times. Just ordered Costco from them last weekend... Be aware though that I wouldn't call them "competitive" they're more convenience oriented... They charge an average of 25-30% markup on the items from what the store charges from every price comparison I've done. W/ Costco that worked out OK because we were ordering beer that was 40% less in price. (But then... felt obligated to tip $20... soo.. back to convenience pricing). Peapod directly competes with the local retailers pricing, on the other hand. Additionally, orders are filled by Peapod so they are making the markup directly, whereas Instacart *has* to rely on this 30% markup over the actual store since they are just sending people to the store to shop on your behalf. I've noticed that since the Dominicks have closed (and perhaps seasonally, weather), the Peapod delivery schedule times have been insanely far out from what they were previously :/

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Hey, folks, d3 certainly isn't the first person to veer off the main topic of a post. To answer your question, it seems obvious to me that the owner(s) of the dry cleaner chain decided to rent the storefront where the cleaners is located. There were (and still are) other storefronts available in Gateway.

  • d3 NOH

    Yah I wasn't around for it, but it seems like poor planning that the city would fund a project with TIF money then allow a storage facility to be the nearest operator to the CTA, Gateway plaza project in addition to city planners in general. and years later we're in a situation where it's easier to walk to the jarvis red line and use the dry cleaner at Jarvis Sq due to the complete lack of any near howard red line. I'm sure there's no shortage of people sitting around trying to solve what's wrong for the area, but if this isn't really obvious on someone's radar to solve...

  • Reilly Neighbor on Columbia

    Agreed, poor planning. It draws traffic off of Howard, which continues to languish and the storage facility makes no sense. But if I were a vendor dependent on foot traffic, I'd be leery of that location, hence the empty storefronts. But I still hear politicians claiming it as a big victory.

  • S10

    If I recall correctly, the space at Gateway Plaza currently occupied by the storage facility was supposed to be a movie theater, before the chain (I believe Cineplex Odeon) went out of business midway through construction. As a result, we now have an oddly shaped L. A. Fitness with an oversized lobby and a self storage center steps away from the train. Gateway Plaza is the product of bad planning (giant surface lot next to a large transit facility) and the unusual luck of having 2 of its biggest tenants go out of business.

  • My understanding (according to the original blueprints for the project), was that the multi-screen theater was to be placed in the space that is now occupied by the "Marshall's" store.
    I have never been inside of Marshall's, so I don't know if the space could have accomodated a theater. The place looks very small from the outside, but perhaps someone who has actually seen the inside of the store, could offer an opinion as to whether the space is large enough to have hosted a theater.

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