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Added Mar 05 2018

How did the utility poles come down in the alley on the 4800 North block of Lawrence? I past that location around 8:15 am this morning. I notice police and fire department at that location. Seems there was a garbage pick up truck involved.

  • Um, Lawrence is 4800 north. Which block of west Lawrence are you talking about?

  • nimblewitted busy grandma

    I was talking about Pulaski and Lawrence ave. Don't respond if you don't know what incident I'm referencing. I was just curious.

  • Neighborhood Dad 27-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Yeesh, Nimble. People are on EB to get and share info. Maybe Jamie commutes down Lawrence and was hoping to avoid a traffic nightmare.

    I guarantee you that everyone who read your post had the same question as Jamie. So no need to decapitate her for being the first to ask.

  • nimblewitted busy grandma

    That's harsh, Neighborhood Dad. I purposely stopped using EB because neighbors always seem to point out your faults regardless your content. I'm just basically tired of the constant ridicule that's been tossed around. I should change my name to (too old for this cr__ and irritated); but that's my issue.

  • Neighborhood Dad 27-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Nimble - I was harsh?

    Go re-read your response to Jamie (as well as your original post).

    I didn’t point out your faults. I don’t know of any. I simply commented on the content of your posts.

    I wasn’t trying to ridicule you.

  • nimblewitted busy grandma

    Just to respond to your comment. When someone responded to my initial post with the word "UM" there is an assumed criticism. I realize I said 4800 North; but I was meaning to say at Pulaski which is 4800 North at Lawrence Ave. Sorry if I offend any neighbors. EB can and is an excellent tool for information to be passed amongst neighbors.

  • Neighborhood Dad 27-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    I understand where you’re coming from, Nimble. But even if the “Um” was intended as criticism (I didn’t perceive it that way), it would have been criticism of the post’s content, not you personally.

    And you responded by being critical to Jamie. Which I thought was unwarranted.

    That’s all.

    But I am curious if you ever found out how the poles came down.

  • I'm with Jamie....no such thing as 4800 north Lawrence. We want to know exactly where this is hence the "um"

    nimble, you posted incomplete/erroneous information. own it. grow a thicker skin. especially if you think neighborhood dad (of all people) was being harsh.

  • nimblewitted busy grandma

    An update of said pole or poles, have been braced as of March 6th. I passed on Pulaski rd yesterday, and noticed a group of Com Ed trucks at that location. Still not sure how it all transpired. No need to respond to this post. Thanks

  • I guess we just can’t have nice things can we

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