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Added Mar 05 2018

There are many feral cats in the Portage Park area- streets such Parkside, Major, etc... I was wondering if there is anyone in the area that is doing TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)? This a process where the feral cats are trapped and taken to an agency such as Anti Cruelty Society for spay/neuter. This helps to assure that there are no unwanted kittens. It is also healthier for the feral cats to be spayed or neutered. I would like to trap some of the cats as soon as possible as kitten season is here. Looking for some assistance with the process.

  • Hi, Laurie53. Please reach out to PAWS and Tree House. They both have TNR programs. Thanks for being willing to help!

  • Great of you to think of it and seek help to do something proactive, Laurie53.

    Over the years, we joined with neighbors on the block to TNR a number of ferals. Adopted a kitten from one feral's final litter into our home; post-TNR, we provide the feral mom-cat (that cannot be domesticated) food, water and shelter.

    For those who don't know, ear-tipping crops the tip off the LEFT ear, and is important for outdoor cats -- feral or domestic -- as a visual marker that they're "fixed."

    The ones we knew couldn't be domesticated got ear-tipped, but the ones we've adopted got chipped at Anti Cruelty Society (chipping was about $100). Ear-tipping was included in the low-cost spay/neuter.

  • Laurie what are the cross streets there?

  • Susan Long-time Jeff Park resident

    My mom called PAWS and within 2 weeks they had TNRd them and released them back into the same area. My mom continued to feed them. 😻

  • EPage forest glen resident since 2001

    Join the Facebook group “chicago community cats” there are a lot of people around who TNR and support colonies of ferals

  • Laurie53 Parkside Neighbor

    Street is Parkside between Belle Plaine an Berteau. I have already joined Chicago Community Cats. Yes they have lots of support and suggestions. I have a message into Treehouse and am waiting for reply. I have a trap but would need transportation to Anti Cruelty Society for spay/neuter. I have two feral kittens inside now that I trapped a few weeks ago. I am trying to socialize them, but they are older kittens and mote difficult. They will need a home as I already have indoor cats- three of them former ferals. I am worried that the feral cats will need to be TNR’d ASAP as it is already kitten season.

  • Laurie53 - Any word back or assist from Treehouse yet?

  • Laurie53 Parkside Neighbor

    No return email from initial contact. I actually trapped three cats these past four days. Two were taken to Anti Cruelty Society for TNR and one is at PAWS today. Anti Cruelty is only $15 for feral cats and that is for the microchip. My two feral kittens are also at PAWS today for spay/neuter. I believe there are a couple of more feral cats out there to be trapped. Long, but rewarding process.

  • Wow. Great work!! And if you got help, kudos to them too.

  • Laurie53 Parkside Neighbor

    Wonderful help from family, friends, coworkers and a nice taxi driver willing to take me and a feral cat to Anti Cruelty Society early in the morning🐈. Still hope to find homes for the two kittens. They are a bit rough around the edges though.

  • Lizzie Bee Teacher

    Thanks for the PAWS etc info. I will start this off by saying I have 2 cats of my own and I keep them inside. There are so many (more than 10 I've seen at once) that are feral that live on my block. They are fed and housed (a condominium style housing for the cats across my alley).and they keep reproducing. My issue is that they all come and use my backyard, and my neighbors, for a litter box. I literally couldn't sit outside at time during last summer because of the smell. I know this will continue even though they are fixed but somewhere along here the cats have to stop reproducing. Again thanks for letting me know about this option, I wish aldermen were aware of this because they could have helped me with this years ago.

  • LB -- sorry to learn of your frustrations. Anyone feeding and housing outside cats should behave responsibly and TNR the cats + newcomers.

    Surface treatments might help deter cats from 'relieving themselves' in your yard. Cats dislike the scent of citrus. You can scatter lemon or orange peels in your yard. I'd opt for Citrus essential oil and make a spray (with witch hazel as a base). Also lavender - either actual plants or an essential lavender oil spray. Alternatively, cayenne pepper may work. Any surface treatment needs to be reapplied after snow/rains.

  • I think having the ferals neutered (go through a TNR program) would help immensely. Not only do males mark territory but with their hormones, their urine is quite pungent. Once neutered both of those elements should be eliminated along with no more reproducing.

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