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Added Mar 03 2012

Just a friendly reminder to our neighbors with dogs, please be responsible owners and pick up your dog's poop. We wouldn't want our neighborhood to look like Logan Square. I live in a building where dogs are not allowed in and somehow there's dog poop in our front lawn. Is that fair?

I love dogs, I wish I can have a dog and if I did have one, I would pick up after it too.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    "Look like Logan Square".....oh Louie....those are fightin words! Are you saying The square is full of poop??

  • SixtyTwoPercentWater Neighborhood Blogger

    Shot across the bow! Shot across the bow!

    He he, couldn't resist.

    Yeah, all you dog-walkers/owners...pick up the poop AND get off my lawn. Yeah, I said it. I love dogs, have had them as well but if I want my front planters/porch soaked with the yellow warm stuff, I would do it myself and save a few bucks on my water bill.

    So, be kind and curb your pet.

  • Louie Just your friendly neighborhood blah blah blah

    Ok ok just kidding about Logan Square and I don't want to take focus away from the dog poop problem. I'm just noticing a lot of dog poop lately and I would hate for people to think that it's okay to just leave it there no matter what neighborhood, really.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    I dare say Louie....glad you clarified that, Sport!....moving on to doggie owners who don't clean up after their pets and allow them to do their business on other peoples property....MAN-UP and take care of your dogs's your responsibilty!!

  • Rob S. Albany Park resident, condo owner. Dog owner.

    Louie, dog poop is a problem from neighborhood to neighborhood, not just Logan Square.

  • Inactive user

    Just to let you know, people who pick up their dog's poop will always pick it up. People who don't won't. Sadly, some of us dog owners are responsible and some aren't, so putting this message out there does absolutely nothing. People know to pick up after their pets, there are just a lot of lazy and inconsiderate people.

  • Louie Just your friendly neighborhood blah blah blah

    If this post does absolutely nothing, then what does your comment do?

  • Inactive user

    I wasn't arguing with you, Louie, sorry if it raised your hackles. Just stating facts. I've confronted other dog owners who have left poop on the ground, while I was walking my own dog, and I offered them a bag, and they just walked away quickly and refused to pick up their dog poop. I end up cleaning up after them. People know it is wrong, so asking people to clean up doesn't do much. Sorry if this irritated you.

  • Louie Just your friendly neighborhood blah blah blah

    I see your point. If only there's a way to get people to be better.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    Sad but true...I believe Melanie is about putting people to work... hired by the city to be dog cops....think of the revenue....they could start out with $50 dollar fines and go up for each violation...then they would eventually stop and no more problem! ......Just saying!

  • Bludog 22 years in LS

    I have three dogs. No one resents more than I do when people just leave it - I have confronted people when I see it happen. In fact, I have one neighbor who hasn't been cleaning up after his dog for about three years, despite our repeated (cordial) conversations about it - and his dog always goes on MY lawn! I often pick up after others when they haven't done the job as a responsible dog owner, because, otherwise, my dogs and I get the blame. Oh, and, yeah - I live in Logan Square.

  • Sarah D. Dog lover, cyclist, swimmer, North Center '03-now!

    Erg. Someone on my block is a terrible cause of tons of poop in the area, and the house between us always thinks it's my dog! Unfortunately, the dog owner is a hot mess of multiple other issues, so it's very unlikely that he'll ever change. I just have to pick up the messes when I can. It's gross, too - somehow picking up after my own dog (small, easy poops because of what I feed her) is so much less icky!

  • I just picked up my dog poop and an extra one someone else left behind.

  • Inactive user

    As a dog owner, I've managed to get to know most of the other dog owners on my block and in my immediate neighborhood. The good responsible owners and the other type. I make it a point of employing the "lost & found" method for the owners that won't pick up after their animals. If I see them, and they start to walk away without picking up their dog's droppings, I say HEY, you dropped something. If they don't hear me, no problem. I come out later, scoop and bag, and return it to the rightful owner. In their yard, or on their porch, or on their walkway. After all, I'm just returning something that was dropped by mistake and is rightfully theirs!

  • Irresponsible dog owners are a blight on the city, and it is obvious that the police have better things to do that ticket them. I would love to hear any constructive suggestions. This very morning (Sunday), in Koz park, there were several dogs off leash, and I saw one of them taking a crap. The owner just walked away when he was done with tossing the ball for fetch. Early morning, pre-work dog walkers seem to be very iffy in the pick-up department, probably because they are running late, they think nobody is watching, and they already washed their hands. In the late afternoon, kids are the culprits. Parents send them out to walk the dog, but the kids have not been taught the importance of picking up after their pet.

    Drives me crazy because I AM a responsible dog owner.

  • SixtyTwoPercentWater Neighborhood Blogger

    So, I read some comments here and got all warm and fuzzy and loving my fellow citizens again. I mean, it takes a lot to sway me when I get on my soapbox.

    Then, I drove up to my house and see a large black lab circling my newly planted bush...wait for my yard (note, I did not say city property that is on the other side of the sidewalk.) Another note, I saw this same walker let this dog rustle through someone else's bushes and flower garden up the block (as I drove by going another direction.) So, I already had an idea that this dog owner has a little history. I hop out and head to my stairs thinking they would get a clue and nope, not even a "c'mon, let's go". Just stood there. So, I did what any jackass would do and raised my voice to the dog to run him/her along. Of course, I apologized to the lady for raising my voice. All she did was make a face like she has constipated or something and walked off. Grrrr.

    Thank you to all sensible dog owners.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    Where does this sense of entitlement come from with these idiots?

  • Please don't get me started! I love my pet and a responsible caretaker. I don't want to step in the messes ' and certainly don't want her to get poop on her paws, and not noticing it. She is allowed on furniture. These folks know who they are and refuse to play fairly. Batmanchicago, way to go, good neighbor in returning the little package they lost.

  • Uncollected dog poop may be something we can do little about unless Mayor Emanuel comes out condemning the dog owners that are responsible. There already are stiff fines in place, and they do not deter anybody because they are not enforced. The aldermen will admonish would-be culprits, but that is all they will do. The police are already 2,000 cops understaffed, and it would not be efficient use of their time to chase after dog owners. The mayor made a big deal about all dogs needing city licenses, but that was about nothing other than a money-raising thing. He doesn't care about whether the dogs are in fact licensed, I'm sure.

    Speaking for myself, I do as much as I can short of risking a physical confrontation. Irresponsible dog owners will stare you down when they are caught in the act. They don't have any blue poop bags with them at any rate. I have, on occasion, offered one of them one of my blue bags, but the same people will be right back at it tomorrow. I recall one summer afternoon at the corner of Milwaukee and Avers, I came across a teenage boy standing next to a large breed dog that was in the process of taking a dump on the parkway. I waited until the dog finished and, sure enough, the kid turned to leave. I stopped him, saying, "Hey, come on, pick up after your dog." He gave me the finger and yelled, "You pick it up!"(There was a personal profanity following the word "up", one referring to part of my rear end. Everyblock has set up a filter blocking any bad words, so I took it out. Thanks, Becca.) and went south on Milwaukee.

    Sense of entitlement? I don't think that is it. I think it is a lack of education and comprehension about what is required of the participants in a community if they are going to live with one another. What to do? I don't know. The culprits are not reading this blog, I am sure of that. Our talking about it is not going to change anything unless we are going to launch a campaign involving the Mayor.

  • Inactive user

    @REALLY & Geri - You both rock. Although I did forget to mention that when I drop off my little return packages, I take the bag with me for disposal. Makes it easier for those inconsiderate neighbors to recognize what they left behind. Funny though, I find it really troubling that I haven't been thanked once for my return on their deposit. Oh well, guess you just can't make everyone happy all the time!
    And as for entitlement, the acorn never falls to far from the oak tree, so without being too obtuse, it's passed down from generation to generation, just like a number of other entitlements I won't go into that people don't earn and certainly don't deserve. These are the same mopes that can't find a trash can in the alley as they're walking down it strewing their McDonald's wrappers all over the ground. Do the words LAZY & FILTHY also come to mind?

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    @BATMANCHICAGO......Yeah, I's a burden....but what can I say...LOL....Anyway....LAZY & FILTHY?....Your absolutely right about that.......I can only imagine what their homes and cars look like!

  • Inactive user

    @Gerigirl ... A fine cook, pet lover, and humble too! Now that's the kind of neighbors I need. You know Geri, crime fighting IS a hungry business... Hint Hint.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    @BATMANCHICAGO.....Already did the crime fighting thing.....for reals.....what else you got.....I'm all for helping!

  • Inactive user

    At the moment Geri, with all I have going on in a clandestine fashion, and no pun intended, I'm all pooped out.

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