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Added Mar 01 2018

I found out from a neighbor that the planned Anthem memory care at Central and Waveland has pulled out of the deal. What bothers me is that this happened back in October. Why didnt the developer Bernard Edelman and Alderman Villegas let us know? It’s been 5 months. What’s the secret? Here is the email that was on another neighborhood groups site that someone got from Anthem.

  • FYI there is a link on the Portage Park Neighborhood Watch to sign for a Trader Joes. Go there and sign it.

  • I hope you all realize that signing a petition for a Trader Joe's doesn't magically make the company appear with a store. What exactly does the petition do? If Trader Joe's wanted to be there... They would.

  • We all understand that Jared, but why not try? This area is needs a quality grocery store and with the changing of the neighborhood with young families and professionals moving in this is a perfect fit wouldn't you agree? I hope that you will sign it.

  • RaleighsMa Not fauxraged but may contain typos.

    TJ's actually has a form on their website asking for location ideas/requests:


    It may not result in one "magically" appearing but the company obviously cares about getting suggestions for locations from the community.

    Good luck with the petition!

  • I will sign it. I would love to see this type of business move in. Great addition and a way to move the neighborhood in a more eclectic direction. Why does everything have to be at six corners?

  • I don't mind signing it, but dining out the suggestions on their site is much more likely to have an effect. Our own petition, though, is just silly. Who is this petition going to?

  • Why are you micromanaging this?

  • I think the other topic of this post is what has happened here. This happened over 5 months ago. I find this very suspect. Why Didn’t Alderman Villegas and Bernard Edelman share this with the community? That’s the question that needs to be answered!!!!

  • Politicians are politicians. Who knows why they do the things they do. there is no transparency with the American people when it comes to government. You heard the old expression? Constituents are like mushrooms. They are to be kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of B.S. 🙃

  • One of the biggest issues for people in the neighborhood with any suggested addition at that (or any) location is always "traffic congestion" and "parking." Wouldn't those be really BIG issues with a grocery store at that location?

  • What would you like to see there Debbie?

  • I liked the Anthem idea. It would not produce the constant in/out traffic of a grocery store/fast food restaurant, but the space would be put to good use. Several years ago there was a proposal for condos-above-retail and that was loudly opposed due to density of condos vs. availability of off-street parking. Regarding a Trader Joe's, I think they're more in tune to whether or not the neighborhood could sustain a grocery store than we are. There was a Dominick's on that spot when I moved here and it's gone. This was long before Dominick's went out of business and it closed because there wasn't enough business. There has been little additional housing built in the neighborhood since then. Why would you think that there will be more business now? The people here have always had to eat, even if they weren't "professionals."

    The minute you open a Trader Joe's across from the small grocery store that's already there, you've got another unoccupied store. It will fit in nicely with the empty restaurant that's been sitting there for 20 years.

    Truthfully, I don't have any idea what I'd like there, but it depends more on who wants to come here and not what I personally want. Wishing won't make it so.

  • I to was at that meeting with the condos. That was a good project but back then there were people that didn't want to see changes and I spoke and simply said "If you don't like this project then be carful what you wish for". What did we get NOTHING, with that being said, the influx of younger families and the young professionals moving in can and will shop at a TJ.To answer your question about the Store across the street, The same person also owns the empty building next to it. That whole space would make a perfect place for a quality restaurant. These are the types of developments that the young families and professionals want and it is sorely needed.

  • Again, you're wishing for a quality restaurant across the street from the hoped-for Trader Joe's. If TJ, restaurant owners, coffee shops, etc. don't think the neighborhood will support their venture, they won't open here. Personally, I'd love to see several small, boutique-type shops, with a few condos above, but I don't see it happening. I'd also like to park on my street at night if I choose NOT to use my garage, but that won't happen either. I'd like to see something that won't make the traffic congestion at Central and Addison even worse, which WILL happen with a grocery store. I can voice my opinion but that's all it is: my opinion. The space will be filled by someone who thinks they can make money there.

    I also wish I had a million dollars but . . . .

  • @Debbie, although we have different views about what should be built on that site I think we both can agree that both Alderman Villegas and Bernard Edelman are hiding something here. Its been over 5 months since Anthem has pulled out of this and both Villegas and Edelman remain silent. If it wasn't for the email that is in this post we (our community) would still think that this is moving forward.The last time this happened was when The Alderman was very quiet about the 55 unit low income housing project that Full Circle wanted to build there. The community came together and at the meeting where over 300 people and (many more that couldn't get in) told Villegas and the developer WE DONT WANT THIS.

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