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Added Jun 27 2012

Hey everyone. I have two young male parakeets, Clemens and Tesla, who need to be re-homed. They are in good health, but need socializing. My ex-husband left me with them after our recent divorce and I just do not have the time to tend to them properly due to work, school and travel. They also come with a large flight cage that I initially purchased for about $250, but am giving that away with the birds. This is my last resort before I turn them over to a rescue in case any of my fellow bird-loving RoPa neighbors can help us out. I do not have a car, so if you could pick them up that would really be great.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

  • I can help out if no one else can.

  • My mom would love them, in fact, are you available this afternoon/early evening? She lives in the north suburbs and we could be there in an hour or so. Otherwise we can work out another time and I can pick them up (I live in the neighborhood). She just has a bigger car which would probably be easier for picking up the cage.

  • Anjelika Raqs Tribaret Belly Dancer

    Hey Megan! I will be home around 6:30 every night (I'm at work right now) so if tonight cannot work then any other night is fine. I also am home during this weekend if that would work better. I think I still have the cardboard boxes that I got them from the pet store from. They have their full flight feathers, just so you know. Let me know your thoughts and thank you!

  • In that case Saturday will probably work best, let me know what times you're available. I sent you a private email through EB so we can exchange contact information and stuff through that. I think late morning probably works best for us but we can be flexible!

  • Anjelika Raqs Tribaret Belly Dancer

    Saturday morning will be perfect! I will contact you with details via email.

  • Christopher G. 12 year foster ave resident.

    I would love to take them in.

  • Anne Rogers Park resident

    I will take them if it doesn't work out with other neighbors. I am unemployed and love birds!

  • I'm also available to take them if need be. I have a very large cage with a foundling parakeet and two ring neck doves. Plenty of room left for two more.

  • Anjelika Raqs Tribaret Belly Dancer

    Thanks to everyone for their interests! The boys found a new home yesterday via this listing. This is why I love my neighborhood. :)

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    That's awesome. Glad it worked out.

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