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Added Jun 25 2014

I walked by the old produce market on Winona & Western yesterday and talked to the men working inside. They are fixing the structure and dividing it into two storefronts. They had heard that a Subway Restaurant was interested in one side and an Aquarium store is interested in the other.

Please let something other than a Subway move in here!

  • Chris J Born and raised in Chicago

    Wow, it's like three blocks to the square Subway...ugh.

  • astat Welles Park Neighbor

    Someone must be eating those sandwiches, else there wouldn't be a Subway on every other corner.

  • Duncs

    Well a Subway is more exciting than another taco shop, convenience store, check cashing, nail salon, dry cleaner or peluqueria

  • Jen W. 17 yr Lincoln Square resident

    Subway is definitely better than that empty ugly old building. I am happy someone is doing something with it.

  • What do you think it'd be a good location for, Kris?

  • How about a Chipolte?
    Not enough of these around and the food would be better than Garcia's.

  • How bout a coffee shop?

  • I know one person who would love if Subway moved in. I don't know why, but my son (Cooper's papa) loves those things.On the same subject, we also have 3 vacant corners at Foster & Oakley, one of which I think has permit signs up but I have not had a chance to take a closer look. I'd love a small market for things like produce, milk, eggs, or a cafe with soup/sandwiches/ice cream!

  • I live within 50 feet of this construction. A coffee shop with sandwiches and soup would be great. Subway doesn't excite me, although it's a lot better than the empty lot that has been here for 14 years plus.

  • Peter

    On the Block: The SW corner of Foster & Oakley (formerly Dorado) is going to be a breakfast spot. No idea when that's going to be ready. The SE corner used to be a pitiful convenience store / party supply shop. They left recently and I haven't heard what's happening there. The owner is trying to rent the space. The NW corner was recently sold to a developer, so I assume that's going to be a condo.

  • Aron Long tlme Lincoln sq home owner

    A breakfast place would be nice if the prices are reaonable.Some of the nice new cafes are very pricey for seniors .

  • Aron some of the prices at these hip new joints are high for anyone! Give us a nice clean spot with good food that doesn't have to be locally sourced, Carmelized or have pretentious ingredients!

  • Hop the #81 Lawrence bus over to Golden House, the diner just south of Lawrence on Broadway in Uptown. Senior citizen discount every Wednesday and really good diner food. And now you can't miss it because they painted it orange:

  • Again construction has begun at this empty lot. They have been digging, which seems like a foundation, all morning.

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