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Added Jun 24 2014

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    I am so excited about this, not.

  • This is actually exciting. Our neighborhood is way too car centric and so few of my friends want to visit from the hipper neighborhoods. Six corners especially, and it should help the Portage theater since it's a bit far from the train station.

    There's still no divvy in Mayfair, I imagine no one would use it because the I-go car got taken away for lack of use. But it would be nice to have more access to things like that. We do actually live in the city of Chicago and not the suburbs.

  • Look at it another way.... Here is a profit focused company that has decided there are enough people meeting the DIVVY demographic profile to put stations at Six Corners and the nearby EL stops. A demographic which supports store front businesses. This is a flag to wave as part of redevelopment efforts.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    This is great because it is very important to attract people from the hipper neighborhoods. Everything we have here is subpar. I'm glad we are getting hipper, so people who come here are not disappointed in PP.

  • miesterburger just a regular guy

    Growing a hillbilly beard and not bathing will make you a hipster.

  • Big Oaks Big Oaks resident since 1979

    As more bike riders take to the streets I hope they study the rules of the road. 75% of all the bike riders I see are in their own little world. All ages. Male & female. Share the road? Sure.

  • Big oaks, that's actually a good point...I bike a lot for transportation, and I would like to think I'm in the population that does follow the rules of the road. But the stretch of Irving park between the blue line and six corners is pretty dangerous. I sometimes end up on the sidewalk around there since there isn't a good shoulder on the road. I'm not sure where the divvy riders will end up. I wonder if Arena has considered this or if it will even be a problem at all.

  • Jenny, that is one of the stretches I don't really mind seeing bikers on the sidewalk, although I think they should slow down and also use a bell or verbal warning when passing pedestrians.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    It is illegal for adult riders to ride on sidewalks especially a business district. It might be illegal to ride with earbuds in but if it is not, there is an obvious safety issue with doing so. Yet, almost all the riders I saw just yesterday for example had earbuds on. Being on a sidewalk with earbuds will be a disaster.

  • Clearly, EB, you are not part of this 'me first & ecologically superior to you' generation. So step aside. :) On the other hand, as a one time bike commuter along Cicero Avenue traveling in the curb lanes between Foster and Montrose, I sympathized with Irving Park riders of those clunky DIVVY bikes.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I don't ride now, but I was an avid bike rider for years and years. For some reason, I am not afraid like so many people are. It is a hassle to ride on sidewalk, and if adults, kids, seniors walk out of a business or crowd the sidewalk, again disaster.

  • It is never a good idea to ride on the sidewalk. I'm not saying it is. It's also against the law. But Irving Park is one of the faster moving streets with a narrower shoulder, and being an experienced bike commuter myself I prefer to avoid riding on that street. But there is no other path between the Blue Line IP station and Six corners. People who ride divvy, I imagine, are less confident and may face some danger fighting traffic on Irving Park road.

    I'm still exciting about these divvy stations but just trying to imagine what it might look like once people are using them.

  • Duane R

    EBKitty makes a good point about many bicycle riders not paying attention. I was headed out towards Harwood Heights on my bike a few days back, and I came up to a 4-way stop sign. No cars, just me (heading westbound), and a rider wearing earbuds, heading south. I came to a stop at the stop sign, looked directly at the other rider, and as I proceeded through the intersection, she ran the stop sign, nearly hit me, and then shouted a very respectful "%&#@ OFF!" at me. Remarkable.

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